Ankle sprains are the most common sports injuries, with an estimated 25,000 occurring every day in the US.

Sprains can happen with any sport, including just walking across the yard! Ankle sprains are most common in ball sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and others.

What happens? The ankle is designed to have much more motion with the foot turning in, which is how sprains usually happen. The term “sprain” refers to any ligament injury. Ligaments are the tough fibers that connect bones to each other to give the skeleton strength while still allowing joints to move.

The most common ankle sprains involve tearing of the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. The ligament tearing leads to bleeding deep inside, which you see as bruising on the skin. Fortunately, your body is designed to heal injuries, so these ligaments will almost always heal on their own.

As with any injury, your body quickly sends blood to start the healing process, which leads to the swelling. Remember: your heart is the pump and it is a long way to pump the blood back up from the ankle. For many people, some swelling will continue long after the sprain has “healed” and you are back to activities. This is again due to the distance from the ankle to the heart. At night, the swelling gets better but with activity during the day, the fluid from normal blood flow leads to gradual swelling.

Rest, ice, compression, elevation, known as RICE, is a good way to treat an ankle sprain. This decreases the swelling, lessens your pain, and allows your body to heal the injury. Studies have shown that the sooner you return to activity, the better and typically the faster you will recover.

If pain allows, start moving the ankle early.

When to seek care: If it hurts too much to put any weight on the ankle and you can’t walk, seek treatment immediately. Depending on the amount of injury to the ligaments, it may be days, weeks, or even months to return to high intensity sports. Sometimes recovery may be slow, but if it gets better day by day or week by week you are on the right path.

If the ankle seems to stop improving and you just can’t get back to your activities then your Orthopaedic Surgeon can help.

Prevention: It is always better to avoid the sprain in first place! Remember to stretch before sports to prevent ankle and other injuries to all your bones and joints. Some studies show that taping or an ankle brace can help avoid repeat sprains if you have had sprains in the past.

Don’t let fear of an ankle sprain keep you from your sport. Your Orthopaedic Surgeon wants you to stay in motion to stay healthy!

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  1. christian soto

    so by day by day heal up back to normal a ankle or weeks

  2. JEANETTE emery

    I had the Charlie horse in my left leg a couple nights ago when I finally got my leg straight somehow it went to my foot, which I”m having trouble with it now like its sprain.. help I need I can bearly get out of bed and walk on it. It is really hurting and I”m on concrete all day. Any cure for this?


      Jeanette–According to, to avoid future cramps, work toward better overall fitness. Do regular flexibility exercises before and after you work out to stretch muscle groups most prone to cramping. Prevention and treatment tips are available at

    • Ken McConnell

      I play men’s softball two nights per week and get cramps in my sleep on game nights. I agree that getting fit is your best bet, but even if you are fit, you can still get cramps if you are prone to that (which I am). My daughter told me of a folk remedy if you get a cramp in the night and you need instant relief. If you keep a bottle of yellow mustard near the bed, you can take a swallow of mustard, and the cramp will go away immediately. I did not believe this would work, but it does. I have also started taking a swallow before bed (on game nights), and the mustard prevents the cramps as well. Give it a shot!

      • Bob stone

        KEN McConnell, there’s actually evidence or properties of mustard that make it relieve cramps. Rofl

  3. Jamarcus Dantley

    I had no idea that ankle sprains were so prevalent. I used to work at a physical therapy clinic in college and we would see a lot of people that came in fresh off an ankle sprain. It seems like quite the unpleasant injury! You’re right, stretching is a really good way to help prevent this from happening.

  4. Steph

    Hi, i fractured/ chipped off the corner of my tibia 2 months ago with a lot of ligament damage both on the inside and outside of my ankle. I have just started swimming again and some light walking. My ankle is starting to swell again and is painful. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      When you return to activity after an injury, it is not uncommon to have increased pain and swelling as you advance. However this should be tolerable pain which improves as you adjust to the new level of activity. Similarly the swelling should go down after the activity with a little elevation. Pain or swelling which is increasing and/or constant is not normal and you should see your orthopaedic surgeon for evaluation.

      • Jennifer Gurule

        I sprained my ankle which I feel up the front of my calf. But it didn’t start swelling at all until about a week later and then the swelling continued and it still hurt but now it kind of doesn’t hurt very much but the swelling is still there and in my calf to and it is worse when I’ve been standing on it all day or doing activities. But it’s going on a little over three weeks now and sometimes when I’ve been standing on it a lot it’s really swollen in my calf too I feel the pressure but really not a lot of pain. What’s your advice. Thank you

      • Victor

        Is edima common after n ankle sprain

  5. Stephanie Smith

    I’m glad I read this; I can be a bit of a hypochondriac, so when I sprained my ankle I wasn’t sure if I needed to call my physiotherapist or not. I’ll continue icing it, but I’ll make sure to keep an eye on it.

  6. Jack hassard

    I sprained my ankle today playing basketball, i have a game this friday which i really need to be able to play, any tips on quick recovery?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Elevate and ice to reduce swelling. But return to play is related more to how ligament injury occurred. Signs that you may need more than a week to recover include greater swelling, more bruising and pain that keeps you from putting weight on the ankle. Try an ankle brace (available at most sporting goods stores, some drug stores). Don’t return to basketball until you can do everything you need on the court: run, twist, turn, practice a lay-up. If these still hurt, you are not going to play well and more likely to have another injury which could be more severe.

      • Sara

        Hi my ancol is swelling and my gym tetcher is trying to git off my shew and it won’t come off and it hearts bad. Wat can I do

    • Amie Stephenson

      I sprained my ankle on Thursday, couldn’t take any time of work so just carried on walking on it, applies RICE were possible sometime only 20mins per day and also applied arnica gel once and ibuprofen gel very 4 hours and it’s absolutely fun now still a little tender to touch but I have full movement.
      I’ve spraine it twice before and both times I’ve rested it and it’s took weeks to heal and this was the worst I’ve sprained it.
      Hope this helps

  7. sam alsaidi

    I sprained my ankle two days ago by twisting it inwards while I was running playing soccer. I have iced it a couple times and went through the R.I.C.E. process. I can put a little pressure on it like walking but I can not walk normal on it and it hurts a lot if I try to walk normally. I really need this to be heal fast because they really need me in the team so is there any other suggestions you have for me so I can heal a little faster. Oh and also I bought a first aid wrap and wrapped my ankle up. Do you think that’s a good idea?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Most ankle sprains take more than two days to heal. Regrettably, the time to heal is dependent mostly on the amount of injury the to the ligaments (a sprain just means “ligament tear”). You’ve done all the right things. The wrap is helpful for the swelling. Important–don’t try to push it by playing on an injured ankle. You run the risk of a re-injury which takes even longer for recovery.

  8. Andy

    I sprain my ankle 3 days ago. The ankle swollen has reduced significantly and I was able to walk little without much pain. However, I notice my foot was swelling and pressured compare to my other normal foot. Only elevate it will help aleviate the pressure a little bit. Please advise. Thanks.

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Taking me a few days to respond, but hopefully the foot swelling is improving. This is normal. Gravity pulls the fluid from the ankle into the foot and then it should disappear.

      • kim

        I rolled my ankle 6 days ago, onset of severe pain. Trying to R.I.C.E. as much as possible. Pain is lessoning but bruising increases each day. Today my toes are turning black and blue, the top of my foot is darkly bruised, sides of heel, dark red, , now left side in front of ankle and top of foot bright red . Concerned there is more going on than just a sprain.

        • Kristina Bane

          This happened to me. The bruising got really bad and got better after a few weeks.

  9. Sonya

    So I sprained my ankle at the end of July. My ankle hurt to walk for a couple days, and I went in to the doctor. I was told that it was probably sprained, but that it should hurt on the side if I sprained it (which it didn’t). He gave me an air cast and sent me on my way. Here I am 5 weeks later, and it doesn’t hurt to walk, but it hurts on the front middle part of my ankle whenever I attempt to pivot or turn my ankle in (which I really can’t do now). What do I need to do…

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Still having pain with twisting or pivoting 6 weeks after injury is not uncommon. If you were able to walk after the injury, even if with some pain for a few days, the injury is less concerning to me. If you are currently pain-free with straight-line activities (no cutting or pivoting), also okay. Depending on the location, pain in the “front” can be a high ankle sprain. Concerning: unable to walk or jog easily without the pain in front or continued swelling. If either is present, consider returning to your primary care physician or seeing an orthopaedic surgeon.

  10. Sam Holzschuh

    About three weeks ago I was running and stepped in a pot hole and I’m assuming I sprained my ankle. It still bothers me, and I’m not sure if I should have it checked out by a doctor. I can walk on it fine but it is extremely tender to touch. If I even run a finger over it and a few inches about my ankle it hurts very bad. It is still extremely swollen and sometimes feels like it’s going to pop if I move it a certain way. Should I just wait a few more weeks to see if it goes away or make an appointment?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      If you’ve been walking on the ankle, then you should be safe with appropriate treatment at home. Tenderness, swelling and concerns about “popping” or even feeling popping are all normal at 3 weeks. To me, what is most important is the progress. Is it better now than last week? When you’ve had the ankle elevated or when you wake up is the swelling down? If the pain is not improving, I would be more concerned.

  11. Tammy

    I sprained my ankle and was told it was a severe sprain that would take 4-6 weeks to heal. It’s been just over 2 weeks and I am still not able to put any real weight on that ankle. Is this normal? When should I be able to walk without crutches again?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      A “severe” sprain can mean different things, but if your physician or health care provider told you 4-6 weeks, that would fit with the time needed to walk normally on after a severe sprain, and return to sports can be longer. Can you put some weight on the ankle using the crutches? Is the pain improving week by week? Is the swelling decreasing over time (although typical to get better in the morning and progress to being bad by evening)? The progression is important, and trying to push through when you are having pain can set you back.

      • Kaisey

        I recent went over on my ankle and heard 3 cracks as a had all my weight in it and it has swelled very large and I cannot put any pressure on it how long will it take to heal? Have I just ‘sprained’ it

  12. fran capi

    Is it normal that 9 days after a sprain to have swelling on top of the foot and toes?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Absolutely!!! Swelling is your body’s way of getting vital healing elements to the tissues by increasing blood flow. Unless you keep the ankle elevated, the swelling (and sometimes bruising) tracks down to your foot and toes. If your initial swelling and bruising was on the top of the foot and you could not walk on the foot, that is a different problem.

      • Justin Pelkey

        Hey Dr. Page,

        I aprained my ankle fairly bad about 10 weeks ago, and I am still having problems. I can walk long distances, and generally I’m moving around fine. The X-ray didn’t turn up any broken bones, which is a great, but I am having issues nonetheless. I am having trouble jumping, running, and I can’t bear weight while bending my knee on my injured ankle without pain. Should I see a specialist, get an MRI, or just continue doing PT and waiting it out. Any advice would be appreciated.


  13. Brandie Kiesey

    I “sprained” my ankle almost three weeks ago. I stepped off of my bus and rolled my ankle in a rut with my weight bearing foot. There is little swelling except on the outside of my ankle. It is also painful to move this part of my ankle after being on it for long. I have not been evaluated yet but I’m concerned there could be more damage than just a sprain? I have been working but trying not to bear full weight on that ankle as well as keeping it wrapped. Along with taking ibuprofen. Maybe it needs longer to heal? Or have I taken a wrong approach to after care?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      As I understand you, this is a normal picture 3 weeks after an ankle sprain. If you are careful, there may be little pain. Swelling should be down but will progress through the day as you stand and walk. Similarly the pain can be expected to increase through the day or with activity. Wrapping can help with comfort and the swelling particularly when you need to walk. As long as pain and swelling are improving, you appear to be doing the correct thing. Ankle sprains are frustrating because it sounds so simple but can take so long to recover!

  14. Erin

    I sprained my ankle nine months ago and have had no relief from the pain or swelling. A quick care doctor back in dec told me it was a simple sprain that would heal in 2 weeks. While a few months ago a podiatrist took x-rays and said he saw thickening of the bone which meant a possible hairline fracture.

    I can’t put all my weight on it, I can’t drive very far without stopping for a rest and it is really weak. By the end of the day it feels like it might give out on me. The podiatrist told me I didn’t need to do anything to protect or support it. I teach infants however so I’m constantly moving. Sometimes they like to jump or sit on it ugh.

    Please, this isn’t normal is it? I can’t seem to find anything anywhere to give me any help or relief.

  15. Dave Norm

    I sprained my ankle and heard a pop late July. Of course my ankle and left foot swelled up all the swelling was gone after about a 4-5 days. Here it is mid September and I’m still going back and forth from my foot doctor and still have pain on the inner left foot ankle area all my X-rays showed no fractures… I have asked for an MRI and kaiser is unwilling to do this at this point what do u think?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Continued pain 6-8 weeks after an ankle sprain is not uncommon. With the swelling disappearing by 4-5 days after the original injury, that is a good indication that the tissue injury was not extensive. If the pain is still present, but improving an MRI is not necessary. If you continue to have swelling and pain is not improving or worsening, an MRI may be helpful. However, once you have had an ankle sprain, the MRI scan may always looks abnormal from the way the tissue heals. Remember: physicians treat the patient, not the MRI scan and positive findings on the scan are not always something that needs treatment.

  16. Deanna R. Jones

    Thanks for the tips! I hurt my ankle the other day after I slipped on my kitchen floor while it was wet. One of my friends told me that I can just wait it out until it doesn’t hurt anymore, but it seems like I should find out if I really need to seek medical attention. Walking on it is extremely painful, so taking your advice to seek medical attention immediately seems like the right thing to do. That will help me heal much faster than waiting a few days for my ankle to heal on its own.

  17. Ann Burke

    I sprained my ankle one week ago today. I went to the ER and got an air cast. I have been following the R.I.C.E. guidelines. The majority of swelling has decreased by I have a large “knot” of localized swelling on the outer corner of my front ankle. This spot throbs, especially in the middle of the night to the point that I have to get up and ice it. I can walk fine on the foot when it is wrapped with little to no pain, but going up and down steps are painful because it requires my foot to bend. Is it normal to have throbbing in the ankle in the early morning hours when you have been laying down and the foot is not wrapped in anything?

    • Melissa

      Mine is exactly the same, the ankle isn’t super swollen, just a lump and aches more than anything especially at night. Is this normal? The aching can go up to the knee almost radiating.

      • n


  18. Jonathan chan

    I have a severe sprained on my left ankle from volleyball 2 days ago. On my third day when I am following the process of rice I am beginning to feel sharp pain when I elevate or when I stretches out my leg straight to ice. My ankle and foot is still swollen. The sharp pain travels from my toes to my leg. I am wondering is this normal or should I seek medical help immediately?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Sounds very normal. The first few days to a week after a sprain can be pretty painful. If you were able to limp off the court and can still put weight on the ankle, immediate medical attention is not necessary. If your pain increases or you are unable to put weight on that side, then see your doctor. Swelling may come and go over weeks.

  19. Joey Spade

    4 months ago I sprained my ankle while landing from a small jump, my foot rolled inward and I was unable to put any weight in it for about 3 weeks. I was out of work for rest during those weeks and returned to work with a boot. After a month and a half of the boot I moved to an air cast for a while and can now walk decently fine without it. Its been over a month since out of the cast, but unfortunately my ankle is still extremely stiff in the morning when I first wake up, to the point that I have to limp around for a bit, and I still do not have full rotational movement. I’ve been to physical therapy, and even do my every day excersizes but still am unable to bend my foot towards my body which is my biggest challenge. It feels as though my ankle just can not pull in.

    I will add that once the initial pain subsided I felt no pain afterwards, even with the doctor poking, prodding, and twisting it.

