1. Norma Aguilar

    Hi. I sprained my ankle a year and 4 months ago. I was able to walk on it right after. It was very swollen for 6 months. Since then I have been able to walk on it but with a constant burning feeling and some swelling. Sometimes with pain up the calf. I was walking up to 10k steps a day (not always) until I had a set back with the opposite knee. Now I struggle to get 3k a day. Both cuz of the left ankle and right knee (arthritis was discovered in the knee). I went to my primary maybe 6 weeks after the injury, she never touched it. Just asked me to walk across the room. I had a f/u …. Bottom line I never got an answer to what is wrong with the ankle, she recently ordered blood work. Not sure what she was looking for, but I have not heard back from her. Next f/u will be in October. Currently it is burning, hurting, swollen and some cramping in the toes. No injuries after. I’m doing RICE. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

  2. Lance Silverman

    Thanks for asking for help. We are sorry you are hurting. Bottomline: You need to see an Orthopedic Surgeon, best to see one with ankle and foot specialty training. Pain after an ankle sprain that lasts >6 weeks is something that needs to be investigated.

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