The recovery from fractures of the humerus can vary dramatically depending on the location of the fracture and the energy of the injury. That is to say the severity of the injury can vary dramatically and can influence the rehabilitation period. When patients have fractures of the shaft of the humerus, the fracture typically heals in 3 months. Typically, if the fracture is treated nonoperatively, range of motion exercises for the shoulder typically begin about 3 weeks after the injury. If the fracture is treated surgically, then formal supervised therapy often will begin a week or so after the procedure. For a straightforward fracture, typically the duration of therapy can be as short as 6 weeks. For severe fractures, therapy can require 3 months or more. If the distal end of the humerus is fractured (elbow fracture), then therapy for severe fractures can take 6 months. One last comment is that it is fairly common for patients to also have an injury to their shoulder concomitant with a humerus fracture and thus, if you are not making progress with your shoulder, then it may be wise to consider that there is another injury to the shoulder preventing your progress.

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  1. Helmand

    I have a fracture on my elbow and I forgot what part of the elbow possibly the humorous but it’s been 7 days since my cast is off and I don’t feel pain when I move it how long do you think it will take until I can play my sports again my doctor says she will see me on July 5th and she says that my elbow should gain full motion by the time it’s july 5th I’m very curious please give me an answer thank you:))

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