After a mild sprain, you may be able to walk on it immediately or the following day. However, a more severe sprain may be painful for weeks (sometimes even longer than a fracture!). Swelling can cause pain itself. This is one of the important reasons to keep the foot/ankle elevated after an injury.  Swelling will decrease with time, but can persist if you have been standing, walking, or exercising for a longer time.



  1. marion

    my 13 year old daughter sprained her ankle in July. she heard a pop and could not immediately put weight on it but could put weight on it the following day but had pain. she was diagnosed with level 2 sprain. she was in a boot for 5 weeks. she has had about 7 weeks of PT. she still is having shooting pains on the inside of the foot from the ankle to the arch. The MRI done at 10 weeks just shows a small bone bruise and some thickening of ligiments. She is now 10 weeks out and still having that shooting pain with just walking (no sports at this time) Is this normal to still be having pain at 10 weeks? what to do now?????

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Pain can continue for a prolonged period, but if she is having pain with walking it may be time for further evaluation. Is she being treated by an orthopaedic surgeon? Ankle sprains are treated well by any orthopaedic surgeon. However, if you need to find a Board-certified, specialty trained orthopaedic surgeon try .

      • Colin

        i rolled my ankle on the outer side and slightly twisted on the inner side while playing soccer.I couldn’t stand on my injured foot, only after putting cast on my injured foot i was able to place my foot on the floor but could barely walk.For 3 weeks i had my cast and after removal of the cast my ankle was very stiff and very difficult to move but now after removing the cast i can move and rotate it (after 25 days) , but the range of my motion is limited . There is still swelling on the outer side of the ankle and it still hurts when i touch the bone that is injured (lateral malleolus) and very small pain on the inner side of the ankle , when i touch the inner side of my ankle i feel stiffness and slight pain. I couldn’t stand on my injured foot initially after removing the cast but about 2 weeks after removing i can stand now but swelling persist and range of motion and function is limited. Could you tell me if i am on the right track to recovery and approximately how long will it take to recover.

    • Gladys

      Hi Marion,
      I read your article and felt I had to reach out to you. Sorry to hear about your daughter. My 8 year old daughter recently got a bone strain in soccer but she didnt feel any intense pain until 2 weeks after soccer ended?? Not sure how the pain just erupted but through further MRI scan, they detected lots of bone bruising in her ankle and heel bone. She was on a boot without crutches for a month with no improvement. She recently was given crutches 2 weeks ago and is about 50% better now but it’s been two months total of her in pain and not sure how long this will take. Her ankle still pops about once a week and she has a lot of pain to the touch, she can’t even tolerate a slight touch on the part of her ankle that has the most pain 🙁 Your story is the only one that sounds the most similar to ours. I’m curious to know how long it’s taken for your daughter to get better. Thank you!

  2. Vijay Krishna

    Hello madam,
    Thanks for the article. I had a sprain on april 28 2015 . It has been almost 6 months but even now when I play squash and push myself too much then the next morning when I wake I have shooting pain right at my sole. Is this normal, this gives me creeps. Can I feel normal ever in my life?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Shooting pain in the sole of your foot (particularly if you mean the first few steps after you awaken) sounds more like plantar fasciitis than an ankle sprain. However, ongoing pain 6 months after the injury is not normal and you should see you orthopaedic surgeon or other physician.

      • Vijay Krishna

        Thanks so much madam. I met an orthopedic surgeon and he found my case as plantar fasciitis as you have rightly mentioned. He suggested me few stretches in the morning and also silicon heel pads during intent exercises. Thank you so much for your reply madam. I will pray to God for your long life.

  3. Nicole

    I injured my ankle nearly 5 years ago with a sprain, so bad it went pitch black halfway to my knee n down to my toes n swelling made my ankle twice the size. Mostly I don’t have much pain but it does lock and occasionally I get sharp pains for what I think isn’t any reason at all. Got told by hospital that it would’ve been better to break it. Is it normal for pain and locking this long after injury?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Most ankle sprains do not still bother you 5 years later, but there are a few things that can become “chronic” (or long-term) problems. If these episodes of locking and sharp pain are rare (a couple of times a month perhaps) and short-lived (it comes and goes in seconds or minutes) and overall doesn’t really impact your life, then you may not need to see an orthopaedic surgeon. However, if the pain and locking are happening more often and limit your ability to do what you want to do, then it may be time to see an orthopaedic surgeon.

  4. Kruti

    I sprained my ankle 10 days back. The physiotherapist said it will take 10 days to heal and i had bandagged it with white bandage. I removed the bandage after 6 days since I had to attend office. On first day of my sprain I had swelling and was not able to walk, it was very painful. But now after 10 days I still have swelling but I can walk with pain. Whenever I walk I get some jerk in my ankle and I do not walk normally. Since I cant always rest as I have to attend office and go to the gym, my swelling is still there.
    Then I showed this sprain to another physiotherapist, he said it will take 10 more days to heal and I will have to change bandage after every 2 days to get it heal faster.
    Please suggest me whether I should visit a doctor and get an X-ray done or it might heal soon. I dont know what to do. I had similar sprains in past but they used to get well within 2 -3 days and this one is taking too long. I fell the pain only during walking or when putting weight on the sprained portion of ankle. Is this pain normal or it may lead to life long injury? It is very awkward to walk with this sprained leg 🙁

  5. Lynn

    Week 11 – mobility almost normal but continued swelling, throbbing and unable to wear most shoes. Story…While in Italy I missed a step, and fell on my left ankle, hearing the typical pop/crack. Did RICE, modified brace, cream and used a cane for a week and a half. Foot, leg to above knee became extremely swollen on flight home. Orthopedist said some question as to whether there was an avulsion (SP?) – put me in air boot and said all would be okay in three weeks. Boot was painful to wear (pressure on ankle was bad and created additional swelling). Went to ace bandage and analgesic cream, RICE, crutches for a week, then a cane for three weeks. Doing PT and some walking every day. But still throbs and swells with activity. Is this normal, give it some more time, or should I get it looked at again.