    Am I just always going to be like this? Am I at the maximum point of where my body can heal?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Good for you for doing your home therapy! That is one of the keys to recovery. However, this stiffness and limping 4 months after the injury is not typical. Time to see your doc. For a list of specialist orthopaedic surgeons near you check Often, you need to see your primary care provider first.

  20. Kat

    I sprain my ankles more than normal it seems, and this time seems to be the best so far (least debilitating) though the bruising is worse and the swelling just won’t go down after 4 days. A few years ago I broke my fibula and didn’t go in for days because I thought it was a sprain, then ended up on crutches for 8 weeks. Any way of knowing without an xray? I’m sick of insurance companies and already have a boot, if I can I’ll avoid going in to see anyone.

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Usually if you are walking (even limping) the bone is not broken but as you found, that is not always the case. However, usually, if you have a break and are able to walk on it, it is stable. If there is more bruising than your usual sprain that could be a sign of a fracture.

  21. Erin

    I sprained my ankle 5 weeks ago. I couldn’t put weight on my foot and there was a lot of swelling and bruusing. I used crutches for the first week. I still have pain that prevents me from walking a lot. I have sprained my ankle many times in the past and had never had an injury take this long to heal. Is this normal or should I seek further medical care?

  22. Krystal

    I had a high ankle sprain a month ago and I still have a extra bump on my lower leg near my ankle will it go away? What is it? Should I keep using my brace until it’s gone? Thanks!

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      A “high ankle sprain” is tearing of the syndesmosis: the ligament between the two leg bones (tibia and fibula) just above the ankle joint. It typically takes 6 weeks of a boot, cast and/or crutches to recover. Swelling even a month after is common. A bump (one area that is more prominent) rather than swelling (the ankle is just bigger all over) could be a ganglion. These are like balloons filled with joint fluid. When the ligaments tear, the joint fluid can leak out and cause the bubble. Not a problem and no need to treat unless it bothers you.

  23. Theresa

    I’ve had a sprained ankle for weeks. I went back to work after the first week and a half, and my leg swelled to my knee. My job requires me to be on my feet all day. I took another week off. While it’s much less swollen, my left ankle looks like a ball compared to my right ankle . I am doing better, but it’s been a month. I’ve been diligent about R.I.C.E. Suggestions?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Swelling even weeks after a sprain is common. Usually it looks almost normal first thing in the morning, then as the day progresses and you’re on your feet the swelling gets worse and worse. If it is getting better (even slowly), don’t worry. However, getting a compression stocking at the drugstore can be very helpful. Put it on before work in the morning. You can wash it out every night–they dry quickly!

      • Joey Gochnour

        I feel like my swelling pattern is the opposite. It is very swollen in the mornings and more tender to walk on and easier especially after exercise that doesn’t irritate it because of the increased circulation I would assume. By evening I am usually walking on it normally. The next day sometimes it feels like it regressed back to swelling.

      • tamati matene

        Hi I’ve had a sore ankle for 3 days now not sure what I’ve done can u suggest wat I’ve done to it

  24. Mariam

    I sprained my ankle exactly one week ago for the second time. I haven’t put any weight on it and the swelling is whole lot better than the last time. It gets a little painful, not much, every once in a while. When should I start walking on it?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      As soon as you feel comfortable. If you have been on crutches, start putting the foot down, putting more an more weight on the foot and less on the crutches. Next, get rid of one crutch and then the other. You may have to think consciously about how you walk for a few days (put your heel down, then your toes) but it will improve quickly.

  25. Melissa

    I sprained my ankle about 5 weeks ago. I couldn’t bear weight on it for almost 2 weeks. Now, it doesn’t hurt to walk but it’s still a little tender when I rub it. Swelling has not completely gone down either. I would say I still have about 25% of swelling and it’s better in the morning but by the end of the day swelling is back up again. Is this normal? Will my ankle ever be the same size again?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Swelling 5 weeks after an ankle sprain is not surprising. Remember, blood flow is how your body gets all of the healing factors to an injured site. As long as the healing process continues, there is increased blood flow. The problem with the ankle is that it is the lowest point. As you walk through the day, the high pressure arterial blood gets to the ankle, but the low pressure venous blood sort of collects. The venous blood is the darker blood (after the oxygen is removed) which is why the swelling is often accompanied by discoloration. At night, when the foot is elevated, the swelling goes down. This is the natural pattern and may continue for many more weeks. If it is really bothersome, putting on a compression stocking (available at the drugstore) first thing in the morning and elevating through the day will help.

      • Joe

        Sprained my ankle a week ago,can walk on it without much pain,wear a brace but the bruising is now above the brace is this normal

  26. Nausheen V

    hi Doctor, its really a great thing to see your responses and it indeed is a great help for many.

    I was walking down the stairs a week ago when i missed a step and sprained my ankle badly. i have been on crutches since then. there are moments in day when i can put very lil weight on injured foot with crutches and walk, rest of the time its extremely painful. should i force myself to walk in injured foot bearing the severe pain coz im always worried it might damage it more. also i have swelling and pain in inner side ankle too. swelling is better when i get up in morning but i can’t put my foot down after sitting for a while. im applying RICE technique but my doc didn’t give me anything for compression. what is the best thing to use? I’m a working mom of 11 month old and immobility for long isnt an option for me. when do you think i will be able to walk without crutches, even with a lil pain. im really worried; your suggestion will be very grateful. thx

  27. Martha

    I sprained my ankle 4 months ago. Fell down a couple of steps. Heard the popping sound. My entire foot swelled and bruised. No fracture. I can walk on it, although certain positions hurt when I bear weight and it continues to swell every day. Is it normal to have swelling 4 months out

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Mild swelling that occurs at the end of the day or after significant activity can occur. Even months after an injury, your body sends more blood flow to the injured ankle. However, swelling which is there all the time or any pain should not still be present at 4 months. If it is still hurting, you should see an orthopaedic surgeon (or your medical doctor, to start).

  28. Naveen Boyina

    I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago while getting down the stairs, and it was swollen a lot in the beginning and pained a lot for two days. I used ice and bengey cream regularly and I am now able to walk and no pain in regular walking. However, ankle swells a bit during the day, and night it settles down. The two positions I feel pain is when I either stretch my foot extremely away from my body or I press my foot extremely towards the leg using my hand. Should I wait few more weeks before visitng doctor?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      You are describing a very typical pattern for an ankle sprain. There is usually swelling at the end of the day or after strenuous activity, but it should be much less first thing in the morning. Also, pain with certain motions is not uncommon. Gradually continue to increase your activity.

  29. Sara

    I sprained my ankle about 3 weeks ago playing soccer but its still swollen it only hurts a little bit if I touch it at certain parts I want to know if this is common and if I can play on it this Thursday or should I keep doing R.I.C.E until the swelling is gone completely

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Swelling at 3 weeks is not uncommon. It should be pretty normal first thing in the morning, and through the day as you are active and up on your feet the swelling (and sometimes discoloration) develops. For soccer, you want to make sure you have no pain with running or cutting or dribbling–you don’t want to risk a re-injury if the ankle is still healing!

  30. Karla

    Today I felt a sharp pain in my ankle when landing from a jump and about a minute later that pain was gone. I was able to walk and even run normally without substantial pain for the rest of the school day. I came home, fell asleep, and when I woke up and moved my foot, I felt the exact same pain I felt when I landed. I cannot tell whether my ankle is swollen but my mom thinks I pulled a nerve because she doesn’t see swelling. Of course it still hurts to walk but is it normal to not feel any pain for a few hours after the initial injury?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Particularly if you are in a competitive game, it is not uncommon to power through a mild ankle sprain and not really notice it until later, usually when the swelling becomes a problem. If it is hurting to walk, go easy until there is no pain and then gradually resume your activities.

  31. Kimberly Decker

    Thanks for the great article, Dr. Page.

    I sprained my ankle during a jog (rolled my left foot inward so that the front-outside of the ankle was sore) at the beginning of September. I limited strenuous activity in the immediate aftermath while also doing gentle stretches and keeping the ankle in passive motion. And I gave myself lots of ice massages and took the occasional ibuprofen.

    Things looked up; over the first four to five weeks post-sprain, the swelling and tenderness subsided while strength increased and I was able to return to swimming (my main sport) and cycling (my secondary).

    But in the past week or so (around six weeks post-sprain), the ankle has started looking more swollen again, and I’m actually getting some swelling and tenderness on the front INSIDE of the ankle–the opposite side of the strain.

    I’m pretty-much back to the same level of swimming and cycling I was at before the sprain, so maybe it was too much, too soon? (Although it doesn’t feel like it. 😉

    In any case, I leave for a trek in the Andes Wednesday and kinda need this ankle. I can walk, balance, do toe raises, hop…with only minor, if any, soreness. It’s just the swelling–and the potential for further injury–that concerns me. Thoughts? Thanks so much!

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Sorry if I missed your deadline before the Andes trek. The swelling is associated with increased activity through the day and diminishes at night, this is overall normal. If you have no/minor pain with the hops, that is very encouraging and part of my test for return to full activity. I hope the trek was safe and fun.

  32. Randilyn

    I sprained my ankle playing soccer Sunday night. It is really bruised and swollen all the way to my toes but I have been walking on it since yesterday without pain. It just feels uncomfortable with the swelling but no pain. Is this something to worry about since I am walking but still have swelling to my toes?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      This sounds like rapid recovery from a minor sprain. But don’t be surprised if the swelling is there at the end of the day for a couple more weeks.

  33. Concerned

    I sprained my ankle on the 10th of October. I was going down stairs and missed some, causing me to land on my foot awkwardly. The pain was so severe I was certain my ankle shattered into smithereens. I was capable of walking for a while afterwards but the pain was enough to make me cry.

    I got an X ray at the hospital which ruled out a fracture and was outfitted with a plaster cast for 10 days. I had little swelling and no bruising at the time. I had the cast removed 2 days ago which revealed extensive (albeit mostly green) bruising starting some 4 inches above my ankle and almost reaching my toes. What concerns me is that my entire foot is swollen now. I am for the most part still practicing bed rest, and am sitting with my legs not propped up at most. When I put my legs down I can feel the swelling increasing and my foot becomes red, and I have noticed toes going blue too. Is this normal? I have tried wearing a compression bandage but after a while it causes me pain and increased swelling.

    I have been reading a bit online and worry I have a high ankle sprain my healthcare providers failed to recognize. I was told to put a bit of pressure on my foot and try walking with crutches but I am too afraid to be honest, because my foot is swollen, feels numb and at times prickly. It feels very unwieldy and I’m deterred by the pain I experienced walking immediately post injury. I’m supposed to start physical therapy in two days and am actually supposed to walk there, which scares me a lot.

    Could you tell me if what I wrote is normal and whether I have anything to worry about?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      The fact that the resolving bruising was above the ankle is a sign that you were doing a very good job of elevating. What you are describing is a higher grade sprain, with severe pain and swelling. This is very normal for weeks after the sprain. Your body is trying to heal the injury by increasing the blood flow to the ankle. Gravity makes it easy to get the blood in, but hard to get it out unless you elevate The color is from the venous blood (dark red/blue) collecting and the numbness is from the pressure of the swelling on the nerves.

      None of this is concerning at this time as long as overall your swelling and pain decreases week by week. A high ankle sprain is notable for pain and tenderness in a different location than a regular ankle sprain. If your pain is NOT improving, you should follow up with your orthopaedic surgeon or medical provider.

  34. Sikan

    I sprained my ankle 3 weeks back and I am still in the plaster cast with minimal activity. The doctor told it was a severe sprain. X rays show no fracture. On my last visit to doctor, I was told to use blood thinner and do a MRI as there is swelling in the meta tarsal area. The ankle seems improving though. How long before I should try to walk?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      This is not something I can answer without the complete picture that your doctor has. If you have a sprain in the mid-foot (between the metatarsals, or a “Lisfranc” sprain) it can require 6–8 weeks on crutches.

  35. Julius

    Hi! Is it normal to have a slightly bigger ankle than the other after an ankle sprain even if it doesn’t hurt anymore? It’s been 6 months since I got my ankle sprained and it doesn’t hurt anymore but I noticed that my ankle is not yet in its normal size. Is it normal? will it go back to its normal size? thanks in advance

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Yes, very normal. For most people the ankle will eventually return to normal but for some (particularly if you tend to swell or for older people) the injured ankle may heal completely but the body still sends a little extra blood flow which just collects and makes it bigger.

  36. Adrian

    I sprained my ankle badly about 2 months ago. It was soo painful I had someone bring me to the hospital because I couldn’t bare the “throbbing pain” and couldn’t even walk. I was told it was a normal sprain so they wrapped my foot and sent me home with crutches. After a week it kind of got better and I was able to start walking again. 2 weeks after I had somehow sprained my ankle again. This time however it wasn’t as painful as the first I could still walk but slowly. Another week past and I was up and about walking again. Then just a couple days ago at work I had another sprain, this time by just walking I felt slight pain in my ankle and then at then end of the day it got worst. Now I’m back using the crutches because it hurts to put pressure. I had 3 sprains within a 2 month span. I have heard about something called chronic ankle instability. Is this something I might have? And how do I go preventing myself from hurting my ankle again?

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Making the diagnosis of chronic ankle instability is difficult when you have not fully recovered from the first sprain. You need to recover enough from the injuries to a determine if you have the kind of chronic instability for which surgery could be necessary. Consider following up with an orthopaedic surgeon.

  37. Kevin

    So glad I came across this page! Jumped high to pass the ball whilst playing Netball. I can jump over 30 inches, so I can jump high. I was bumped mid-air and landed with all my weight atop my inverted foot. Don’t recall feeling or hearing a pop. However, after the incident it has been extremely painful to walk. I’ve followed the ICE procedure & saw a doctor. A fracture was ruled out, however the exact cause of the pain when standing/walking is unknown. Don’t have health insurance to see a podiatrist. Getting around on crutches. If I stand for more than a few minutes, I feel pressure swelling in my ankle and a pulsing pain rising up the medial malleolus of the tibia. The swelling has finally gone down thanks to prescription anti-inflammatory meds. Yet I still can’t put weight on my injured ankle. Any advice? Thank you so much!

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      If the X-rays were normal, this is encouraging. Give yourself a few days and try to put some weight on the foot while using the crutches. If you can progress gradually to full weight bearing and the swelling is gradually decreasing (it can last for many weeks, but should get less and less in the morning and progress through the day), you don’t necessarily need further treatment. If you are unable to progress your activity then consider seeing a physician such as an orthopaedic surgeon or even your primary care provider rather than a podiatrist.

  38. Chelle

    We’re having a getaway in San Fransisco this weekend and I didn’t see a couple of steps and fell. Heard a popping sound. Almost passed out from the pain (I don’t tolerate pain well) but I was able to calm down and walk about 12 blocks back to our hotel. Since I could walk on it I didn’t think it was broken. Have been icing it, elevating & wrapped it. I have sprained my other ankle before, but I am concerned about the popping sound. I would like to wait till I get home (Mon) to see my Dr. I can walk on it, even though it’s swollen. Is the popping sound normal with sprained ankle? Thank you

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Many people who sprain an ankle report a “pop”. A sprain is tearing of the ligaments which is why the pop occurs. It sounds like you are doing all the right things with ice, elevation and a compression wrap.

  39. Sam

    I sprained my ankle pretty bad while playing soccer exactly a week ago..went to the ER..did the X-RAY and they came out negative, they put me in a cast..Followed up with my ortho 5 days later and just removed the cast and gave me a boot..he redid the X-ray and found nothing..My question when should i try walking on my foot?..I still have this huge tennis ball size bump on my ankle
    Thank you DOC in advance!!

