Because of my orthopaedic care, I can play football again.

Story provided by Michael’s mother, Laura Scanlon.

My then 8-year-old son suffered a dislocation of his left hip during a football scrimmage on August 17, 2011. He was admitted to a hospital in New Jersey where his hip was reduced. He underwent surgery there on August 18th to remove bone fragments and labrum lodged between the hip bone and socket. On August 30th he went to the doctor who performed the surgery for a follow-up x-ray and the doctor told us that he wanted to send Michael back to the hospital to have dye injected into his hip under anesthesia as there was something concerning distancing in the hip joint. Our pediatrician recommended that we call Dr. Roger Widmann at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) to get a second opinion.

Dr. Widmann graciously agreed to see us on the Friday morning of Labor Day weekend. He reviewed Michael’s charts and films and immediately sent Michael for an x-ray and then MRI. He advised us that there was a fracture of the acetabulum, which was not diagnosed at the hospital in New Jersey, and referred us to Dr. David Helfet who immediately agreed to see us. Dr. Helfet advised us that Michael needed immediate surgery to repair the fracture. Even though Dr. Helfet was supposed to go on vacation, he performed Michael’s surgery that same night. We thought we were coming to HSS for a second opinion but ended up having a second surgery that very night.

Five months post-surgery our son is back to being an active 9-year-old boy!  We cannot thank Dr. Helfet and his amazing staff enough for taking great care of Michael.


My Second First

Because of my orthopaedic care, I can play football again.


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