  6. Aj

    I sprained my ankle a month ago, got an xray that my doctor cleared. It was painful the first couple of days and badly swollen but got better after a week. But even now after a month, slight swelling persists, which is less in the morning but increases during the day. It pains on the outer side of the ankle if I stretch it beyond a point, but there is no pain while walking or even running on a treadmill. Why isn’t it healing? What precautions should I take? Can I run in this condition without worsening the ankle? Would an ankle support our keeping a pillow under the ankle while sleeping help?

  7. Jaydee

    Hi – On November 10th, I went to the beach and walked along the mostly stony/rocky shore. I didn’t look where I was going, and slipped on one of the larger stones that was covered with seaweed, lost my footing completely, and fell while trying to balance myself and keep myself from falling.

    There was immediate and sharp pain and tightness all around my right ankle. I put ice on it, elevated it and rested it immediately following the fall. There was no bruising, but there was a bit of swelling. Although quite painful, I could still walk and put a bit of weight on my right foot/ankle/leg, but walked with a bit of a limp because of the pain from the fall.

    It’s nearly four weeks on, and, while there is still no black and blue/bruising, there is still slightly swelling right around the ankle bone, and although I’m not in any significant pain, it is still uncomfortable to walk, and I can’t put too much weight on that foot/leg.

    I’ve not gone to the doctor, because I keep thinking (hoping!) that it’s just a very bad sprain and nothing more serious than that….especially because there was never and still is no bruising (but there is still slight swelling), and I can walk, although slightly uncomfortable, especially when first waking up in the morning and taking those first few steps.

    Is this normal? Should a sprained ankle from slipping and falling take this long? Should I consult my doctor about this, or wait a while longer? I can walk on it, and not in agony ,but it is still slightly painful and uncomfortable, and I still walk with a bit of a limp because of it.

    Thanks for any advice and suggestions you can offer.

  8. Rebecca

    Exactly two weeks ago I had a high ankle sprain half way through a basketball game. I couldn’t put weight on it at first, but I got it taped, and finishing the game. I have still been playing on it to this day. The bruising still remains and it runs along the side of my calf and also underneath my ankle. At night my ankle pulses and the swelling is still there. I have been applying RICE all day before and after basketball, but it doesn’t seem to be any better. The slightest touch to my ankle hurts it, and I can’t do jumps on the leg alone. I recently went to the doctor and got an X-ray, and all my bones were fine. How can I recover faster?

    • david

      hi, did u recover ok from this? I did mine doing cross country running and stupidly did a marathon on it(that was a nightmare). Stopped trying to run through it last week and aqua jog now to keep fitness levels acceptable. Just want to know how u finally got back?

  9. Rachel

    Hello. I had a sprain October 2015 and given a brace but ever since I have had pain and swelling in top of my foot. Also started having cramping or Charlie horse in my toe never happened before the sprain. Now if I keep weight on it too long my arch and top foot hurt and sharp pains. Also there is swelling on the the top right side of my right foot that looks bubbly or lumpy. My ankle itself doesn’t hurt per say…it is the top of my foot that hurts and swells. Any ideas?

  10. meg

    I injured my ankle about a week ago and its swollen but not to bad but the swellings been pretty constant, not too much bruising either but it hurts pretty bad on both sides of my foot and on my sole is it normal or should I see a doctor?

  11. Jan sinclair

    Dear Dr. Page
    It is seven weeks since I twisted my left ankle. The bruising occured mostly on the inner part of my foot while the swelling was on the left side if my foot and ankle area and two bumps across the top of my left foot and around the ankle joint on the left side of my foot. But also a lot of swelling and bruising on left side of foot from ankle joint bone nearly to toes. I went to pharmacist and got a brace and have not taken more than Advil for pain and iced and elevated for some time. Can walk on it but experience some pain under ankle bone for about three inches and still slight swelling there. More comfortable in sandals with half inch heel than jogging shoes. I am stranded on island of Eluthera due to trouble with house we are restoring and won’t be back for three weeks when I could fly to see you. What thoughts do you have? I have photographs of the ankle I could email to you when it happened. My email address is below. Am not near any orthopedic drs and will be in California in three weeks. Can walk without pain sometimes but not with normal gait. Pain mostly under ankle joint for about 3 inches. With thanks.

    • AAOS

      Jan–Sorry to hear that you’ve twisted your ankle! You can search for an orthopaedic surgeon nearby where you are located through There are two orthopaedic surgeons about 50 miles west of where you are in Nassau, Bahamas, if you need medical treatment sooner than three weeks from now.

  12. X_HELPME_X

    Hello, I had an ankle sprain 6 years ago and I am still having pain, but it is not a shooting pain, it’s more like an aching pain. I have been to the doctors in the uk, but they didn’t do anything and weren’t sure what to do. I play sport on it regularly and sometimes both ankles go, but I just ignore it. I am in my last year of school and I am pushed to do sport a lot, can anyone help me?

  13. Grace

    I sprained my ankle three years ago and it hurts to walk and I haven’t seen a doctor for it.