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      The injury and negative X-rays fit with an ankle sprain. Even with the swelling, you should try and start moving as soon as possible. Start walking in the boot with crutches for support, try to progress to one crutch and then none. But start moving the ankle, up and down and to the left and right. Don’t be surprised if the swelling stays for many weeks to months, especially at the end of the day.

  40. Chance

    I severely sprained both of my ankles earlier today,and I was wondering if it was okay for me to lie on my side. I can’t raise my ankles,so they are constantly being pressed against the less-padded area of my recliner since I am unable to move,and it is excruciatingly painful

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Whatever position is comfortable should be fine, but elevation will help the swelling and help the pain decrease more rapidly. Use ice in a plastic bag wrapped with a towel. Good luck, and be patient with your recovery.

  41. Eden

    I injured my ankle 2 and a half weeks ago when playing soccer. I blocked a shot which the ball connected with the inside of my foot nearer the toes and caused it to twist outwards. Currently I no longer have Achilles pain or pain in the shin, I can walk well, but I can’t jog at moment and I have relatively lost my balance. However, I could walk since around the 4th day well, it feels like it’s not improving. Apart from towel stretching, what else can do I do and how long do you reckon I am out for? Thank you very much

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      The injury you describe with a force on the inside of the toes rotating the ankle out is not the usual for a regular ankle sprain in which the ligaments on the outside of the ankle are torn. However, some of the injuries I might worry about (the deltoid ligament on the inside of the ankle, the syndesmosis or “high ankle sprain”) would usually not let you walk with pain in just 4 days. If you are improving (even slowly) at this stage and the swelling is decreasing, than you can continue to advance your activity. If you continue to have limitations particularly swelling, you should see a physcian. Noting you have a UK email address, I know your health system is different than the US. Be sure to make clear that it was not the usual “rolled my ankle over” type of sprain.

  42. terri

    I had one of those “my foot fell asleep and I fell” accidents about 10 days ago. Was painful with immediate swelling. Went to urgent care where x-rays were taken and the dx was displaced fracture and to see an ortho; however, two days later an ortho looked at the x-rays and said he saw no fracture. The swelling has gone done and the bruising is nearly gone as well. I can put weight on it and walk, but sometimes it’s painful on the top of my foot through to the sole. Is this normal? Can x-rays show a fracture when you’re foot is so swollen. I don’t know what to do now. I’ve been massaging and stretching, but in the morning can barely tolerate weight.

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      I would go with your orthopaedic surgeon’s reading of the x-ray. Even with swelling a fracture can be seen, but an orthopaedic surgeon is more likely to know what on an x-ray is a real fracture and not just a normal piece of “extra” bone or something else. At only 10 days from what sounds like a moderate sprain based on swelling and bruising, having pain and swelling is still pretty normal. As long as it is slowly improving, you shouldn’t worry. Keep it moving.

  43. Sean

    Hello, I had a sprained ankle on my left foot ankle yesterday I was playing basketball and when I shot the ball and landed my feet on the another players foot and my ankle twisted and I get back up I started to walk and I couldn’t and my father helped me as I walk I was hopping with my right foot because I can’t really walk and it hurts so much in my left foot and we got home and start icing it in 30 minutes and it was night. After that night on 1:30 p.m I’ve put compression on it 30 minutes and now I can’t still walk. Any tips for this because we have game on Tuesday basketball.

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Takes me a few days to turn these around – I hope you allowed yourself time to heal from the ankle sprain before going out to play again!

  44. Michael

    Hi there I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago during a match, first couple of days the swelling was bad but after 3-4 days I could walk normally and now the pain and swelling have subsided due to me doing ‘RICE’ and general exercises for my ankle however my ankle is still alittle swollen I was wondering is it normal for my ankle to be like this and Also it starts swelling abit during the day when I walk or stand for long periods, in addition I have a slight pain just underneath my outter ankle like near the heel and when I massage the pain while stretching my ankle the pain completely goes but later on in the day the small but sharp pain comes back and my inner ankle is also tender what can be done so I can return to playing football please

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Having swelling (particularly at the end of the day or after activity) and some soreness 3 weeks after a sprain is normal. Overall it is most important that both the pain and swelling are gradually improving. However, it you have pain 3 weeks after the sprain that is keeping you from sports (especially if it isn’t improving or it is getting worse) it may be time to see a physician.

    • Thomas

      Wondering how long it took for enough recovery to resume football (and what next steps you took if any)? I am in similar boat and your story is so spot on my situation and timeline.

  45. Melissa

    Thank you for all of the great information! I sprained my ankle at the end of September pretty badly but I treated it at home with RICE and a compression brace. After about a week I was able to walk with minimal pain and the swelling mostly disappeared although after long days it is more swollen than my other ankle for obvious reasons. A concern of mine is that now I am having intermittent shooting pain in my ankle that radiates up my leg, and this is not associated with any particular movement, I am just curious as to what this might be since it’s very bothersome but it only lasts for a few seconds.

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      Possible explanations for the sharp pain could be stressing of the healing ligament or “synovial impingement”. The synovium is the cells that line the joint and produce the joint fluid; impingement is when this tissue gets pinched in the ankle. This can happen due to ongoing swelling of the tissue. Have you ever bitten the inside of your cheek? It gets swollen and then you keep biting it! Just like biting the inside of your cheek, this synovial impingement usually goes away on its own. But if you are still having pain that affects what you do and it is not becoming less frequent, it may be time to see an orthopaedic surgeon.

  46. clare

    Hi, I sprained my ankle in the beginning of July and then again in the beginning of August. The swelling of the 1st sprain never went down before the 2nd sprain happened. It’s now early November and the swelling and bruising is still there. I can walk on it ok, it just hurts after long periods of walking. I don’t know if I should go to and orthopedic doctor and have them look at it or continue what I’m doing now.

    • Dr. Alexandra Page

      If the swelling is there all the time, you should see an orthopaedic surgeon. If overall the pain and swelling are getting less and less, then you could wait. Having a repeat sprain when you haven’t healed the first one is hard on the ankle ligaments and can take months to heal completely. That’s why I always recommend complete healing before you return to sports after an ankle sprain.

      • Dhanasekaran

        plz if u are there..make a look at my comment and tell me something regarding that ligament damage ..which is at last in this page… my name is Dhanasekaran.. and please u can mail me at

  47. Jenny

    I sprained my ankle hiking this past Sunday (about 4 days ago). It did hurt quite a bit at first. But I don’t recall hearing a popping sound. I had to limp another 3 miles or so to get back to our car, but I was careful about not putting any pressure on the ankle. Since then, I have used the RICE method, elevated at night, wrapped with kinesiology tape, and used tiger balm. Even used a heating pad at one point following a Youtube video. I stopped kickboxing classes since, but did resume Bar Method classes yesterday. So, my status as of today is that the swelling is almost completely gone. I feel no pain walking. The area is still tender to the touch on the outside of my ankle, however. Although, I feel I recovered pretty quickly, I know I still can’t jump and am afraid to pivot that foot or go back to kickboxing classes. Given my rate of recovery – do you think I’d be able to return to more intense activities by next week?

  48. Deb

    I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago. I’ve always been able to walk on it but have severe full ankle/foot bruising as well as swelling around the outside of the ankle. It has gotten progressively better but I still have a large knot at the inside of the ankle bone as well as mild swelling all around the ankle bone (with mild pain). I RICE’d as best I could during the first week (still had to work – desk mostly) and continue now when possible. Also I use a drugstore compression wrap and just ordered an online brace, which will come tmrw. Should I see my doctor or continue to monitor and hope for continuing improvement?

  49. Chiranjeevi

    Hi, i sprained my right ankle while playing badminton 1.5 weeks back ,even though the pain has reduced completely but swelling is like a tennis ball , when will the swelling completely reduces ,when can i return to play the game.

  50. Greg

    Hi there. I started up running every day, and never really was a runner before. I ran 4,4,6, 6 miles on consecutive days. On the fifth day I ran 8 miles and it was extremely hilly, up large hills and down etc. My right ankle had a slight twinge at the end, but no pop or anything. Woke up the next morning and couldn’t put any weight on it. Went to the emergency room and got a x Ray that was negative. Waited 4 days and was still in pain and went to the doctor. The pain is only went I put weight on my right leg, or if I try to stand on 1 foot. It’s painful just above the ball on the inside of my foot, the front portion of my foot where the axis point is, and just above the ball on the outside of my foot. There are sometimes when the goes up my ankle almost to the bottom part of my shin. Anyway doctor gave me a boot and said use this for a couple weeks until pain subsides. It’s been 2 weeks since the injury and I’m still having pain, probably slightly better than it was but nevertheless still can’t walk without a limp. Never had pains like this that lasted this long. I know I’ve read it could be 4-6 weeks but I’m getting ancy already. Will it be ok to walk if I have pain to try and loosen it up?

  51. Joy

    I rolled my ankle on October 9th. I treated it with RICE. I can now walk on it without pain most of the day. There is no swelling. Toward the end of the day there is pain in the top of my foot. Also if I rotate my foot around at any point in the day there is pain and clicking in the top of my foot. Any ideas/suggestion?

  52. Katie

    Thank you for this site and all the info!! I sprained my ankle for the first time 3 weeks ago. I jogged down off a two foot foam platform and rolled my left ankle outward and heard about 6 loud cracks. After several hours it was swelled the size of a grapefruit on the outside. I treated at home and work with RICE but as i was almost unable to walk on it i used my boss’s walking boot for three days before going to get xrays. (I do a lot of walking around at work). No fracture or breaks but i could not and still cannot put pressure down on my toes and only can walk without the short walking boot (which my doctor gave me) if i point my toes on that foot outward. My knee is getting extremely sore and sensitive and all the muscles in my back are being twisted from the way i have to rest my foot when i sit (completely to the left. I cannot even rest it straight up). Ive only walked around without the boot a bit on the weekends and for the last two days a few hours each to try to get some strength back. I am afraid of it healing wrong and not being able to walk with my foot straight again, also im afraid that i am using it too much and may be injuring it more because most of the time it feels quite numb all around. (Partially from pinched nerves in my neck). I dont want to wear the boot too long or injure it more than i know by walking without the boot with this sideways walk when i cant feel much of it except certain great pains. There is only a small pooch of swelling right in front of the outer bone during the day and after work when i rest. Should i be worried about this range of motion or get some kind of ultrasound to see what damage is done to the ligament? I dont know what else they could do other than tell me to keep wearing the boot? Thank you so much! Katie

  53. Anon1

    I was walking my dog, somehow I messed up stepping down the last step, I’m pretty sure I Twisted my ankle. For a moment I Think the pain was too much as I Don’t remember part of the stumble from the bottom of the porch off towards the road. Once I Regained my awareness, I corrected my stance. Anyways- My ankle swelled up I was told to put ice on it which I Did for a bit, I only did the ice once. Now, some time after bruising came up, I Expected this, part of the bruising around the ankle area looks weird like lines of blood under the skin and the general bruising blood under the skin. I have a question though- Around my middle toes there’s also blood under the skin like bruising, is this normal for an ankle twist to have blood/bruising around the toes? I haven’t seen a Dr yet. oh and I Could barely walk after the initial twisting of my ankle. Another question would your body weight have an effect on the severity of the twist, I Think it would.

  54. Marissa

    In the beginning of August I missed a step and landed all of my weight directly on my ankle/foot with it turning inwards. Went to urgent care, got an X-ray but no fractures present and sent me off with a low boot. I was able to walk but with a lot of pain. Swelling was near the ball of ankle, and it did not bruise until weeks later. After 2 months of pain and swelling still present I went to a podiatrist. He did X-rays and found I have a tiny stress fracture underneath the ball of ankle and towards the back. He put me in a cam walker which I am still in. So 2 1/2 months later and still in pain. It feels the worst after a day of walking, and swells a little bit. The area where my stress fracture is doesn’t hurt that much, it’s more of the tendons on the top outer side of my foot; where I fell on my foot. Is this normal? The podiatrist said bad sprains can take months to heal but I’m not noticing an improvement and am tired of the pain and stiffness. Thanks!

  55. Anna Goodwin

    My daughter (she is 13) sprained her ankle a week ago. She has had X-rays and is on crutches and has a compression wrap. She keeps telling me the pain is getting worse. She cannot put any weight on it at all. Her doctor just keeps saying that sprains are painful. I feel this isn’t normal, what are your thoughts?

  56. chiranjeevi

    Hi, i have sprained my Right ankle 2 weeks back while playing badmitton, the pain has come down but the swelling is still like a tennis ball, when does the swelling come down in general , and when can i start playing.

  57. farhan

    i am 34 years old. i got my ankle sprain in 26th october 2015. doctor plaster my ankle and tell me to bed rest 2 weeks and so did i. now my plaster removed and i am wearing ankle foot orthoses since then. now its been 26 days may be. i got back my office after 2 weeks bed rest(those weeks i have also used crutches). my ankle still swollen in the evening and morning swollen got normal. my question is when i can wear shoe and get back to normal life? give me something useful. why i am not completely cured my right ankle? in addition i still can not stretches my feet due to i still have some pain when walk. in my x ray there is no fracture by the way.

  58. Onur

    Dear Dr. Page,
    I twisted my ankle very badly a month ago. The first doc I saw thought it was only a ligament injury. Put my ankle into a semi-cast. I went for a check a week later and another doctor also diagnosed a small fracture. But my ankle was very swollen. He waited for a week for swelling to go down a bit and changed the semi-cast to a full one. After 2 more weeks he took the cast out and asked me step on my foot slowly with the help of crutches yesterday. There is still swelling, bruising and my ankle is extremely stiff. Doc advised me to take physiotherapy and do warm water therapy 3 times a day. He told me that I should try walking with the help of crutches to overcome stiffness. But it hurts. I will start physiotheraphy on Saturday. What’s your opinion, shall I keep trying to walk although it hurts? Do the steps we took so far sound right to you?
    Thank you.

  59. Judith

    I have sprained my right ankle falling forward two and a half weeks ago i am just noticing now that i cant curl my big toe not because of pain but because i just cant when i try it just smoshes against the others. X ray were taken my ankle was swolen. Is it true that x ray of a swollen ankle are verry unclear ? The doc found nothing broken . so my last question is will i ever be able to curl my toe does it mean something else is wrong?

  60. Taja s.

    I have sprained my right ankle several times, I’ve even fractured it. I just sprained it again yesterday and I am concerned now, my right ankle is very week because of all the times I’ve hurt it. It normally crunches and pops and is painful, it swells all the time and is always larger than my other ankle like 3 times larger. This new sprain isn’t that bad, but I am concerned about the long term damage. My ankles and knees give out often and cause me to trip and twist my ankles.I normally think it’s because my balance is off because my 4th toe on each foot is the size of my pinky toe, but now i’m not sure. What should i do?

  61. Lori

    I was going to physical therapy for Achilles’ tendon pain. A large bulge and unable to touch that area. Then, 6 weeks ago, I slipped off a bank at my house and sprained my ankle. I’m off crutches and try to walk normally, but between the sprained ankle and the Achilles’ tendon, the pain can be quite intense. I was told that there are none spurs also in the tendon. I would love to wrap the ankle to give it some relief, but any pressure an the afore mention tendon is truly unbearable. Any ideas. Thank you.

  62. Katherine

    Hello, I sprained my ankle in mid-September, stepping off of a curb while jogging. It swelled immediately, and I stopped running and hobbled home. I could always walk on it, and the swelling was gone in 10 days or so. I have no pain while walking now. However, I tried jogging this morning (10 weeks since the sprain) and could not do so without some soreness each time I land on the injured foot. I will try jogging a few steps each Saturday morning until this improves, but was wondering–is this normal?

