Because of my orthopaedic care, I can follow my dreams and help others achieve theirs.

After tearing my ACL and going through the surgery, I decided that other athletes shouldn’t have to deal with the same pain I felt while going through the injury. By creating Friends in Kneed I was able to offer support and advice to other athletes going through their sports related injuries. Athletes can post their stories and read about successes so that they don’t feel like they are the only ones dealing with that injury. It creates a support network for these injured athletes and offers information about ACL injuries as well as questions you should ask your coach, doctor, etc. at the start of the injury. My orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Montegomery at Texas Institute for Surgery, inspired me to help others and gave me the strength to persevere through my own injury. He was more than just my surgeon, he counseled me and supported me through this past year. Because of Friends in Kneed and my doctors, I am able to follow my dreams as a soccer player and give support to other athletes dealing with their injury. Visit to check out the site.

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My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can follow my dreams and help others achieve theirs.


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  1. ruffa

    hi cristina.

    before anything else, let me say to you that im happy for you in continuing your dreams! 🙂

    i also have an acl tear. but im not sure if its because after of my motorcycle accident or if its because of the time when i played ultimate frisbee and the cause is changing direction rapidly. i want to have a surgery cause like you, i still want to play. and its not very comfortable with me every time i play because i have to be conscious of my movements so that it wont get hurt again. but still it happened always. so i want now a surgery to take it back the normal condition of my knee, be able to run fast again and jump. but i was wondering if i will have my surgery how many weeks will it take for me to get back to work. like, is it possible after the surgery maybe a couple of days after healing and be able to walk again?
    thank you for the time, and looking forward for your response.

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