  14. Michael McCaskill

    At work two weeks ago I fell roughly two stories and when I hit the ground well it hurt needless to say. I stayed out of work for a week and propped my foot up iced it and did much of nothing I could walk on it I just couldn’t bend it. As the week went on I could sort of walk normal again after most of the swelling went down on the inside of my ankle. Then the bruising came and my ankle looked like a rare steak and it hurt to touch. Now two weeks later I’ve been in a ankle brace and I’ve went back to work but behind the ball on the inside of my ankle still swells not much but enough to where it makes that bone look as if it’s bigger. If I lean on it the wrong way catch my foot on something or stand on it to long it will have a constant pain almost like a cavity is the best way I can describe it or like it needs to pop but it can’t. I also can’t point my foot down as far as the other without pain or pivot it side to side without pain. I’m just kind of concerned because well I’m not sure if it’s fractured of the sprain is that bad I feel like if it was fractured anywhere I couldn’t walk on it and the swelling would be more substantial. I haven’t seen a doctor because I figured it was just a typical sprain. Can you shed some light on this situation

  15. MHM

    Hi – I sprained my ankle falling off of a step stool a little over a week ago. My ankle is still very swollen and I have bruising along the outer side and top of foot. While I can now walk on it – after a short while I get shooting pains on the top and outer side of the foot. Is this within the normal range of healing or should I go get it checked?

  16. varsha kothari

    Hello it’s been ten days since I am on rest over a sprained ankle and the pain in the bone at the ankle is still there and swelling also has now stopped reducing . What should I do ?

  17. Murtaza

    I twisted my ankle yesterday. There is no fracture in the x-ray. There is swelling in the area and i am using an ankle support with malleolus pad. My friend advised me not to put weight on it so i have been hoping since yesterday. It does hurt when i put weight on it but it is bearable. Should i start walking regularly with rest or should i take complete rest. I have a flight in a few days so please let me know the best possible way to go ahead asap. Many thanks

  18. Darren

    Dear Dr Page
    I sprained my ankle about 6 weeks ago badly playing basketball. I couldn’t walk for about 5 days and was on crutches during that time. I also developed some heel pain and stiffness during this time, which my physio calls an ankle impingment. After six weeks there is still swelling and my heel has had little to no improvement. I have tried ice, anti-inflam tablets, heat cream and am still doing my prescribed exercises from physio. The ankles progress hasn’t changed in about 3 weeks or so, it’s stayed relatively the same in terms of pain on the ankle and heel and swelling.
    I was just curious about your thoughts as I am starting to get worried.
    I don’t know if this helps but I am 16 and was a serious basketball player before.


  19. Caleb

    Hi, in early December I injured myself skateboarding. I broke my fibula and dislocated my ankle. I had surgery in mid December and had pins put in place on the fibula. Also a screw for the ankle. I was on crutches for about 2 months. I started putting weight on it in late January as the doctor instructed. I have been back to work for almost two months and I am required to stand up for my job. My leg is ok with minimal pain and soreness but my ankle continues to swell if I am standing on it and it can get pretty painful. How long should I expect the swelling to go on? The doctor says the X-rays look great so I’m thinking it’s just taking a while for the ligaments to heal?

  20. Jennifer Little

    In Feb 2016, I broke my heel and sprained my ankle. Was only put in a compression boot for 6 weeks. The heel feels tremendously better and there are days where my ankle feels manageable. Still unable to put complete pressure on the left side of my foot or on my toes. And I still have pain in my Achilles. A few days ago, my entire foot felt fine and now I am unable to bear weight on it. I do not have insurance to go back to the ortho to run more tests unfortunately. Any advice? It has been about 4 months since the initial injury. Thank you!

  21. Alina

    Hello last week i badly sprained my left ankle at was swollen and i could hardly stand on my feet.the orthopedist put a brace(kind of a plaster) to support it. I want to know when i’ll be able to walk,i mean im afraid to even try to walk fearing that it won’t be good for my recovery. I need to recover soon as my wedding is nearing please advise me im worried like hell i can’t even attend duty.

    • AAOS

      Alina, sorry to hear about your injury. As Dr. Page mentioned in her post, keeping the foot/ankle elevated after an injury is very important. Each person’s length of recovery is different. Your orthopaedist will be able to best tell you when you’ll be able to walk on your ankle, and prescribe the appropriate treatment, based on your injury.

      For general information on ankle sprains, visit

  22. Amanda

    Hello. I was at a trampoline park today and sprained my right ankle while playing dodgeball (on a trampoline). I immediately experienced severe pain/swelling and fell to the “floor”. The injury occurred almost 8 hours ago – I have been following the RICE protocol, still experiencing a lot of pain (with taking pain meds I already had) and not able to put any weight on it. Should I allow more time or visit urgent care when they open in the morning (Saturday)? Thanks!

  23. Michaelangelo Parkinson

    Hello! I twisted my ankle in the beginning of July doing kicks for martial arts and was unable to walk the next day because of excruciating pain. The next day I had to go out and walk on it which after a while actually made it easier to walk on. I RICE’d it for a while but now only occasionally do so. When I wake up it is a little stuff but after some walking I can easily put weight on it but I still can feel a lot of pain bending it at certain angles or jumping off of it for taekwondo. Is it normal to still hurt like this and if so, how long until it should heal? Thanks a ton!

  24. Jazmin

    was running outside and I twisted my ankle from tripping on a toy. Right now I have a little swollen. Only in one spot it hurts to touch. But it does hurt when I try to move it. But it mainly hurts in the inside. I can still walk I only have moderate pain while walking. What do you suggest I do? Or have?

  25. Missy

    Hello, About a week ago I sprained my ankle and immediately got up and sort of walked limped expecting a fast recovery. The next day, I could hardly walk, but I had to; it was a very heavy limp and severely uncomfortable. I’ve been doing rice, and it definitely was getting better, so I decided it would be time to get back into my sports, volleyball and softball. When I sprained, twisted, whatever I did, it popped very loudly and now my entire foot cracks everywhere, my Achilles hurts and the whole lower part of my ankle as well. The swelling is around the outside joint and is quite painful. My mom purchased a brace and it helped at first, but I am slowly regaining a very painful limp. Please help

  26. Robin

    A little over a year ago I had a bad sprain to my right ankle, crutches and a boot, at home pt and I figured it would be normal by now. But it still hurts a year later. I can’t stand for long periods and even sitting certain ways hurts. Anytime I flex my foot it sends shooting pain all the way from my ankle to my little toe and even up my leg a little. Is this normal? And at home pt I can do for it a year later?