  63. Bhon

    2 months ago, I sprained my ankle while playing basketball, I can already run and jump like before i get injured, right now it only hurts when my knees go passed my ankles, when do you think this pain will totally gone? Thank you

  64. LeeAnn

    So about two years ago I sprained my ankle doing a front hand spring for a cheering routine during a football game and I tore 3 ligaments. The year after that I lightly sprained that same ankle again during another football game by just stepping wrong during the dancing part of the routine. Now a year later I’m having a sharp tight pain in that same ankle which is preventing me from moving my foot in some directions and also stepping down on it causes a lot of pain I can walk on it fine but the rotation and stepping on it when getting up from sitting or moving after I stand for a bit is really painful. I’m not really sure what to do if I should go to my doctor or just keep icing and elevating it. I don’t think I re sprained my ankle I am a graduate and the most I do for working out now is going on walks or running. But I am concerned about this pain and if I should go back to my doctor?

  65. LeeAnn

    So about two years ago I sprained my ankle doing a front hand spring for a cheering routine during a football game and I tore 3 ligaments. The year after that I lightly sprained that same ankle again during another football game by just stepping wrong during the dancing part of the routine. Now a year later I’m having a sharp tight pain in that same ankle which is preventing me from moving my foot in some directions and also stepping down on it causes a lot of pain I can walk on it fine but the rotation and stepping on it when getting up from sitting or moving after I stand for a bit is really painful. I’m not really sure what to do if I should go to my doctor or just keep icing and elevating it. I don’t think I re sprained my ankle I am a graduate and the most I do for working out now is going on walks or running. But I am concerned about this pain and if I should go back to my doctor?

  66. Alex K

    Sprained my ankle 6-7 weeks ago whilst running. Stepped off the sidewalk to the street with my right foot and boom. Instant grapefruit sized swelling in my ankle/foot area. X-Ray showed no fracture. For 2 weeks I couldn’t put any pressure on it, lots of swelling and RICE. Now most swelling is gone and walking normal. My question is, if I have pain while stretching should I stop stretching? Doing some yoga poses really stretch’s the ankle and top of the foot, but is the pain an indication I am not completely healed? If the pain is bearable am I ok? Should I be completely healed first? Thanks for the feedback. Have a nice day!

  67. Denice

    I Sprained my ankle last friday night.. Now is already thursday.. A week after the accident. The swollen part subsided though there are still bruises on the sides of 3 inches above the ankle which I believe I got because of wrong wrapping method. Anyway, my main concern is that I van already walk properly with minimal pain but I have this cold feet and toes all the time. I can’t really sleep at night even I do elevation. Should I be worried? What should I do to have better circulation of blood? Thanks so much.

  68. Seamus Doyle

    I sprained my ankle badly about 6 weeks ago playing volleyball. I wore a walking boot for two weeks and then I took it off because I was able to walk fine without it. A month after the injury, I began playing volleyball and participating in other athletic activities again. Every time I play volleyball my ankle swells up and becomes painful for 3 days after I play. Is this normal? What excercises should I be doing to keep my ankle healthy? Thanks.

  69. Edward Michael

    I sprained my ankle badly a year and two months ago. It took almost two months to fully heal. Then 3 months later I slipped at my buddies and hurt it again. Pain went away after about another month. Now I sit here 9 months later and for some reason my ankle has felt tender again and I’ve had minimal aching. Nothing serious. I am worried I did long-term damage. Any thoughts?

  70. Deb

    I sprained my right wankle on November 3. Treated with RICE, compression wrap since with quite severe bruising, extending to my toes. Gradually getting better but still have mild swelling all the time and all around the ankle bone. Also, occasional, slight tingling in my toes. Is this all normal? Is there anything else I should be doing? I’d love to get back tormenting and just today started to walk 2 miles at the track – but now notice more toe-area bruising. Any advice?

  71. Jessica

    Hi, i hurt my ankle last sunday, as i was running up and down at work and I felt a pain come, but no significant roll or twist. Then afterwards when i got home and the next day there was a severe pain in the outside on my right ankle, but no swelling at all. I have rested it for a week now with a bandage for support but I have seen no improvement. I an unsure if I actually sprained it or what I have actually done. I have a dance concert coming up in 2 weeks and I am unsure if my ankle will be better by then to perform.

  72. Dave

    Great site, really helps to read other people going through the same things and your responses.

    I rolled outward my ankle on thanksgiving. Very swollen, went to ER immediately and xrays showed no breaks. I’ve been in a boot since. Tried walking today some and dorsiflexion is very tough and stiff. My ankle and foot feel more swollen now after that attempt. I’m going to stick with the boot for another week. The doc at the ER said two weeks, then follow up with doctor. It’s been 11 days. The first 2 to 3 days I could put absolutely no weight on it at all.

    I feel like my leg is ‘resisting’ the boot. Where the back strap is, my calf is developing a bruise from improper sitting I think and it digging in. I probably had the boot too loose.

    Do you think a boot with the rounded bottom would be OK for what I described? It would help me to sit better. I am a VERY inflexible, but athletic man.

  73. Jade

    Hi, I sprained my ankle for more than a month and the swelling is still prominent. I can walk normally and even run without pain, but when I stretch and put weight my foot, it hurts. Twisting it also doesn’t hurt. The X rays show no sign of broken bones however I can’t help but worry. What should I do to reduce the swelling?

  74. kirston

    A glass plate fell onto my leg 2 1/2 weeks ago. Impact had me fall in a way that i damaged my ankle as well as 2 deep lacerations in the anterior and posterior part of my leg. I was told i had a ligament strain. Swelling was average. At this point, pain had certainly decreased but swelling has seemed to increase in my foot and ankle after returning to work and being on my feet for long hours. Now it seems to swell a lot faster, as soon as i wake up and start activity. I also feel a strain possibly up the fibula when i straighten out ankle, which is new. Should this be cause for concern or a long process of healing?

  75. Louis

    I was playing basketball yesterday and one of the players landed on me and my ankle turned inward and it feels like it’s about to pop why is that and what can I do?

  76. Louis

    I have had ankle problems for about 6 years and it keeps making this popping sound every time I move it and I tried using an ankle brace but it still hurts when I walke on it. Can you tell me what that is and what to do to help it?

  77. Emma

    I’m 14 years old, and i just sprained my ankle a couple nights ago, i have a sock brace that i’m using, and i’m icing, and elevating as much as possible, but i’m suppose to be doing Irish Dance next Wednesday, what’s that fastest it would heal? i’m trying to do the best i can, excersise my ankle, don’t do to much, it seems to be getting a bit better.. PLEASE HELLPP

  78. Emma

    I’m 14 years old, and i just sprained my ankle a couple nights ago, i have a sock brace that i’m using, and i’m icing, and elevating as much as possible, but i’m suppose to be doing Irish Dance next Wednesday, what’s that fastest it would heal? i’m trying to do the best i can, excersise my ankle, don’t do to much, it seems to be getting a bit better.. PLEASE HELLPP

  79. Atul

    Hello – I am 48 years old and I twisted/sprained my ankle almost 3 months ago while playing at a park. I could hear the distinct (knocking/breaking) sounds, as it bent beyond the normal at that time. Post that injury I used cold compress for a few weeks and some pain gel. At this point in time, while i can walk /run ok (no pain), however there is a lingering pain when it is bent a little extra inwards or outwards. It also hurts when I sometimes miss a staircase step and land on that foot at an awkward angle (for eg. bending the leg forward while the foot is stationary). Please advise what should I be looking to do to get rid of the pain. Thanks.

  80. Lauren

    I stepped down off about a 3 foot platform and rolled my ankle very bad a few days ago. I initially could not get up. I have been able to walk on it with little pain, but no matter how I sit or lay down the ankle is causing a significant amount of pain and throbbing. I have a very high pain tolerance. Is this normal with a sprain or is it a possibility that this could be a sign I have a small fracture possibly?

  81. Kristin

    I sprained my ankle about 5 years ago actually. I was going for a walk in the park and went to fetch a soccer ball that went astray. I went to run after the ball in some big rocks and as soon as my right foot came down, I landed completely wrong on a rock and rolled it good. A soccer player gave me a ride home, not even a minute long and by the time we got to my house, my ankle was swollen big time and I could barely walk on it. Urgent care doctor said it was just a bad sprain and I had to actually use crutches for a couple days because I couldn’t put any weight on it for the first day or two. I haven’t sprained it since but I can tell its unstable. I can walk fine but long distances or lots of walking in a day kill me. My ankle gets super sore and as soon as I’m off of it, it hurts and o can’t hardly put any weight on it. I have to limp around until it loosens up again, and it’ll stay sore for a day or two. Any hope for me in making this better? Any exercises? It makes this 32 year old feel like an old woman.

  82. Terry Buenrostro

    I sprained my ankle and my knee in a car wreck a couple weeks back. I had to have 15 staples on the side of my knee. The er doctor sent me home with some crutches and a wrapped ankle. I just had my staples removed two days ago and still cannot put any weight on my foot. It feels like pins and needles anytime I try. How soon can I bend my knee after having the staples removed? I’ve tried already and it feels like there’s tension and something stretching around my knee and it hurts. It feels like it’s going to pop. I can’t sit down on a couch without having my leg extended. My ankle hurts when I try to move it around but only very slightly, I’ve been exercising it while I have it elevated. How soon until I am able to walk without crutches? How soon can I bend my knee after staples are removed? Do you know any knee sprain therapy techniques?

  83. Aron

    Hi Dr. Page,
    I’ve had ankle sprains since I was 12. I am now 48. Most of my ankle sprains occurred while playing basketball in my teens; I kept landing on it. Later on, it rolled while playing soccer and a few times taking a bad step during everyday life. I’ve had multiple doctors visits and PT. My therapist informed me I had semi-flat feed and that I needed arch support. She recommended superfeet and I noticed I had no muscle pain in my legs after playing soccer or running with the inserts. I guess not having the proper support weakened my ankles and I was prone to more injuries. The last year, I’ve sprained the same ankle 3 times. The most recent was yesterday during soccer. My foot was planted, but it felt like the top part of my ankle/lower part of my leg moved or rolled over the ankle. I feels like in internal issue, I iced it and soaked it in warm water with epsom slat. But I have a hard time walking on it due to pain at the back of my foot, the Achilles. I’ve had x-rays in the past and multiple PT treatments. Even to this day, I do my daily ankle-rehab exercises to include balancing and strengthening, but I’m having a hard time keeping it injury free. Not sure what to do at this point. Thank you.

  84. Brooke Astuto

    Yesterday at gymnastics practice I was vaulting and my foot pressed up against the mat and it rolled. The pain is on the right side of my right foot and I’ve never experienced an injury like this. It hurts to walk and when you press down on the side of my foot it hurts. So should I go to the doctors, should I be on crutches? What should I do?

  85. Rebecca

    I fell back on October 28th. My ankle went completely under (toes and top of foot on the ground) and to the side with me falling on top of it (I am overweight). My foot began to swell immediately and I had a hard time putting any weight on it. I went to an urgent care and had it xrayed. The x ray showed no fracture and I was sent home with nothing for support for my ankle. The next morning and for about 4 days after, I could not put any weight on my foot and literally crawled on my hands and knees because the pain was so severe. It has been almost 7 weeks. I am still having tremendous pain and cannot go down steps on that ankle. I also have extreme pain when pushing the gas or brake pedal while driving. Flexing my foot up or down also cause a great deal of pain. When standing, walking, driving, or with about any movement, I feel a stabbing/throbbing pain on the inside the ankle bone and like something is happening right behind my ankle bone on both sides. I have a hard time wearing tennis shoes because it puts too much pressure on the inside of the ankle bone. If I squeeze both sides of my ankle bone, it causes intense pain. I have also begun having a lot of pain in my knee on that same leg (started after the fall). Is this typical 7 weeks out from a sprain? Thank you so much!

  86. Beth Loker

    Hi, I sprained my ankle a week ago and it was incredibly swollen and painful, I went to A&E and they have given me crutches. He told me that I should be on them for 1-2 weeks and by the 1st week to start putting some pressure on my foot. The swelling has gone down a lot, there’s still a lot of bruising around it, and I’ve tried putting a reasonable amount of pressure, not too much but not too little, and it really hurt, now my ankle has slightly swollen more than what it was and hurts a little more than before trying to walk on it. Does this mean I should lay off the walking and have more rest or keep on putting pressure and try to get back to walking?

  87. Patrick

    Hello there,

    I sprained my ankle just routinely crossing the street 2 weeks ago and heard a nice little pop. The next day my ankle became swollen and have some nice bruising. There was pain but I’ve been icing and trying to rest the ankle while testing range of motion, which to this point is pretty good. That said, while most of the swelling has gone down, I’ve noticed over the last few days that what remains of the swelling has stayed about the same size, which isn’t too bad but still noticeable enough to the naked eye. I can walk perfectly fine and only notice a discomfort when REALLY bending the ankle. Is the minimal remaining swelling a concern or does this all seem normal? I’m not sure whether I really need to see a Doctor or not.

  88. Patrick

    Hello there,

    About two weeks ago I was crossing the street in a light jog when I rolled my ankle and heard a pop. The next day there was some big swelling and moderate bruising. Since then the swelling has gone down and pain has diminished, but some swelling still remains and hasn’t gone down much, if at all, over the last few days. It’s not a lot compared to what it was but is still noticeable. I can walk, jog, pivot, and balance on the ankle without any pain perfectly fine. All of that said, I find my ankle is still tight and not as flexible as it was before. I have been stretching it some but perhaps not as much as I should? I only get discomfort when REALLY trying to bend it (I’m pretty flexible). What are your thoughts on my situation?

  89. Ross

    Hello. I sprained my ankle about 6 weeks ago playing ultimate frisbee – I landed on it and turned it severely. I RICE’d it immediately. There was a lot of pain on the inside malleolus. An x-ray showed no break. However, I’m still not able to return to playing 6-weeks later as there is still plenty of pain when I step certain ways. And there is even still a little swelling on the inside and outside of the ankle. I wear a brace when I do active things (running, biking) to avoid spraining again. Should I see an orthopedist or is this recovery normal?

  90. Rafaqat

    Some 15 days ago my ankle twisted. After that pain is almost gone but still there is swelling. Is that normal? How can I cure it. Thank you

  91. Jess

    I was in an accident 3 weeks ago and got my foot twisted under the dash board . The ortho doc put me in a boot . I still can’t move my foot that much and still have a little swelling I the sides of my ankle . I can put a little weight on my foot when I walk with crutches . Should I continue to she ate and ice and should I try to walk with the boot

  92. Anne

    Someone rolled ankle on trampoline and landed on back. No significant pain, so he “popped” back up onto his foot. He heard a crack, and pain shot through his foot and up his leg. He was helped off the trampoline, and swelling began immediately. Significant swelling occurred despite immediate icing, so much so that bystanders couldn’t watch. Went directly to ER, where x-ray rolled out fracture. Still significantly swollen next day and deformed (large tennis ball-sized lump on outside of ankle bone). Worried that a fracture may have been missed. Should I take for re-x-ray?

  93. Wang

    Hi, i sprained my foot one month ago during futsal competition , after two weeks i felt better with less pain. I can walk comfortably now but sometimes it will still hurt a lil bit on the injured area. And what trouble me is that i can’t bend or point my foot down, when i try to point my foot down, it hurts on the ligament area. It’s that normal ? I’m afraid that it doesn’t heal itself. It’s already a month after the injury.

