This depends very much on the type of fracture and you should follow the directions of your orthopaedic surgeon or other health care provider.  For example, with a broken lesser toe, you don’t need to slow down at all or only as needed for pain and swelling.  There are some that will be stable for walking in a week or two (again, realizing that swelling is the enemy and more walking equals more swelling).  However there are fractures that can require 6 weeks or longer of completing keeping all weight off the foot.


  1. Ann Hurley

    I’ve had 3 tractors in my right foot and surgery 2 years ago now had a sprained my right ankle does it take longer to heal

  2. Ann Hurley

    Do I need to go back to my orthopedic after I fractured my foot and had surgery 2year’s ago and now sprained my foot and it hurts bad and won’t heal

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