  27. Ramona D Hudson

    I sprained my ankle a month ago. I was off my ankle for two weeks. I had to walk due to self independance and I have hit it a few times it is now 12/09/2016 and it’s still swollen and it hurts. I can walk on it but can’t bend it to much. Should I be concerned? Should i seek medical attention? Or are there any ways I could help heal my ankle myself

  28. Jessica Mihaly

    I fell down the stairs on Oct 31/16. I heard a Crack and my foot/ankle was in incredible pain. I went to the hospital and at first (before xrays) the Dr’s were pretty convinced it was broken. The swelling was 2x+ the size of my foot and there was zero mobility. Xrays showed nothing and they sent me home with an air cast, cruches, and adice to stay home for a couple days. I went to my doctor and they gave me at home physio to do. It is now Dec 21 and the last week has been awful. Today the worst of it. I can be just standing or taking a light step and I fel as though my ankle rolled. Not to the sides but forward and I get an immense pain on the top of my foot near the ankle. On top of that the pain is bad to the point that I almost black put each time. My foot starts to swell and then I am ok after a few minutes…aside from the pain, I can continue to walk. In addition when I rest my foot now becomes numb and hot. My doctors think nothing of this. Should I demand to see a specialist or at least get another xray or something?

  29. Sarah

    Hello, Over 4 months ago I badly sprained my ankle playing netball and had an MRI done which showed rupture of ATFL, CFL and partial tearing of the deltoid complex involving the posterior tibiotalar fibres & partial tearing of the inferior extensor retinaculum. I was in a boot for 6 weeks and started physio 3 weeks after spraining it. It still gets swollen and sore especially when I kick (in swimming) and I’m not sure if it should be better by now or not? Is this normal?

  30. Katherine

    15 months ago I badly sprained my ankle- grade 3. Went to the ER, had x rays, then pain meds and a stirrup brace. I was throwing up the pain was so bad, and there was absolutely no way I could put weight on it. The next day I saw an ortho PA who confirmed grade 3 and just said ice it and rest. 6 weeks later my insurance began covering PT, and I completed 3 months of it, and was finally able to get off crutches completely after almost 4 months on them. Then the PT and I found that I had nerve damage, which caused very severe pain and burning sensation. When we went to the ortho for the follow up, he just said I needed to keep with the PT and gave me a new brace. 15 months later my ankle is in pain every single day, and I’ve sprained it 3 more times just from taking a step and it giving out. My calf swells every day, and I although I can and do walk on it all day, even tying a sneaker on the foot is painful. Is this normal for a very bad sprain? If not, what would you suggest?

  31. Jamie

    In the summer of 1999 I sprained my ankle just by walking. I heard it go snap, crackle, pop, and the pain was unbearable! I never was seen by a doctor, instead it was wrapped with an ace bandage and I was left to hobble on my way. A year later in 2000, the same thing happened to my other ankle except I was playing soccer. I was at camp and they made me hike in the woods and I just remembered crying and hopping the entire week. It’s now 2017 and thy still ache and are very unstable, I have gotten pretty good at plopping my butt down quickly so no real damage is done. A few years ago, I had a horrible pain on my right ankle, felt like something would catch and snap in place but it hurt so bad. I went to an ortho doctor and her took an X-ray and said he could see scar tissue from an old injury but I just needed to lose weight. Well I left and bought some Danskos and that finally went away. I can’t wear any other shoes or the issue comes back. A week ago my left ankle just gave out while I was walking, I didn’t hear a pop so that was great but I could feel hot and cold rushing through my body. I laid on the floor for ten minutes catching my breath. I can put weight on it now but I just can’t move side to side suddenly. I really feel something more needs to be done. I could just be standing and it gives out. I just don’t want to hear it’s my weight again. What should I do?

  32. Eva

    hi. about 6 months ago I sprained my ankle and it is on and off pain but it really really really hurts. I don’t know how I sprained it but it has been super painful. I donth know of this has anything to do with it but I have hypermobility which might have caused it? I’ve been to the doctors twice and had xrays but they said there was nothing wrong with it. I was on crutches that my friend lent me for two weeks and that was another 2-3 months ago but I am still in a lot of pain please help!?

  33. Khaled Ali

    Hi, 3 weeks ago I rolled my ankle doing high jump and heard a pop the second I rolled it. It was followed by immediate swelling and continuous swelling until this day and I have checked at 2 different doctors and the first one who I saw the same day called it a mild sprain while the other who i saw a week later said it looks like the ligaments have been nearly completely torn and I need an MRI after the swelling goes down which it has for the most part other than the swelling over the ligament which has caused pain from Day 1. The doctor is now refusing to do an MRI until 1 more month has passed although Im in consistent pain every day. Is there any advice anyone can give me as a plan to move forward on until recovery as I am unsure on how to proceed

  34. Sarah

    I sprained my ankle on both sides of my right foot about a month ago and then 3 weeks later I fell and turned it again in the dark on a rickety path. I can walk and standing doesn’t hurt. I can cope with a 50 min work out (low impact) at the gym. At rest my ankle still really hurts on and off. There is still some swelling though. Is it normal to still be swollen and painful? From previous posts …I guess it is?