  94. stacy

    Hi, I had a seriously sprained my ankle right before thanksgiving. It is now christmas, and there is still some swelling on both sides of my ankle. Bruising has subsided. I feel slight pain/achy when I’m on it for a lengthy amount of time. I had x-rays taken and there was no sign of a break. Thoughts?

  95. Tanisha

    I was playing basketball a week ago and the girl pushed me and I came down on the side of my ankle the trainer said that I sprained it but there is still a lot of swelling and brushing. I did the same thing last year and was out for nine weeks. My ankle seems like it is getting worse not better. What should I do?

  96. Agata

    Please help….My ankles have been hurting alot but only when I touch them for over 4 days, like if I need to put on clothes or shoes n touch them it hurts. Walking without a problem, no pain. Now they are swelling I noticed yesterday and its worsen today. I didn’t sprain them or anything. I do dance alot and run (I’m a salsa dancer) Im pretty active. Could I have hurt them without knowing it? Thanks!

  97. Jennifer

    I sprained my ankle about 3 weeks ago my friends yard was uneven and I fell in a hole and felt a snap and everyone heard it pop. Went to the doctor the next day, xray showed no break but because I don’t have insurance they didn’t do a MRI they just gave me a splint and sent me on my way. Here it is 3 weeks later aND it’s swollen more than what it was in the beginning. I can’t walk can’t bend it. And the bruising was gone but now it is bruised again and it looks dented in. My whole ankle even the top of my foot is swollen and the swelling is all the way around even to my heel. Should I go back to the doctor?

  98. Jade

    My doctor told me I sprained my ankle and he have me a boot and said keep it on for 3 weeks. I took it off and a week later I went back to gymnastics. Now its swollen and brused I can walk on it but it hurts but not alot

  99. Ryan

    I sprained my ankle laterally about a week ago playing basketball. I have been going through the R.I.C.E. process religiously since then and still use crutches if I need to walk for a long period of time. The swelling has gone down significantly since the injury happened. I still feel a little pain but no where near as much when I put weight and/or pressure on it. There is still swelling on both the medial and lateral side of the heel but much more on the lateral side of my foot the the medial. Any comments and advice on how my injury and recovery are progressing?

  100. Jocelyn

    I hurt my ankle in the middle of October I went to the hospital a week after cause it was bruising, swollen, and painful especially when I put weight on it. He said it was a sprain and gave me an ace bandage and said go to Walgreens to get a braise he also referred me to go to a foot specialist. A week after that I went to the foot specialist he gave me a different meter brace and I’ve been wearing that since. He said if I felt up to it I could try out for cheerleading in December I tried it but after the first to days I had to quit because of the pain and swelling. Another thing he said that if its still painful and swollen in January do another follow up and it’s December 28th it’s not bruised anymore but I do the exercises he told me to do everyday to strengthen the tendon. Any idea of what it could be

  101. Ghida Kobeissi

    hello! I sprained my ankle at the end of june which is like 6 months ago. I was wearing highheels and my foot twirled inward while walking, so I went to the doctor who made me wear a cast for 2 weeks. Now 6 months later it still hurts when i bend it inwards and during my everyday activities it feels weird like I cant feel my ankle sometimes. What should I do? Thanks

  102. Debbie

    I sprained both ankles about two weeks ago. Swelling and bruising are pretty much gone. My shins are killing me. Even when lying down, but especially when I sit up and feet hang down. Is this normal?

  103. Michael

    I sprained my left ankle when I missed a sidewalk step and heard the pop. I was quickly treated at a hospital and then three days later went to see an orthopedist. I was given an aircast to wear for 6 weeks and told I should recover to normal. Now after a week and a half, I can awkwardly walk without bending my ankle much with little pain. But in the early morning when I wake up and make the first steps, it’s very painful and would take a few moments for it to subside. Is this a concern? Thank you very much in advance!

  104. Leah

    hi I hurt my ankle tumbling yesterday I have been doing the rice method i can walk but it hurts to walk normal. My ankle is swollen to about a golf ball size but no bruising. how long might it take to recover and how bad of a sprain or injury do u think it might be

  105. Craig Cornforth

    Hi!! I sprained my ankle on November 17th had an X Ray the following day no break, can walk in straight line with no pain can’t do the 10cm wall knee touch yet, however it’s still sore to touch on the inside/outside of ankle and on the bottom of my leg inside the tib/fib area, I can’t pivot ie a golf swing without large pain either way? Is there anything I can do to speed up rehab? Or is this normal. Driving me nuts not being able to play golf!! 🙂 thanks in advance and this is a great site.

  106. Kelsey

    I sprained my ankle in July of 2013, and everyday to this day it gets stiff so I pop it. This happens probably once a day, sometimes more. Also, I sometimes get a sharp shooting pain when I walk that is on the top of my foot up toward my ankle. Are both of these things normal?

  107. Lauren

    I rolled my ankle one night and went to the doctor the next day. They told me that I tore some ligaments and sent me with crutches and a cast that I can put on and take off whenever I want. It’s been about two weeks =, I’ve been elevating and icing but I still cannot walk or apply any pressure on my foot. Is this normal?

  108. Andrew

    Dr. Page, I rolled my ankle after taking a ten foot fall onto a padded but slanted surface while rock climbing. I didn’t hear any popping sound when I landed. I was able to limp around on the ankle the day of the injury. I went home and completed the RICE regimen.

    The next day I was on crutches, but two days after my injury I was able to walk with an air cast without pain. Five weeks after my injury, my ankle is getting better with one exception: my Achilles heal is extremely tight. I’m still able to flex the affected foot with a mostly full range of motion with little to no pain.

    However, I’m concerned about my very tight Achilles. Is this something I should see a doctor about if the Achilles continues to be tight? I am unable to complete athletic activities such as light jogging or jumping because I do not have the flexibility in my Achilles. Can I expect to regain my normal flexibility in the next few months by doing range of motion exercises and massaging the injured area?

  109. Niki

    Hi, I fell and inverted my left ankle while wearing high heels at work about 7 weeks ago. I had swelling for a couple of days and after a week I thought it healed and did a loft 4 mile jog. After this the swelling returned around my ATFL and I can’t wear any level of heels as I get a sharp pain every time I take a step. I’ve seen two foot specialists with negative results on fractures and have been doing daily ankle strengthening exercises at home. Is it normal for the ATFL to still be this swollen after so long and not have full range of motion? Walking on flat feet doesn’t bother me but sharp turns of the food hurt.

  110. Luke Adams

    I was diagnosed with a severe high ankle sprain 6 weeks ago. The specialist told me it would take 6 weeks to heal. I’m still having swelling on the top of my foot and on the outer part of my ankle. I can’t walk in full motion without feeling pain. I’ve been wearing a boot and icing and elevating it daily. Should I be worried?

  111. Cheenu

    I have suffered fro an injury (ankle sprain) on the 27th of November playing basketball. I nearly fractured the end of my fibula, as the X-Rays confirmed that I didn’t. I was given an ankle brace to help keep my foot in the right position. I have had those for 3 weeks, which was the prescribed time, after which I was told that I should be fine. It has been more than five weeks, and the majority of the pain has gone, i.e. pain only comes when I try to force my right ankle (the injured one) to stretch as much as my left one. However, there is still some swelling on my right ankle, but I am able to walk, run and jump like normal. Is this normal, or should I continue to restrain from sport until it heals? There are a few important matches coming up, and I do not want to miss them. Thanks in advance.

  112. David

    Hello Doctor. I rolled my ankle and heard it pop. The doctor at urgent care said its a partial tear, and he can feel some looseness in the joint. Now, when I make certain movements, I can feel the looseness in my ankle. My question is, does physical therapy usually fix the looseness? Thanks in advance.

  113. Julian

    Hello, I sprained my ankle about a week ago and I’m just wondering how soon is it to walk on my ankle. RICE was performed and have been elevating my ankle as needed but still feel pain and discomfort when i walk. Is it too soon?

  114. Lisa J

    I think i resprained my ankle today stepping off the sidewalk but things feel different……. My foot has a tingling numb feeling my ankle hurts all around with swelling and i have pain shotting up my leg. It started going up to my knee now its going all the way up my thigh….. Is this a regular sprain because it doesnt seem like the one i had before

  115. John Mark Lapinig

    Thanks Doc this really took my worries away about my sprained ankle. Just 1 quick question. It’s already been 3 weeks after I sprained my ankle and it doesn’t hurt anymore but still now my sprained ankle looks bigger than my normal ankle. Is this normal? I didn’t RICE it when I sprained my ankle. I just let it heal by itself.

  116. sanaz

    I sprained my ankle with avulsion fragment 2 weeks ago. I am in a walking boot and walk with crutches. Everyday I try to walk few steps without crutches but I don’t know when to stop. Of course it is painful but how much pain is normal? Is it OK if it hurts after walking? Should I still ice it if it has swelling and it is warm?
    Thank you!

  117. Marnie

    I sprained my ankle 6 months ago while on vacation in another country. I missed a step going down a set of stairs. My foot rolled inward and I went down on my knees. I managed to get myself up and get to myself back to our tour bus despite the intense pain.
    By the time we made it to our next stop, approximately 2 hours later, my ankle was swollen and extremely bruised. My husband and I assumed it was a typical sprain. With only 2 days left on vacation, 1 of them a walking day, I decided to power through. Walking became unbearable and I sat out for the rest of the trip.
    Once we arrived home I thought a few days off my feet would help. It didnt. 8 days after my original injury I went to my doctor. I was told it was a nasty sprain. I was told to use an aircast for a couple weeks and folow RICE. I did. Two weeks later there was very little change. Most of the bruising had faded but a new painful popping, almost crunching, sensation began, especially upon standing. I went back to doctor. I was sent for digital xrays. I originally had traditional xrays. No breaks or fractures were found. The doctor switched me to a boot, which my insurance company delayed by a week due to a new preapproval policy. I wore the boot for two weeks, transitioned back to aircast for week, then brace as needed.
    Now, 6 months later I am again experiencing the painful popping along with slight swelling slightly below and behind my outer ankle bone. The pain sometimes radiates to about the halfway point on my outer lower leg. I’m concerned that this is resurfacing. I am a teacher and do not have time to deal with this.
    Do you have any thoughts on what might be happening?

  118. Rita

    I sprained my ankle 11 weeks ago. My orthopedic doctor xrayed it two different times. There was no fractures. I still have a lot of soreness and cannot walk well. I have swelling every day. I still have stinging and burning pain in the ankle. I ice and elevate 2 times daily. Is it normal to still be so sore? And how long before the soreness goes away?

  119. Miguel

    Hi Dr. Page, I had a grade 1 almost 2 ankle sprain since most ligaments were stretched around the ankle, I had no bruising but a good amount of swelling on the top side of the ankle as you go up. After two months since the sprain about 90% of the swelling has gone down. No sharp pain or slight pain but I notice after lots of jump squats the swelling goes up a little bit. Would you recommend to ice it after workouts? And is this sort of swelling normal as the ankle is fully healed?

  120. Zura

    Hi I will receive a reply. It’s already about three days i have sprained my ankle. It’s swelling quite big than before. Should i worry about it? Or it is just the fluid?it hurts just a little but the swelling is big. Can i massage it?

  121. Grant

    Dr. Page,

    I had a ligament reconstruction surgery performed on my ankle in 2006, and had no trouble with it, aside from one or two minor rolls/sprains.

    However, 10 days ago, I severely sprained that same ankle again and felt a popping in the ankle. The swelling and range of motion is getting better, but it is still quite tender to the touch, at a location about an inch above the surgical scar. With my history, is it something I should get an X-ray/MRI on?

  122. Olivia Sherwin

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your suggestion to seek care if you can’t put any weight on your ankle. I injured myself while playing soccer a few days ago, and I haven’t been able to put any weight on my ankle because of it. I’ll definitely look into getting medical care right away so I can get this problem fixed before it worsens. Thanks for the great post!

  123. Kenyatta Monique

    I twisted my ankle really bad a couple of months ago after tripping. I went to urgent care and was told I have something enthesopathy and I was to a podiatrist. I was placed in a soft boot for a month and a half. I still have the sensation of a freshly twisted ankle sometimes when I walk. It also feels like if I take another step my ankle will lock up. What could this mean?

  124. Evan dubbs

    Hi I have been in track for two weeks now and I somehow hurt both ankles last week this whole week I have not been even able to jog I’ve tried to put ice on both of them and stretch them out but nothing has worked. What am I doing wrong? What can i do for it to heal very quickly?

  125. Pooja


    I had an inversion ankle sprain on 3rd Dec and after X-ray my doctor confirmed that there is nothing serious(no bone fracture). I was following Rice for initial 2 weeks along with Ibuprofen as well. And, I also used to regularly wear a double-strap ankle until at least 3 weeks and after that I started taking it off occasionally to try to walk without it. I am now able to walk fine and don’t have much pain while walking. I try to rotate my ankle sometimes to avoid stiffness(which is usually early morning). I think I can rotate my ankle in clock-wise and anti-clockwise directions without much pain. But as I try to stretch it to 180 degree (which I believe was actually the direction of sprain) or inwards, it hurts and is painful. I am not sure if this is normal or not since I am in my 7th week now? How many weeks otherwise does it take to be able to rotate/stretch an inversion sprained ankle? There is definitely a bit of swelling, but that remains always. I try to put some ice pack n the morning and night.
    Do you think I should re-visit the doctor about this pain while stretching?Or, do you recommend waiting for a couple of days/weeks with some exercise?

  126. Gary

    53 year old male. I banged the inside of my ankle 6 months ago on the sharp corner of a wooden foot board of a bed (just above and forward to the medial malleolus, I think I have that right. The ankle bone that sticks out a little on the inside of the ankle). I was jumping onto the bed sideways and didn’t realize the foot board was there. Ouch! Quite painful when I did it of course but no swelling, just felt like a small painful bruise at the point of impact. I never went to see a doctor because I was on vacation and could walk fine, it wasn’t excruciating pain and I figured it would just heal up like any other bruise I have had in my life. At the time of the injury I experienced minor pain walking and going up stairs, and most painful going down a flight of stairs (that flexing of the foot straining to support my weight).
    Well, it’s been 6 months. Walking is now usually mostly pain free except sometimes a minor twinge and the ankle can get achy for a while after long distance walking like a mile or more. Most noticeably though, I still have that painful pull on the side of my ankle going down stairs or if I try to jog or run. I am really surprised to still have any pain after 6 months. This injury wasn’t a bad sprain like many of the people posting here had. I feel bad even posting this. What would be the best therapy at this point to get rid of the residual pain? I stretch it daily and I seem to have full range of motion but it still has that pulling pain every day. Not sure if there is anything else that I should be doing to get it back to 100% pain free. Should I try jogging and see if the pain goes away, calf raises, Bengay?
    P.S. I broke my big toe on the same foot about 14 months ago, the first broken bone I have ever had. Almost no pain left from the toe break, just the ankle pain at this point.

  127. Jane

    I sprained my ankle on January 14th. I was going down some stairs and talking at the same time. I thought I was done but had one more step and I fell and landed on my ankle. I went to the ER and they told me I had a tare on my ligament. I am not sure if I completely tore it because they didn’t specify. Its been two weeks and I still cannot see my ankle bone. My toes have started bruising and I have a big bruise on the outside of my ankle. I have some swelling on my toes and my actual foot. I am still unable to walk and cannot feel my foot at times. Is this normal? Should I be worried?