  35. Junemommy

    To all of you on here who are unsure what to do after being in pain and/or having swelling for an extended period of time, the first thing you should do is see a board certified Orthopaedic Surgeon there is a link up above to find one in your area and suggest you google them to see how they’re rated in your community. You can even just Google “top Orthopaedic Surgeon in my area.” They should Start with an X-ray to rule out a break and after several weeks of no or limited improvement ask for an MRI. If they won’t give you an MRI find another doctor who will. There are lots of things an MRI can show you that an X-ray can’t and it’s an important tool in long term pain. I’m not a healthcare provider this is just my opinion from personal experience with my family of 8 (with 6 kids and a clumsy mom we have had lots of sprains, strains, breaks and tears). Good luck and God bless.

  36. Jessica

    Hi, I just had a bad ankle injury 6 months ago. During the first few days after my fall, I cannot move my ankle and walk. Doctor said I had a partial ligament tear. I did not receive any treatment. I just had mri 1 week ago and it shows that I had aftl ligament tear. I can walk and run but I cannot stand when wearing high heel.

    It has been 6 months and my aftl ligament tear is still there. Can I know if this is normal, what treatment do I require? Will this be permanent ?

  37. Alaa Atwi

    Hi, I sprained my foot about 6 years ago. They put me in a boot for 2 months. I still had swelling and some pain and it eventually went away but, every once in awhile I’d get pain for 2 days and some swelling but it’d eventually disappear. This has been going on for 6 years. Now the pain is even worse. I can’t curl my toes or move my foot around. There is some swelling and I’m a little concerned. Do you have any ideas in what this could be?

  38. Esther Coronel

    My daughter 13 years old was getting out of the car call herself on my purse and fell getting out of the car. Her ankle is not swollen but has been in pain for 3 days. Should I take her to urgent care?

  39. Monica Hawkins

    Hi! I got a bad sprain in my right ankle about six years ago. Since then, if I stay on my feet or walk for long periods of time, it begins hurting really badly. My other ankle pops and stuff like normal, but my right one never pops. Should I be concerned? It hinders my ability to work, so I am unsure what to do since I don’t have insurance.

  40. Katie Ussery

    I sprained my ankle a month ago, i stepped off the curb and i didn’t know it was there and ended up stepping on the side of my ankle and I fell. I also scraped my knee bad, it only just healed. The day after I hurt my ankle, I couldn’t walk because of my legs had pain. But it got better, and i could go back to work for a couple hours the next day but I stayed only four hours because it hurt to stand for very long andnmy job requires me to stand. I got better, in two weeks, i was no longer limping.
    But its been a month and my ankle still has some pain, like when i stretch it, it hurts. I almost fell again the other day and i guess the motion made my ankle hurt for 2 mins. It doesn’t hurt all the time. Just if i step a certain way, it hurts a little. I’m just afraid theres still an issue but i hope its just healing still, like i had a bad sprain, and the muscles and tendons just need more time.

  41. Nikolas

    I sprained my foot around 10:30 PM how long does it take for swelling to go down

    • Sara M Lockard

      Keep your foot eleveated & ice!!!!! There is no say how long that youll stay swelled, mine even comes back when im on my feet too long, elevation!!!!

  42. Hailey

    I sprained my ankle while playing tennis about three weeks ago. I stepped on a ball and fall on my ankle. I had pain till 2nd day but the swelling is come and go. Since i didn’t feel pain I went to play sports(wakeboarding and golfing) and it started to swell again with minor pain. I haven’t seen a doctor yet but should I go to see doctor and take an x-ray? or It will heel if i rest enough. Please advise.

  43. Sara M Lockard

    I got hit by a car 2 and a hlf weeks ago, i had to take that amount of time off work also, bc they said my ankle was sprung, no breaks! I went to work last night for 6 hours, now the heel part (that people put their weight on) is hurting when i get up and walk, probably because my foot is not used to being at work all weight on it for 6 hours, i use a air cast brace, and its not my ankle its my heel now when im weight bearing this morning, i cant juss not go to work

  44. Mike

    Two days ago I had fallen while playing ball hockey my ankle rolled and got caught behind me I didn’t hear a pop or feel a crack. Yesterday I was able to walk with some help i.e using a counter or chair as support. Today I can’t put any weight on it what so ever without it hurting alot I haven’t gone to a doctor because I personally think it’s just a sprain but at what point should I be able to do some weight bearing and see decreased swelling ?

  45. Shawn

    I had a pretty severe sprain. X-rays showed nothing but swelling. 7 weeks after injury I had an MRI. Imaging showed damage to all ligaments throughout my ankle, a torn tendon, as well as two very deep bone bruises. I was placed in a boot for another 6 weeks. I have been out of the boot for about another 4. I still have pain, tenderness, some swelling, as well as a persistent limp. Should I consider being reevaluated?

  46. Celest

    I sprained/ rolled my ankle over a month ago. There is still pain and swelling after using the RICE method. This is the second time I have sprained my ankle in year. Is there a deeper cause to my pain and swelling?

  47. Rita

    I was at a trampoline park and someone pushed me , I fell and that was it I couldn’t walk at all . It was never swelled or bruised just my bone was popping out that day , I went to urgent care straight away and got an x ray which said I had a sprained ankle which should heal in 2 weeks … it’s now been 8 almost 9 weeks and it still hurts most of the time and I’m 11 so schools starting and I have to do gym what do you recommend?

  48. Emma

    Hello! Today, August 8th, I was walking in my pointe shoes and rolled my ankle. I had immediate pain afterwards, and couldn’t walk on it at first for about 2 minutes. 3 hours later, I see no bruising or swelling and am icing it. Is it even a sprained ankle? Or is it just a little sore. I can walk on it with almost no pain, but it still is a little achey. Thanks for the help!

  49. Diane

    I woke up from bed in the middle of the night. I stepped down on my foot and hurt so bad were you leg connects to your foot. I went to the hospital they said it was a sprain. They put me in an aircast said to elevated it and put ice on it. It’s not as sore as like it was hurting the first day ,
    but on the 3rd day it’s still hurting when I walk. can it be broke ? Should I have it rechecked?

  50. Felicia

    I have a question, how long does it take for swelling to completely go down after a ankle sprain. This Monday will be 4 weeks since I sprained my ankle and I have full mobility in my foot but it’s still a little swollen. When will it completely go away?

  51. Alicia

    I had a pretty bad fall last October when I fell in a small hole and my ankle rolled inward. I could still walk on it fine even though it was slightly bruised. I had a little bit of pain while walking but not to the point to where it was too uncomfortable and it was that way for about a month. I never sought medical treatment because I didn’t think it was too serious. Two months after that, the pain came back a little bit and lasted for about 3 weeks. It is back again and feels worse than it did when I fell and I am wearing an ankle brace that actually eases the pain. I am wondering if there is something wrong and if I should seek medical attention because it’s been about a month again. Thanks!

  52. Maahi Muniyat Chowdhury

    i was running up the stairs when suddenly my ankle got twisted and now i think that i have an ankle strain.What should i do for a quick recovery and how long will it take?since i have a wedding coming soon after like 18 days. please help…..

  53. Neha

    I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago. It seems to be getting better but now my calf is swollen and painful. Is this a cause for concern? Should I see the doctor again or is it just strain from walking in an awkward way because of the ankle sprain?

  54. Salem

    I sprained my ankle about like in June, 3 weeks before summer came. My ankle still hurts sometimes and is unstable most the time. I don’t know if it needs to be looked at by a doctor or left to heal. Since we didn’t go to a doctor when I first sprained it (I was walking and it rolled on uneven ground) I was able to walk on it to my house since I was close to my house and I felt adrenaline and the intense pain came a hour later or so. I can’t wear boots without popping my ankle and it rolling again, I have tried wearing boots. And I’d rather this heal before winter cause sneakers and snow aren’t good together. I’m 16 so I’d rather not have ankle problems st my age since my knees are shit right now, and I don’t know why my knees are shitty right now since I haven’t injured them, tho I hurt my right knee on ice while ice skating when I was younger.

  55. Deja eaglin

    Hi um so I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago going up for a layup. When I did it I can walk immediately but with a limp. The trainer tells me that I sprained it and that I have to elevate and ice every hour for twenty minutes. I only iced every once in a while cause the ice would make the pain ten times worse so I would only ice each time I went to school so now I’m rehabilitating it by doing lunges up down side to side moment and the elliptical. The only time I get pain is when I turn my foot inward and out ward and when I do the lunges I’ve tried jumping and running and I have a little pain when I run but not when I jump. my ankle on the outside of it is still swollen a little bit. I’m wondering how much longer do you think it’ll take to heal and also will I he able to heal it in 5 weeks reason I ask that cause basketball season starts five weeks from now and I haven’t been out there practicing cause of my ankle so I’m wondering will I be able to heal it 5 weeks I have a moderately sprained ankle and it’s been three weeks since I sprained it please help

  56. Melly

    I rolled on my ankle about 5 weeks ago. I had quite a blue foot and ankle, though the x-rays ruled out anything broken or fractured. Up until 4 days ago, I was walking with an air cast almost completely normally,m. We went for a walk on the beach and the next morning (with no rolling, but maybe a bit more unstable step) I have immense pain in the joint, like a stabbing pain. What could this be caused by? To me it ‘seems’ as though something is out of place in my ankle.

  57. Deepika

    Hi Dr. Alexandra,

    I met with an accident 4 weeks back and sprained my left ankle badly (my left foot twisted in outward direction ). I was asked by a orthopaedic doctor to do rice and no weight bearing for 2-3 weeks. Just two days back, i started putting weight on my left foot. I am able to walk but I limp if i want to avoid pain. I feel pain in the bottom of my foot almost near ball of the foot and while walking normally when my heel is up and toe is touching I feel pain in the same location. However after I massage and do some stretching, the intensity of pain is less but it is still there. Thats why i am not able to walk properly since i keep my foot/knee straight and due to walking in such a way, my knees are also paining. What could be the cause of this? For the first three weeks i have not moved my ankle and was strictly on non weight bearing. Also now when I flex my toes forward i.e. while plantar flexion, i feel that something is stuck behind my ankle and is preventing me to flex to its maximum extent.
    Please help me if it is a major issue or it is normal after an severe ankle sprain.
    Thank you.

  58. Jenny Mitchell

    I ruptured my atfl cfl and partial tear deep deltoid & bone bruising to talus calcaneous and malleolus with an inversion while running 6 weeks ago. Still in a boot. Can weight bear without crutches since day 14 but in boot still. Dr says another 3 weeks then review. That’ll be 9 weeks at least in a boot and no physio yet. Does that seem right ? Im off work bcos my job is active. Ankle stiff swollen (both sides) and aches/throbs. Will this heal without surgery enough to run again?

  59. tere

    I sprained my left ankle almost two month ago and I still see alot of swealling and pain. My orthoperdic said it was a high level sprain and gave me a brace to wear. It doesnt seem to help much but im just wondering how much longer will it take to heal or will I be able to wear high heals again.

  60. waarz

    it hurts badly. really bad

  61. Eric Huang

    HI, I am a basketball player, and I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago by stepping on my friends foot. It was swollen badly for the first few days but acupuncture brought the swelling down. Right now my ankle is a little bit swollen. Should I be riding an exercise bike for now? or should I still ice my ankle?