  128. Agnes

    Hi, I sprained my ankle 2 months ago, orthopedic doctor said it’s a bad ankle sprain inside and outside.. My foot was swollen really bad for more then a month.. I was given air boot , now is a second month and it looks much better, I’m trying to walk, but it still hurts.. ankle and bottom of my foot, my whole foot has much darker color then the other one.. Last time I went to orthopedic doctor, he touched my food, said that ankle healed, but it hurts because My foot is stiff.. But is it normal that I still can’t walk normal, and with no pain? Could I messed it up more by not exercising and stretching enough?

  129. Destiney

    Rolled my ankle january 7th at work after i stepped on a toy. Swelling and pain severe that i could not walk but xray revealed no fractures. Ankle was wrapped in ace bandage with no further instructions or items to help and was told to go to work on monday the following week. Still slight swelling at night with a burning and prickling sensation. Foot hurts when i step down from a step or anything that cause the foot to bend, is that normal?

  130. Asher

    Hi, thanks for all your responses. I twisted my ankle about 2 months ago and it is just as sore as it was a month ago. There seems to be pain in several places around the joint, I guess not surprisingly right in the joint when I bend my foot up or down. If I bend it thus stepping on a bump in the road it can cause shooting fiery pains. It is hard to for me to see a doctor now. Can you give me an idea how long before I heal? What my diagnosis may be? Whether I need to see a doctor?

  131. Arman Green

    I had ankle sprain about 5 days playing football with friends and I noticed a discoloration line underneath my sprained ankle. I can walk fine but I know the ankle is very tinder as well. Should I be concerned that it’s worse than a sprained ankle?

  132. c evans

    Hi. I sprained my ankle over 2 weeks ago. I slipped on ice wearing snow ankle boots. My leg/knee bent out and my ankle in; horrendous cracking noise. I hobbled to a dr who wrapped it and I used RICE for 2 days but then went back to work. The dr checked it 3 days after that and was concerned it was still swollen so bandaged it again. Now, there is no pain but I can’t walk downstairs properly? Also, the whole foot swells more than it did previously. I have read previous comments and couldn’t see one similar! Thanks

  133. Justine

    Hi, so I have sprained my ankle before, so when I twisted it last August and it swelled, bruised and hurt to walk on, I thought “Oh well” and waited for it to heal. I’m a little more worried now. The right ankle is still dis-colored on the inside and walking on my heel still hurts after six months. Did I break it? I’ve only ever broken fingers, so I’ve never gone to a doctor for a broken bone, how would I figure it out now that it has been so long?

  134. Donna

    My daughter sprained her ankle playing basketball 4 days ago. She only had very slight bruising and could bear weight the very next day. She still has some swelling, but insists that she has no pain. She is working with a trainer at her school – 2 days of rehab with him, icing, elevation, wrapping, and exercises at home for 2 days. He originally graded her sprain as a grade 2+. He feels like she is ready to play in a basketball game tomorrow night, but I’m nervous about it not being fully healed – it is still somewhat sollen. Looking for a second opinion – thanks!

  135. laura

    I first sprained my ankle in September . I sprained it by playing soccer . I took a week off. But when I had to practice again my ankle was still swollen and I still played . Ever since then my ankle would be swollen by the end of the day . Last week I sprained my ankle once again but the swelling remains the same ( also the pain ) please I need advice on how to heal quicker

    • laura

      also I try evalating in it and putting ice but it remains the same

  136. Rich

    I sprained my ankle initially playing soccer 7 moths ago, when I blocked a shot with the outside of my foot. The force was so great that it not only ripped two of the ligaments on the outside of my foot but also bruised the deltoid ligament. I was seein a reduction in pain and swelling after 5 weeks but then unfortunately restrained it my missing a step and unexpedtedly transferring my weight onto it. Since then I had Mri scan and physiotherapy. However 7 months on and I still have pain when walking a bit and my ankle is always swollen a fair bit. when can I expect the pain and swelling to go?

  137. Peyton

    Hi, so I had sprained my ankle for the first time back in october, rolled it at the end of November, then I rolled it, apmaybe sprained it two days after new years, It had hurt only a little. It’s February now, and there is still a bit of swelling. Is this bad?

  138. Kelly

    Hello! I tore a ligament in my ankle in the begginning of November and didn’t realize it until I went to my podiatrist in the middle of Decemeber! I have worn the boot for 5/6 weeks and finally took it off. I have been walking on it a lot because I am at school, but there is sometimes a pain when I walk without a regular shoe on it, and also there is still dwelling but no bruising! Should I be worried?

  139. Devin

    About 2 months ago I was skating down a stairset and missed my board and came down on my ankle and heard it pop and couldn’t walk for a few weeks but the weird thing was it wasn’t swollen or bruised at all. It looked unphased and normal but definatly not good it’s been better these past couple of months but it’s still not completely better after a couple of months now. I can flick my foot without it hurting but I can ride around and pump transition fine. So what’s going on with it? What should I do? Is this normal? I need help it’s really annoying not being able to have full range of motion and strength

  140. nequa

    I sprained my wrist a couple of weeks ago at work due to a fall. I now have a lump on my wrist above my thumb that’s sore

  141. Andrew

    I rolled my ankle in a pothole 6 days ago and went to urgent care. They put me in a stirrup ankle brace, and I am off of it on crutches for 3 weeks. I have instability in the ankle and can’t walk on it yet. Any tips on how long recovery may be and when i should start doing stretches?

  142. Eve Farren

    I twisted my ankle 3 months ago at the end of November. It seemed to be healing but then I went over on it again 2 weeks later. I had x-rays. They said it was sprained but not broken. By the beginning of January it was feeling much better and I didn’t need crutches anymore but then I crouched down to open the fridge and hurt it again – another x-ray but again, not fractured apparently. Since then, 6 weeks later there is no swelling but the pain is getting much worse and I am still on crutches. I saw the foot surgeon yesterday. He has referred me for an NHS MRI in 5 weeks and said to try to get off crutches in the meantime and work with a physiotherapist to strengthen my ankle. After looking at my 2 x-rays (1 taken mid Dec and 1 taken mid Jan) he said he could see a chip that was possibly a fracture but it looked old so he wasn’t sure. I am worried that the pain is increasing and concerned that I have to wait so long for an MRI. I keep being told to get off crutches but I find that it starts to hurt massively when I do. I am not sure if this pain is because my muscles are weak or because I am doing more damage to my ligaments. When I rest my foot the pain goes away after about 4 days. When I start to walk on it again it is bad. I am only seeing the physio in a week. What should I do in the meantime? Any advice you can give would be much appreciated!

  143. Rachel

    I sprain my left ankle last December 4 of 2015 from jumping on the trampoline I wasn’t sure how i landed. My whole foot/leg was swollen. I was takin to the walk in clinic and given a walking boot. It is now 12 weeks and still not fully recover. Still have some swollen around my ankle and still cant put a lot of weight on it. Ct scan and xray showed no fractures. But i do have a sensitive spot on the inside part of my heel and that sometimes hinder me from walking. There are days that the pain goes up to my knee. My ortho doesn’t seem very concern. What should i do?

  144. Esmeralda

    Hi. First off, Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s! Looks like I’m the first 2016 victim. 🙂

    On January 16, I fell off a foot high platform and landed on my right ankle. Went to the ER, got an X-ray, doc confirmed that it was just a sprain and gave me anti-swelling and pain meds for three days. Four days after the accident, I was already up and about (on crutches) and went to rehearsals pretty regularly. A week from the accident, I was already doing dance rehearsals. I was careful not to put too much pressure on my right ankle since I still got random stinging pains so I modified my choreography a bit. Anyway, suffice it to say, I didn’t really give my ankle time to completely heal.

    Feb 3, the day before opening night, I finally practiced a stunt where I slide down a 10-foot pole. I was successful at it that afternoon. However, during run through that evening, with all the adrenaline kicking in, the stunt didn’t go too well for me. Yes, I landed on both feet, but my still-healing right ankle couldn’t take the impact, so down I went.

    Thankfully, doc confirmed that it was still a sprain but ordered me to abstain from the stage for two weeks minimum. 🙁

    It’ll be two weeks in a few days and I’m due to be back on stage by then. I’ve been walking okay-ish for three now and their scrapping the sliding-down-pole stunt when it’s my show, so I’m confident I’ll be up for it. However, since I started walking three days ago, I’ve been having these sporadic painful spasms along my calf, and it’s worrying me. How do I stop them? I just don’t want to be caught unprepared for an attack in the middle of a show. 🙁

    I’d be really grateful for any help you can give me. I don’t have insurance and I’m taking this ‘struggling artist’ bit to the letter so I really can’t afford to be going to doctors to have myself checked.


  145. Janet

    I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago playing soccer. I heard a pop and had some initial pain. Two of my teammates helped me off the field but I could put some weight on it. It started to swell up right away. I iced it during the game and after the game went home to elevate and rest it. The swelling on the outside of my ankle was huge and looked like a tumor sized lump. I had some pain, but it wasn’t excruciating. I showed a couple of my friends, who are in the medical field, a picture of my foot and they said I should take it in to be looked at it right away and get X-rays because of how deformed it looked. That didn’t seem necessary to me but a friend convinced me to go to urgent care, so I got X-rays done and they told me it was a partial sprain. They wrapped it up in an ace bandage and gave me an aircast to wear. They also told me I should probably be on crutches 3-5 days. I ended up using them for about a day or so. I tried walking on it without them and didn’t really feel any pain so stopped using them. The next couple of days I noticed the swelling wasn’t going down much so I figured I’d try crutches for a couple more days to see if the swelling would go down (still not in much pain at this point). It did seem to help a little bit, so I stopped using them.

    Now 2 weeks later, I’m still in the cast with no pain when I’m walking. The swelling has definitely gone down considerably, still very bruised but the bones seem to still be out of place and very deformed looking; which is a little concerning to me. Some of my friends have said this is the worst sprain they have ever seen and have suggested I go have it looked again by an orthopedic. But since I currently don’t have insurance and I am not in any real pain I don’t know if it’s necessary. The only time it does seem to hurt a little is When I move my foot side to side. It’s definitely not able to move in its full range of motion yet. So my questions are: 1) how long should I be wearing the wrap and cast for? 2) when can I start playing soccer again? 3) should I get my ankle looked at again because of how deformed it looks?

  146. Caitlyn

    I sprained my ankle 2 days ago playing volleyball and I’m pretty sure it is a grade 2 sprain. I heard a pop when it happened. i iced it immediately. it was about 1 1/2 hours before it swelled up to the size of a baseball, and about 30-45 mins before I got to get it checked. I was given an aircast just for the ankle and crutches. when should I be able to walk without crutches? Also, when should I be able to return to volleyball? I have a tournament in a month so I want to be able to play in it. I am definitely getting active ankles to keep from rolling either ankle again.

  147. Martha

    Hi I had a “questionable” fracture on right foot. I actually sprained both feet, but right foot has hurt more. I’m concerned because it’s been 2.5 weeks and I’m barely able to move around a few steps at home. If I put any weight on my right foot the pain shoots up on the inside of my ankle almost to my knee and it will stay hurting for hours. Is this normal?

  148. anonymous

    I have an ankle sprain a couple days ago.I can walk without any pain but swelling is still present.Am i on the right path or did i aggravate my injury?

  149. Robert

    Hi, I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago and the swelling has gone down.. But now there’s a red area on my foot and each time I stand up (not with sprained foot) I start feeling this sharp pain around that area. It only goes away when I elevate my foot. Is this normal?

  150. Daniel

    I sprained my ankle around 3 weeks ago and it has significantly gotten better but I still get some vey sharp pain on the outside of my foot by the heel.( it was a high ankle sprain)

  151. Kirsty

    With me I can’t walk on it at all, the ankle is freezing (rest of body is warm) and my parents just think it’s nothing

    • Jenn Martin

      If you cannot walk, you need medical attention!!

  152. Melissa

    Hi, great advice on here. I would be grateful for your advice. I had ligament reconstruction on my ankle 2 years ago. Chrisman Snook. Fell down the stairs and this ankle took all the weight. Had an X-ray, no break or fracture but I am worried about having damaged this prior repair. It was really swollen instantly and I couldn’t weight bear at all? Their concern was if it was broken, they didn’t give me any advice on what to do, what not to do. The bad news is I am 4 weeks post op on Knee surgery on my other leg.

  153. Mel

    I sprained my ankle badly 10 weeks ago playing badminton. I ran from the back of the court to a shot at the front and whilst hitting it with all my body weight forwards it went over. I had an x-ray the next morning and no breaks or fractures which they said was very lucky.
    The bruising has finally gone but still swollen and hurts. I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist for a month. She said they took me off the crutches too early. I didn’t even have them for a week. Went back to the hospital after a week as struggling to walk without limping and pain. They said just continue to move the foot up and down and round and round and try not to limp. It’s still painful and cannot walk far. My main concern is that my foot will not pull back effectively or down. Physio said the joint is blocked on the inside of the ankle but not sure why without an MRI scan. Do you have any ideas what this could be or if I can do anything to help this? Would really appreciate some advice

  154. Geoff

    Hi doc thanks for all your help! I sprained my ankle about a month ago. I don’t think it was a high sprain but I think I sprained the two lower ligaments. Severe swelling and bruising. I’m still in a boot but not using the crutches as much. I have a wedding in a month! Any tips to get me ready for the big day?? I’ve been using an ice bath twice a day on it.

    I made the mistake of walking around extensively this past Saturday with no crutches and had a lot of swelling that night and the next day. Any help is appreciated.

  155. Allison

    About 9 or so years ago, I had slipped and fell on a hill full of ice. When I landed at the bottom of the hill, I landed on my ankle forming a sprain. I’ve had several fits over the years with that ankle, but here recently it’s gotten a lot worse. I had only gave myself one day to recover, I had iced my ankle continuously all day along with having it elevated and stayed off of it as much as possible. It’s getting to the point now where it’s all I can do to walk on it.
    My ankle will make a popping noise if I swivel it in a 360 motion. When I’m walking I also find myself nearly tripping and falling because my ankle will give out on me at random moments and I’ll end up standing on one foot flat on the floor, and one foot being bent sideways.

  156. Mia smith

    I hurt my ankle at Basketball practice last week and it still hurts and the swelling is bad plus I have to walk flat footed and I still can’t run

  157. lyra

    Hi I have always had bad ankles. Abput a year ago I just had ankle surgery to repair two ruptured ligaments. The problem is recently I twisted the same ankle. I’m worried that I’ve unravelled what the doctor fixed…

  158. John Paul

    I rolled my ankle playing basketball and heard a loud pop. I got an X-ray and it was ruled a sprain. They gave me crutches and a cast but I was an idiot and didn’t use neither for a week but it got worse so now I’ve been using both. I can walk on it but it’s a little painful. How long do u think till I can play basketball again and do u think I did any extra damage from not treating it for the first week? Thanks.

  159. Matthew Rose

    I have moderate ankle sprain. I sprained it 4 weeks ago and have been wearing a boot for 2.5 weeks. I can walk on the ankle with little pain. There is only pain present with twisting motions and sleeping on my side. Can I take the boot off? I am going to visit a physical therapist. MY doctor gave me conflicting signs saying I could take it off but i should wear it. Thanks

  160. Oz


    I sprained my ankle in august and was unable to put any weight on my foot for about 10 days. The swelling was on the inside of my left ankle and the bruising spread from the top of my foot, to my ankle and above it. I had an xray done at the time but there were no fractures. I didnt have a cast but I was on crutches. It is now february and my ankle is still swollen, there is still mild bruising and it hurts to touch the area. It does not affect my walking in any way but the swelling gets worse after a long day of walking or wearing heels. Its been 5 months now so I don’t really know what to do or whether I should be worried or not!