  62. Arnold

    Hello, i jad a sprained ankle about a month and half, i cant walk bit itis still a little swollen around the ankle bone an it hurts alittle when walking isithis normal or should get a xray? Help please

  63. Darrin Carbajal

    I stepped off a curb and rolled my ankle it was so bad that my whole foot went numb even my toes. All I did was tighten my boot and wait about 20 minutes to put pressure on it. Now 3 months later I have to do more walking and running around than before and I can feel the pain in my foot, some times it feels swollen without looking swollen, and a sharp pain up my leg. What do you think

  64. Ahmed

    I twisted my ankle inwards in a soccer game about 3 weeks ago, i couldnt walk right after it but from that time up until now i can walk with no pain at all, but still there are some movements that makes it hurt like when i rotate my ankle to the inside or the the outside or downside at certain degrees, i tried to train but my anckle hurt when i shoot the ball or i change direction too quickly…
    Is this normal ? And will i be able to play again ?
    I’m really worried it’s really important to me

  65. Sanjay Gupta

    I had foot sprain three months ago as I landed in an odd position after the jump. At that time there was swelling and some pain while walking. I visited the orthopedic doctor after a week after looking at my x-ray he suggested that I have foot sprain and recommended to take rest and elevate my leg. I took complete bed rest for 15 days after that I have to walk because of office and after three months I still have some swelling but no pain and I can walk climb staircase quite comfortably. Is it normal and if not what should I do? If it is normal how long should I expect to swell? Please suggest.

  66. Denise

    I broke my ankle 5 months ago. It still hurts me to walk, but it hurts my whole foot also. Is this normal after all this time? I am not sure what to do

  67. Diane Nefdt

    I injured my ankle on Sunday 21st January would like to know if it necessary to see a doctor? It is very swollen and painful although only painful when I put weight on it. Diane

  68. ivan

    I sprained my ankle for the fifth time last weekend I sprained it about five time this school year alone and it keeps hurting even when the pain goes away and I go play basketball and the swellings fine and everything then after basketball my ankle hurts and I have to wear a brace for about a week before Its fine and doesn’t bother me anymore but then it keeps repeating it over and over again what should I do?

  69. Christen Hodges

    I sprained my ankle inside and out in the beginning of December… it’s now the end of February and two times I have had the same pain as when I sprained it. I was told in December I had torn ligaments on the inner and outer ankle but no x- rays. It has been fine except these two times… and this second one is bad. Do I need further examination? Is it possibly arthritis since I injured it?

  70. Kikii

    I hit my ankle twice to a hard object and is still having pain when i touch but i can stand on it without pain. IS this normal or should i give it more attention? Thank you!

  71. Gracie

    I sustained a Stage 2 left ankle sprain after a misstep 6 days ago. The initial pain was so horrible and I had some relief on ice and elevation. The first 3 days pain is felt on top of my ankle and the bottom of my heel. I saw an orthopedic surgeon 3 days after and he recommended wearing cam boot for 4-6 weeks. I did not start taking my NSAIDS until last night. I’ve been using crutches, either one or two, depending on my pain. So far, my pain level when wearing a cam boot is 0/10 but first thing in the morning, upon waking up and initial steps, It feels stiff in my ankle joint but no longer pain under my heel. I haven’t tried walking without a boot because I’m going to follow my ortho to keep wearing it for 4 weeks. Pain was moderate initially and reduced to minimal after elevating my leg the whole night. However, during the day, at work, I seldom has a chance to elevate it so I noticed moderate swelling again and warmth to touch on both sides of my ankle and it’s been spreading along the sides of my ankle. Ortho Dr said it’s exoedted this way. He told me it’s usually tricky when it comes to ligaments healing vs bone healing. I will have to wait for until March 19 when I see him again. Also, he told me just do gentle active dorsoflexion and plantar flexion with my legs elevated but I’m not allow to move my foot side to side to avoid irritating the healing process of both the sides of my ankle.

  72. Hilary

    Two weeks ago tomorrow I injured my foot. I sit on my feet at work due to not being able to reach the floor. I got up to help a client and my foot was asleep so I basically stepped on the top part of my foot (toes down and rolled my foot backwards)and put too much weight behind the step. I heard a loud pop and had to catch my self from falling to the ground. I have seen two doctors and the first did X-rays told me no broken bones that was the day I did it. Then the following Monday a little over a week ago the new doctor said I had a grade 1 sprain. My foot has little pain just walking flat footed. My question is with all the swelling which is unbelievably severe still and bruising around my toes and heel when can I actually walk and how long before swelling stops. While at work I’m unfortunately unable to keep still…

  73. Brentt Domingo Balberdi

    So I was playing foot ball and I jump and caught the ball and tripped in a hole and rolled my ankle my left side and it got fat really fast and a little bruise after 2 days the swelling went down only a little bit but I can’t still stand on it idk if I just continue the rice method or go to the doctor and get it checked out becuase I need it heal fast as possible

  74. Sierra

    I sprained my ankle about a month ago and it swelled and bruised super quickly all over my outer foot and ankle. I couldn’t walk on it but could put little pressure on it the day after.
    The doctor said it should be better in about a month, but it hurts to touch my outer foot and I could usually pop it but know it won’t.

  75. Fairooz chowdhury

    My leg has been twisted and ligament injured one week ago.immediately doc said ligament injury when xray shows no fracture.I was told to plaster and 3weeks rest.But due to my job I didnot take the plaster and wearing ankle binder.after 3ddays rest my condition was developing.4rth day I started office by using walker.On day 5again pain started.Now day 7,taking rest but still pain that normal?

  76. shelby

    I rolled my ankle during cheerleading while standing up, it hurt a little after rolling it but not that bad. The next day the arch of my foot starts hurting and i can’t put weight on it. Today my ankle is swollen and i’ve iced it and elevated it and it’s not helping the pain. I’m also getting random shocks going through my foot. Any thoughts ??

  77. Mariana Pava

    About 2 months ago, I was working out and dancing around and my right ankle did a 360 and twisted badly as I fell onto the floor. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. The pain seemed to get worse by the hours passing by. The pain was all over my foot and ankle, with pain shooting up to my knee. The next day, there was purple, black and green bruising on the inside of my foot near the arch, under my toes and under my ankle at the top of my foot. I could walk by the next day, but it was difficult to avoid limping and every step was extremely painful. The consistant pain continued for 2-3 weeks and then there’d be days where my foot/ankle is just fragile and accidentally sitting on my foot getting in bed would temporarily cause pain or going up the stairs a little too fast or standing with my weight to my right doing makeup for a long time, etc. There’s days where my foot feels okay and then I’ll take off my sock and accidentally bend my foot to the side and it will be in that extreme pain for three days afterwards. There are days where it begins swelling slightly and a painful pressure commences from my toes all the way up to my ankle. I’ve been using a wrap for my foot/ankle and I’ve decreased my physical activity drastically. I’ve tried working out a few times and it would just leave my foot sore for the following two days. This pain has continued for about two months now and my school nurse told me it might continue for more months because she thinks I tore many ligaments in my foot and sprained my ankle. I haven’t gone to see a doctor because my parents and I believe it will heal on its own but I’ve been getting scared that maybe it’s somethint serious. Please let me know what you think.

  78. Shane Gall

    I twisted my ankle about a week and halve ago. The swelling went down about 60% in the first few days. I could walk on it on day four and returned to work with support strap two day ago.I don’t get much pain and very little to none walking pain. However it is still swollen around the outside ankle bone, but what concerns me is the side of my foot is really red color and goes along the outside of the foot up to halve the top of the foot and up the back of my foot and about 3 inches up my leg??.

  79. BLW

    I rolled my ankle stepping out the door 10 days ago. I heard a pop and immediately fell down. My whole foot swelled right away to twice the size. I was at the ER 30 minutes after it happened. Got X-rays (told “Just” a sprain), got it wrapped(wrong way), and was told to see ortho if it didn’t get better( no time frame was given). I saw ortho 4 days after this happened and was told the way they wrapped it was making the swelling worse. I was put in a boot and told to try to put weight on it occasionally. I have tried to put weight on it and get shooting pains and pins and needles shoot thru whole foot. I pulled up the X-ray online and it says possible fracture even tho I was told a sprain. I go back to the ortho in 4 days. I’m so frustrated not knowing what is really wrong and how long I’ll be on crutches. I’m still swollen and bruised all over ankle on both sides and my toes. My ankle going up my leg is sore to the touch also. Any ideas?

  80. Kashvi

    I sprained my ankle around the end of April this year. I was on crutches for 2 weeks and I still have an ankle brace on. I wear my ankle brace to school everyday and I can walk and there is hardly any swelling. But, when I move my ankle in a 360 degree direction, for some reason there is still a slight pain. Is that normal? When should I take off my ankle brace?

  81. Sara

    I sprained, inverted my ankle 10 days ago. Heard it snap, put ice on it immediately and continued to put RICE for 3 days. I got a normal xray the first day in an urgent care. Initially there was only a small hematoma and tebderness to the lateral side. After 3 days I started to walk with a short air boot, since then it is has been getting more and more swollen and the bruising getting worse every day. The pain is fluctuating and is worse with walking and at nights. The primary care tells me it is normal and I sould continue to put weight on it and do the alphabet practice which really hurts. What do you think?

  82. JW

    I have sprained my right ankle for about 6 times now. Some were due to me playing basketball and 1 of them was due to falling down from the staircase. However, the last 2 times, I sprained my ankle just by walking on a even surface, and the other, was by walking on a uneven surface. It wasn’t as bad if you compared to the first time I sprained it as I could still walk and only limp a little. However, it’s been 2 months, and my ankle still hurts. If I do sports, or walk long, my ankle hurts. Whenever I twist my ankle, there’s alot of crack sounds. Should I be worried and see a doctor? My right ankle also looks slightly bigger than my left. And oh, this I sprained my ankle 6 times in the span of 5 years..

  83. Kassandra Kolbeck

    So I sprained my ankle about 4 weeks ago and was told it was only a 1.5 sprain. I wasn’t able to walk the first couple days and then was completely fine and felt healed by the 3rd week. But I tried running and after a few hours from running I couldn’t walk again and feel a sharp pain shooting up my foot. I am suppose to perform in a dance show in 2 days and thought I was totally prepared but now am freaking out. Any suggestions besides icing?

  84. Raveena Sobhani

    I got sprained my ankle while coming down from stairs i missed one step and fall down 9days before.
    Doctor had done the plaster and said to take rest for 30days.
    But i don’t have much pain so it mean my sprain is healed and I can remove the plaster.

  85. Yahaira hernandez

    So i sparined my ankle in April and it was swollen for about a week and then I still had pain for about 2, it’s been around 3 month and on the side of my foot I have pain when I put pressure on it or when I tilt it to the side or move my foot in a circle, I’m not sure weather it needs to be checked out or not.? What should I do.?

  86. Jeevanantham

    Hello Madam,
    My Name is jeevanantham and my Right leg ankle unfortunately twisted at working on March 10 2017 and my work is standing work and heavy weight lifting work. I went to hospital and I take treatment for 4 months and lots of X Ray’s and One time MRI Scan and CT Scan all the scan report says no problems. So I stopped take treatment. But last week June end 2018 I have worked in standing position I still had pain at leg ankle it hurts. What Should I do madam?

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