  161. Megan Rae

    I hurt my ankle pretty bad about a year ago, went to the doctor and he just looked at it and said it was a bad sprain. I used the rice method and wore a brace during physical activity like he told me to. it’s almost a year later and still stays pretty swollen, and hurts, plus there’s an extra bump above my ankle bone that kinda looks like I have two ankle bones there.. what should I do?

  162. Dave


    I sprained my ankle (up to 90% on ATFL) almost 3 months ago.
    The bruising and swelling was pretty bad for probably 4 weeks — All the way down to my toes, and part way up my calf even.
    Now, it has taken me about 4 weeks of physical therapy to get my knee where it can touch the wall if my toes are touching the wall (dorsiflexion).
    I’m still having a bit of trouble with calf strength, probably because of the lack of dorsiflexion really made it tough to work that calf when just walking (I still don’t push off fully with that foot when I walk).
    I’ve noticed that my (previously injured) leg below my calf will be a bit more reddish (no swelling) than the other. If I elevate my legs for maybe 2 minutes and do ankle circles and back/forths, the redness does go away. There is some cramping in the calf the day after I do a lot of calf raises especially on a step where I get that BIG stretch at the bottom of the movement.
    My concern is a blood clot — I ended up going to the ER and they did an ultra sound about 2 weeks ago and everything was fine. I think this fear is holding me back from pushing myself. Any time I feel pain in my calf (probably like a 1-2 out of 10) I stiffen up and start limping again due to fear…and I feel like maybe that muscle tightens up again some. On the side I hurt my ankle, the calf muscle is noticeably smaller than the other due to muscle loss.

    Please let me know if this sounds normal or what I should do. Also, sometimes the skin on my (previously injured) leg on the calf is colder to the touch than my other leg — although I think my hands may do this too — I’ve never paid attention before. Thanks!

  163. mustafa

    My leg had sprain and i put ice then I started playing again and it twist again so i stopped playing and its already

  164. Crystal

    I sprained my ankle on Dec. 26. The doctor said it was a very minor sprain. I was biking after two weeks and running after 3. I was getting better pretty quickly and didn’t feel any pain unless I tried to point my toes. Recently, my ankle has just been a little stiff in the morning and starts to ache after waking for awhile. It doesn’t hurt on runs but will ache later in the day. Why would these aches come back after I was doing so well for 2 months? What should I do?

  165. Thishurts

    I think I sprained my ankle heard a popping sound. Right side of my foot is swollen but it feels like it is pulling on my left side on the bottom of my foot. I can walk just slow and limping. Is this a sprain or fracture?

  166. amanda charon

    Hi I sprained my ankle almost two weeks ago , the swelling went down a lot and showed some little bruising after 4 days after I sprain my ankle.but yesterday I went to the beach and to walk about 5 mins to get something to eat . On my way back to the car I started getting light headed and it felt like I was going to pass out my ears started ringing and my body felt weird . I sat in the car and looked at my ankle and it was so swollen again I put it in a ankle wrap when I got home after a hot bath , this evening I took off the ankle wrap and there is no more swelling but now my whole right side of my foot is more bruised and it didn’t look like this yesterday. Should I be worried ! I’m also 5 months pregnant to .

  167. Jordan

    So I landed on my left foot at a trampoline park and felt a severe pop and terrible pain. It went away within an hour and I was able to limp on it. After two days I can bear complete weight on it and there is no pain unless I touch the outside or twist it. I know that a pop sound means at least a partial tear. I still have swelling and bruising but no pain. I read that a complete tear will result in less pain than a partial tear so I am afraid that I have the former. If I went off of how I feel, I wouldn’t think I need to see a doctor. But that popping feeling and the bruising is haunting me. Should I go see a doctor?

  168. Sinéad

    5 months ago I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle and I was on crutches for 7 weeks, went back to the doctor and they prescribed me with Naproxen to help with the pain ,3 months after I injured my foot a fluid patch at the back of my ankle appeared on my foot aswell as the continued sweeping of my ankle and now at 5 months in I still can’t walk on it properly most days and I can’t move my ankle in a circular motion? Should I be concerned?

  169. lashawnda faulkner

    I sprained my ankle a year ago and I still have shooting pains while walking in normal flat tennis shoes. I can’t walk in heels period, no matter the style or height. I fall from time to time while walking and I am at a lost as to what to do next. Please help me because this shouldn’t be hurting like this with the same intensity as day one of the injury.

  170. Nai

    Hi!!! last year, i hurt myself by falling from the monkey bars. It hurts so bad, and i cant spin the foot but the other foot you can spin it. Now, i can spin it but whenever i spin it, it made noises! i dont know how but theres 2 ankles in my foot now!!! HELPP MEE
    thanks 🙂

  171. Sylvia d'Entremont

    I fell and sprained my ankle about a year ago. It turned blue and then really dark everywhere except the middle of the bottom of the foot. It has been x-rayed numerous times and they can’t find much of anything. So I just live with it. It hurts every day but not like it hurt for the first 6 months.

  172. Barbara Kenn dy

    I sprained my ankle three weeks ago. I am now walking without crutches but my leftleg calf muscles are very, very sore. Why would this be? what can I do.

  173. Barbara Kennedy

    After walking on crutches for three weeks, my left leg muscles are very pained.
    I sprained ankle badly three weeks ago, swelling going down, can bear weight on ankle. Am concerned about calf.

  174. Kelly

    I fell and twisted my foot at the end of November and of course it was bruised and swollen. The top of my foot had a bruised lump but after elevating and icing for a few days things got better. My foot looked completely normal after about 3 weeks but whenever I bend my foot a certain way I will feel a little soreness in that spot where the lump was. A couple weeks ago my toes started swelling up, my big one being the worst. I went to the doctor and she thought maybe an infection but all labs were normal. Is it normal to have toe swelling, it’s been 3 months?

  175. Phillip

    Hi. I just sprained my ankle 3 days ago and were moving and my dads getting mad for not helping, I used crutches the first day and then started putting little pressure the next day and today I am trying
    To walk normally but when I walk my heel and the left side of my left foot hurts, what do I do.

  176. Jasmine

    I’m using to spraining my right ankle but 6 months ago I severely sprained my ankle and was in a boot for 6 to 8 weeks. I still have swelling after 6 months. I can’t bend my right foot down at all. I just recently started back working out. Every time I try to walk a mile. I get this sharp pain in my ankle that shoots a throbbing pain up to my hip.

  177. Jenn Martin

    I’m very worried, and wondering how to proceed! I sprained my ankle VERY badly (I was running downhill at 7.5 miles/hr) in NOVEMBER. It was very painful/bruised afterward, and even went almost black, but I was able to put weight on it, and so I followed the RICE protocol and quit running.

    NOW it’s March (a full 4 months later) and I am STILL seeing swelling, as well as some deep pain on the inside (not outside, where I sprained it) of the ankle. My doctor just advised me to keep wrapping it, but I mean…4 months? I would like to run again someday, and had been training for an event when this happened! Is there a type of specialist I should see? Do I really just keep waiting this out? I THANK YOU for any advice you can offer!

  178. diamond

    Hello. I slipped and fell on ice January 28th. To make a really long story short I was in a cast for 4 weeks and have been in a cast for the last 3 weeks. I still can’t bear any weight on my ankle and my ankle has been sweeling so badly. When i fell i heard a crack/pop sound. So at the time of my injury for about 10 minutes i was have extreme pain then the pain went to almost nonexistent but I could not move my ankle. But the time I got to the hospital and seen by a rn, about 30 after the fall, my ankle was so swollen he struggled to get my ugg boot off because my ankle had swollen so badly and the pain was back to like a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10. I had 2 sets of x rays about 2 weeks apart and had no breaks. I have a known osteochondritis dissecans lesion on my talus. What should I do? I’m in a cast miserable and my ankle keeps swelling like crazy and I’m still having intense pain.

  179. Christina

    To Kristy: hope your ankle is better now & sorry your folks aren’t listening…màybe go to the school nurse?
    Dear Dr:
    It would seem that I sprained my ankle about 5-6 weeks ago, and went to see the Dr 3 weeks ago and had an x-ray, which revealed a lesion. Had an MRI 5 days ago, waiting to hear back. It’s my inner ankle that really hurts – so much so that the pain broke through the narcotics I had been taking after my 4 corner wrist fusion surgery 4 weeks ago. Am way overdue in having my knees replaced – they’re bone on bone, and the meds blocked this pain as well as post op wrist surgery pain, but ankle has been almost unwalkable & very, very painful. Do you think I should use crutches til I hear about my MRI results? I realize it may take a week to receive a reply, but may be quicker than from DR’s office. Thanks!

  180. madison

    hi, i sprained my ankle a little over two days ago and it’s not too bad to bear weight on at all but my ankle has swollen almost to my toes and up above my ankle. it isn’t severely swollen, but it does cover all that area. i have good range of motion except for flexing my foot. i can’t really flex it at all which makes it difficult to walk obviously. is this just the kind of sprain i got and i just need to rest it a few more days? or could it be something more serious. Also the bruising on my foot only has coloration above my ankle, the rest is just swollen with not much color.

  181. Bea

    Dear Dr Page, thank you for this website. I am confused about the conflicting information on whether to ice or not ice sprained ankles. What is the best method of recovery?
    Thank you.

  182. Heather

    Hi, I am 58, I sprained my ankle 5 months ago and still it is giving me pain and I am limping. All the swelling ang bruising have gone biut its still very weak and painful! Is this normal?

  183. Ana

    So I was playing hockey and started feeling a pull on the front of my ankle. I tried to ignore it and it just got worst. Onec I took of my skates I was able to walk on it again but putting direct pressure hurts. What should I do to make it go away faster? And can I still run even tho it hurts to touch it?

  184. Sarah Lee

    I was walking down some steps leading to my home, and I didn’t step down onto the next steps making my ankle twist and making me fall. I walked on it for about 2 hours with manageable pain but now it hurts to even stand on it. I have to crawl around my home. It’s not swollen, but I feel much pain in the front of my foot, back of my ankle and right side. I took an aspirin hoping that would make the pain stop. No luck yet. What should I do next?

  185. Brandee

    Hi, my boyfriend sprained his ankle in early January. He’s been to the doctor to have it x-rayed but it’s still fat and it hurts him often still. What should he do?

  186. Lauren

    I hurt my ankle in gymnastics 3 days ago. There is still pain when I walk but there is no swelling. I don’t know if I should go to the doctor or just treat it myself? I have tried to use an ankle brace but that is not helping. Also, I don’t know if I should put a lot of pressure on it?

  187. Amreen

    Hi there! Thanks for the article … As someone who started sports at the age of 35 and never been injured before it’s a great help! I think I sprained my ankle last night tring to do a front flip I landed on the front of my foot … Ouch … There is minimal swelling and bruising but it hurts to much to out weight on it too walk hopping around has been quite interesting 😉 … Is rice enough or should I go to the doctor?! Thanks in advance!

  188. Jackie Oliver

    I totally agree with you when you said it’s best to prevent the injury in the first place! My son plays soccer, and is always out kicking the ball around. I can’t count how many times he has twisted his ankle, or pulled a muscle, and who knows what else. I’m going to talk to him about stretching before he plays. I think that would really help him get injured less often.

  189. Marvin Lopez

    6 Months ago I sprained my ankle, but the doctors said I had no fracture and that I didn’t need therapy. I decided to rest for 6 months because I felt my ankle weak. Just today I sprained it again (inversion). When I point my toes up it hurts and when I bend my ankle inward too. What should I do?

  190. adel

    On octcber 15 2015 i was running through the yard and stepped on a hidden brick and went down went to the hospital had x-rays and they said it was spraind. it eas swollen to like 5 times the normal size and about 75% of my foot and ankle was bruised. i did what they told me to do ice it and elevate it and keep it rapped. on march 3 2016 i talked to my doctor because it still had swelling and still hurt about a 1-2 she said thats its normal. it has now been 6 months sence i first injured my ankle and it still has swelling and pain. is this normal or should i contact a foot spicialist? thank you.

  191. Brianna

    I sprained my ankle 3 months ago and at the time it hurt but I was still able to walk on it. Now it continues to swell and has even become swollen on the inside towards the bottom of my foot. It only hurts every now and then. Is the swelling normal? Should I see a doctor?

  192. Deanna

    Hi, I had an avulsion fracture in my talus and navicular bones as well as a sprain about a week ago. Just curious about bruising patterns. I have the typical bruising along the inner and outer edge of my foot but I also have these new bruises on the top of my toes. (A good bit of swelling right there too). Is that pattern on the toes pretty typical of the fracture?

  193. Cheri

    I injured my ankle sliding into a base. after 4 days it is still really swollen, but not really painful. Other than the initial contact and swelling up immediately it hasn’t been really painful. I have as much motion as I can with it being swollen and at this point it seems to be only symptom I have and my only limitation. It looks bad and blood has settled into the base of my foot. However, I have not had time to really “babysit” it (RICE). Still just a sprain?

  194. Essam

    About 5 weeks ago I sprained my ankle when going down the stairs at work, I heard popping sound and severe pain which was gone a while later. I did some first aid with ice patches and elevated the ankle for some time . The issue that I didnt take much rest the other couple of days I walked alot even though there was swelling but the pain was so slight. Till now the ankle is swollen and twisted the ankle is painful. I did use some ankle supports recommened by the doctor. What is worrying me is it taking more that normal ? Is there a risk of a chronic issue ? Thanks alot

  195. Mikemur

    I sprained my ankle around 3 weeks ago. The pain was bearable. I could walk on it if it was not swollen. i have put ice only first 2 days. It is much better now, but when I walk, It fills like my heel is I a little bit shifted to outside. It is pressing my shoo. The walking is uncomfortable. My ankle is still a little swollen. Should I wait more or should I see a doctor?

  196. Matt Hayes

    I “sprained “my ankle a couple weeks ago the doctor said it was strained and slightly torn ligaments. The pain goes all the way to my knee . i have consistently rolled it aince then its like my ankle is made of butter and the pain shoots right up to my knee again and it gets extremely warm. Is this a common thing cause i feel like ive been walking around with a broken ankle instead.

  197. Bridgette

    I sprained my foot 2,weeks ago. I was not able to put any weight on my foot the next day so I went the dr and they determined I sprained my foot. They said it would take 4 weeks to heal. I am able to put weight on my foot now but people are telling me to stay off of it because I could be doing more damage. Should I still be using crutches or continue use of my foot? When should I’ve able to put a shoe in?

  198. trixie

    had twisted my ankle inward last November and was diagnosed to have a grade 3 sprain. had 6 sessions of therapy last December and went well. come February, everything went back…the pain, swelling and as days passed by, it got worst. had seen my ortho and was again advised to take another 6 sessions of therapy. the pt did not help as I felt more pain. I again went to see my doctor and was recommended to undergo an mri.mri showed as per the doctor no significant signs of injury. what caused the pain and swelling then? how will I get rid of it?

  199. AG

    I was told I have a high ankle sprain from an athletic trainer… Sprained it playing basketball it just happened yesterday but I have to work tomorrow and I walk around for a twelve hour shift… Will I need to take days off of work I can’t put full pressure on it but need to know if this will do more harm then good during healing process…

  200. Florence L. Kwok

    I sprained my ankle a few days ago during PE for Volleyball. I continued playing (jumping, running, walking) and continued school for the rest of the day (11am-3pm), afterwards I chased after a bus, walked many stairs, etc. when walking on it, it doesn’t hurt but it is just swollen. The next day, I taught my friend how to ride a bike and I also rode on it, doesn’t hurt; just swollen. So… What do I do? I only placed ice on it once and yeah..

  201. Rachel

    On Easter Sunday, I fell in a hole outside playing with my dog and twisted my ankle real hard and heard a pop. The pain was excruciating and I knew I had done something bad. It starting swelling immediately and was almost the size of a tennis ball. I’ve never sprained anything or broken anything so I wasn’t sure what to eliminate. I went to an orthopedic doctor the next day and he made me get an x-Ray and eliminated any fractures. He concluded that I had a severe ankle sprain: stretching of the ligaments in my foot (thank god no tears). He put me in a cast for a week, then put me in a walking boot for another 2 weeks. Within 2-2 and a 1/2 weeks, I was able to walk pretty well and the more I walked the better the pain and swelling got. 2 weeks ago he put me in a small air cast/brace and said to wear it for a month to 6 weeks and pretty much told me he didn’t have to see me again. He said to start physical therapy, but I don’t have insurance and was in college far away at the time so I didn’t do that. I have been doing exercises at home though. Now, I can walk without any pain. It’s stiff when I get up in the morning but that’s it. It’s still swollen though, just a small lump on the outside of my left foot, kinda on the top of my foot (I think I have a high ankle sprain). All the bruising is gone. But, it seems like the healing process is kind of halted. The swelling hasn’t really gone down any from that lump, maybe a tiny bit. And I cannot really run at all. Which sucks because I’m a runner. I’ve accidentally ran not thinking like twice and it hurt pretty bad. Not just terrible, but enough to not make me want to do it again. I feel like I’ve kind of been the same for like a week/week and half now… Idk I may just be not noticing the healing, but I’m just wondering if there’s something wrong or something I’m not doing. I hope I’m not like this for the rest of my life…..

  202. Shay

    I sprained my ankle about two weeks ago (I wasn’t told what degree). I couldn’t walk and now two weeks later I still can’t walk! When I try to walk I feel sharp pain and my ankle feels wobbly. What should I do?

  203. Saima

    I missed a few steps and landed badly on my ankle. Severe swelling in the ankle and then the next day on the top of my foot and toes. Had an X Ray and it ruled out fracture. It has been 3 weeks on crutches and yesterday I tried to walk. I can’t put weight on my foot fully, and although my ankle feels tight the main pain is in the middle part of my foot. Is it ok to not to be fully walking after 3 weeks? The pain has gone down, but I am concerned I still can’t really put my foot flat without it hurting.

  204. Halie

    About 5 weeks ago, I sprained my ankle inward while just normally walking. It was significantly swollen and bruised, but I could limp on it pretty well and after about a week could walk normally. There was still pain but it was manageable. the bruising went away and all the swelling went down. I thought I was fine, besides random pains and just general pain whenever my foot would make that same inward movement, or when I sat criss cross apple sauce. Two more weeks passed and I still felt fine aside from the small pains.
    The reason I am concerned now, is that it the pain went from being minimal last week, to increasing worse the past few days. The swelling has gone from basically zero to nearly the same size as when it was injured and it doesn’t really go away. I also noticed that some discoloration has come back and is surrounding the lower part of the outside bone, which wasn’t present before a few days ago. In addition, it makes a popping noise EVERYTIME I take a step. so I now have to walk kind of flat footed or else it will keep popping. there is general swelling around the ankle and foot area, but there is a significant amount in front and below the outer bone. This specific swollen region, in addition to being touch sensitive, feels very unusual compared to normal swelling and how it swelled when originally injured. It’s like I can feel something, maybe the inflamed tendon, right in front/below the bone.
    I don’t think I’ve really done anything to specific to cause a reinjury. I thought I was fine and in the last few days the minor pains have just gradually gotten worse and is now painful to walk on again. I thought it would go away on its own like it did when originally injured, but it’s only progressed. Should I go see my doctor, or continue to wait it out?

  205. Samantha C.

    ive had a sprain for over a month and its getting better, but i have one concern the swelling around my ankle is soft like jelly instead of being tough and i didnt know if that was normal or should i be concerned.

  206. Jennifer Ashfield

    My doctor said my ankle was sprained and its been two days on crutches and i can kinda walk on it, but i cant move it backwards i try really hard but my ankle wont do it it feels jammed but i dont know what it is. I cant walk normally because my foot wont move forward onto it i dont know whats going on with it

  207. Sierra

    So yesterday at soccer I was just normally walking and sometimes I just roll my ankle so it was no big deal right? Well right after that happened there was a huge pop. I immediately fell to the ground, I got off the field and everything but i couldn’t walk and i still can’t. I know a pop normally means a torn ligament and I know its only been 2 days but I still can’t walk and I have school today and in school comes along gym. The thing about it is that the pain hasn’t gone down, if anyone or anything touches it slightly it hurts so bad to the point I cry.

  208. Steve b

    I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago by rolling my foot inward on the edge of a platform. After 2 weeks I was ok to be off of crutches and returned to full work activities, which I walk on average 10 miles a day. By day 3 of full activities my leg was swollen, red and tender to the touch. I have pain going up the side of my foot and up the back of my leg to just below my knee. I got checked for a blood clot and came back negative. What else could be wrong? The pain is worse than the original time of injury.

  209. Tracy

    I rolled my ankle while wearing heels and no immediate pain or swelling; however, three days later, my ankle and top of foot was very swollen at the end of the day! I’m applying RICE therapy. Is delayed onset of swelling normal for an ankle sprain?

  210. Ruben

    Hi Dr. Page. Very well to meet you. I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago playing soccer. It was very swollen for the first week but it has been slowly healing although i really havent been taken care of it. In the beginning i took a lot of antiflamatories and ice and resting but i just stop. Is this bad? Its been 3 weeks and its still a bit swollen is this normal? I am dying to play although I believe i am not still 100% and I dont want to make it worse. Next week it will be a month, is this okay? Also, i am 31 years old and this is the first time I get injured.

  211. Michelle

    I rolled my ankle coming off a curb about three weeks ago. I was ok for a few days then recently it started hurting again. I take anti-inflammatory, try and RICE it and can go all day walking on it in cushioned sneakers for about an hour or two tops but then at night it starts to hurt again and/or I wake up in the middle of the night with pain. I am trying to make the walking as minimal as possible but Is this normal at three weeks to have this dull pain? At what point do I see a doctor. Thanks.

  212. George

    I have sprained my ankle rolling it inwards. Initially the pain was on the outside ankle and it was swollen and bruised. Now that the swelling and bruising has gone I am feeling pain only on the inside ankle going up above it. Not to sure why. Any one can help me out ?

  213. Brendan smith

    Hi I sprain my ankle about 8-10 weeks ago now playing basketball. I was a poor rehabber at the beginning and tried jump rope, running after about 1 week. Feel like it didn’t get any better. Spoke to several family medicine physicians, sports med, podiatrists, etc. I was also having a lot of popping with range of motion exercises. That has seemed to go away gradually the past 2 weeks. I am starting to play tennis again and when I plant my injured foot I feel pain and impingement on the anterolateral aspect so I feel very limited in my abilities to cut and run at full speed. I am continuing rehab banding exercises and ice and naproxen after activity. What should my expectations be at this point?

  214. Edwin Sallan

    I’m a type 2 diabetic and sprained my ankle a week ago. Is it normal for the swelling and the bruising to extend to my toes one week later? My orthopedic surgeon prescribed Nidolid topical cream for the swelling.

  215. Mel

    I didn’t stretch out before running a mile or so last week. I felt fine until the next day when I was walking a lot on uneven ground & started getting sharp pain up the outside of my ankle. It seemed to hurt more with walking but only a little running so I went ahead and ran in a 5k two days later and then went to a dance practice. I came down from a leap and my ankle wobbled & popped. It hurt but I finished the class. By the end, my ankle was popping a lot and feeling unstable. Throughout the day it hurt more & started to give out a couple times. I went to the Dr & they took x-rays but no fractures were found. She did some squeezing. And moving my ankle & told me I had a high ankle sprain. She told me to not bear weight on it for a few days then gradually work my way to full weight bearing. It’s been almost a week & I’m having trouble getting back to full weight. It still feels like it is going to give out if I put much weight on it for very long. The Ace wrap isn’t really supporting it enough to walk without the sharp pain and wobbly feeling. What can I do to get back to full weight and ditch the crutches.

  216. Julie

    I sprained my ankle when I fell over on the beach over two weeks ago. I was very swollen and bruised but got a little better with rest and gentle walking. Since starting to walk on it more it has become painful and swollen again. I can’t walk with much speed and it is still bruised. Is this normal

    Thank you

  217. Liz Moser

    Hi, I recently sprained my ankle pretty badly, landing wrong when jumping over a hurdle. I had xrays done and it’s not broken. Friends of mine have had similar experiences but their ankles throbbed throughout the healing process, whether on or off their foot. Mine doesn’t throb. It’s swollen, bruised, and stiff, but there is minimal pain. Does this mean the sprain is more minor or did I snap a nerve or something? Should I get an MRI?

  218. Jim

    Hello, I sprained my ankle about 4 days ago and was evaluated at the emergency room. They gave me an x-ray so I know there is no break. I was able to walk on it day 3 and currently I’m not taking anything for pain although there is still some present. My question is, I have a hiking trip planned for 4th of July (4 weeks away). Is it reasonable to think that I will recover to the point of being able to carry 40 lbs for 5 miles a day? I’m within the window of being able to cancel and receive a refund on my trip. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

  219. tirannah

    what does it mean when the ankle I didn’t sprain is swollen, slightly disfigured and hurts when I stand for long periods of time?

  220. Eljohn

    Why my sprain ankle is still swollen about 5 weeks?

  221. Barbara Meier

    I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago. Had X-ray to rule out fracture. Foot still extremely swollen and red and blue. I have pain especially when I change positions – fairly severe. I had a sonogram to rule out blood clot. What next?

  222. Leah

    Fell just over a week ago. Had swelling and bruising but now that I’ve gotten the swelling down it hurts more, is that normal? Been trying to stay off it on my days off but have been working and baring through the pain.

  223. Annie L

    I sprained my ankle about a month ago playing soccer by twisting it inward and then I re-injured it the same way a few days later. The swelling was significant for a few days after the second injury, but with treatment it went down within a week. Now, a month later, the size of my ankle still seems larger than normal & it gets sore after activity. Is this normal? Should I continue treatment?

  224. Jihan

    Hi doc!
    2 weeks ago, I twisted my ankle inward. The ankle was extremely swollen (and the whole foot swelled 2 days after the incident) and I couldn’t put any weight on it so i went to an urgent care. After the x-rays they said it was a severe sprain and that I should be getting back to normal in about 10 days.
    Now, the foot swelling went down (but not completely) and the ankle is still very swollen. It still hurts. When I put my foot flat on the floor I feel a throbbing pain on the ankle and a tingling sensation on the heel, therefore I still can’t put weight on it. The foot and lower leg are all sorts of colors, worse than when it happened. And I can move the ankle around a little more than when it happened but still extremely limited and very stiff.
    Is all this normal?

  225. Ashton Reyes

    so while i was playing basketball last february 2016 i got hit while i was on the air so i tried to keep my balance and ended up landing on my left heel badly and i cannot walk for a few days now its june and its mostly healed and i can already run and sprint right now but i can still feel an acute pain between the connection of the ankle and heel and when i play like 20 minutes the pain starts to get worse and i’m afraid that one day it might just give up and also the injured ankle (the left one) is a bit more tense than the right when i touch it any tips to make it better doctor?

  226. Sam

    I managed to sprain my right ankle (lateral) while bouldering two months ago. I couldn’t put any weight on it when it first happened and ended up on crutches for about a month, and also did the RICE routine the first few days.

    For the past few weeks I’ve been wrapping it and light walking on it . Nothing too strenuous. It’s still bruised up though and painful with every step. There has definitely been improvements throughout the last two months but I’m concerned that it’s still bruised and I can’t really do anything other than walk with a slight limp. It’s also tender to the touch in certain spots, and slight pain with extreme stretches.

    In terms of diagnostics, I initially did an X-ray nothing abnormal showed up, saw my doc last week, she said the bone may be chipped and did another round of X-rays still nothing abnormal. Just did an ultrasound today.

    I have some travels coming up and have been really itching to get back into sports and exercising but being as patient as possible. Should I be concerned that it’s something more than a sprain or does it just sound like a typical sprain process??

  227. Linda Johnson

    Hi, I sustained an awful inversion sprain 2 weeks ago. This is my 3rd sprain on this foot and the most debilitating of them all. I continue to have swelling, although it is less than in the beginning. My concern though is that while I am able to walk, I walk with pain so much that I limp. The heel to toe movement is unbearable. My bruising took over a week to surface and has since faded significantly. Pain is only experienced while walking or if I turn my foot inwards and upwards. Is this normal for 2 weeks out?

  228. xander

    Its been like 3 weeks after my ankle sprain…the doc told me 2 remove the splint after 2 weeks and start walking without it…and exercise….nw I’m alryte walking and all..but ther is lot of like tightness in my ankle wile I try 2 walk normally….nd if my feet lifts upwards it won’t lift straightly…it gets crossed….hoping 2 get any suggestions doc

  229. Tez W

    I sprained my ankle 8 weeks ago. I started doing Physical Therapy 3 weeks ago because my ankle didnt appear to be improving. I had an MRI that indicated a partial ligament tear on the lateral side.

    I have started doing the exercises and i do them everyday. There is an improvement in flexibility however there is an increase in pain.

    I am not sure if it is normal to have physical pain as i make goals through this experience.

    Thank you

  230. Aneesa Mohamdally

    Hello! I twisted my ankle about 5 weeks ago and seeked medical help right away. I was given a brace to wear for 6 wks and I’m in my 5th week of wearing the brace. The ankle seems to be healing as a lot of the swelling has gone down but this is not my problem. I have been having excruciating pain in the rest of my leg. Particularly around my pelvic and hip joints and behind my knee. The pain is sometimes very unbearable. Is this normal? What can I do to decrease this pain?

  231. Tanya

    I sprained my ankle today at work, my foot went inward when I was walking down the stairs. Didn’t hurt for 3 hours. I even forgot about the incident. Then the pain became so severe that I couldn’t handle it. Could walk, sit, think. Took Aleve, put ice, elevated. 5 hours later without moving a bit my pain diminished. It is still very painful to move my foot. Is it normal not to feel any pain at first and then having unbearable pain?

  232. gengen

    Hello, i sprained my ankle about 6 days ago (friday Morning). At first, it was just a bit painful to stand on, but as the day progressed, it hurt more and more. I ended up going to the emergency room and they said that, indeed, i had an ankle sprain. Which came to no surprise to me since i knew i heard a popping noise when i initially fell. They have me an ankle brace/boot. It is now Wednesday evening and it is still swollen. I am still wearing the Boot/brace, i would like to know when it would be possible to wear a “figure 8 compression” brace instead of the boot–or even when i would be able to walk on my own, for that matter.

  233. Victor

    I got a high ankle sprain a little over two months ago and I still have a bit pain. What should I do?

  234. sunath

    Hi Doc
    I sprained my ankle 6 months ago and walked on it for 4 months without too much rest. Pain wasn’t very seviour in the intial week but swelling was there n swelling did not subside even after 6 months. I started talking rest after 4 month after the injury. Took rest for 2 months n swelling didn’t get better . Now I am very concerned want to heal completely. I am resting taking physiotherapy as suggested. My question is since I started taking rest after 4 months would my injury heal completely?

  235. Siddhartha Singh

    I had twisted my ankle while playing basketball around 5 weeks back. I had followed RICE and my ankle had returned to good shape, though there was still a little bit of swelling, but it didn’t hurt. Around 2 weeks back, I returned to the court and again twisted my ankle and this time I consulted a doctor. He suggested to put a cast over it for 20 days. I got the cast done, but due to travelling reasons I have had to cut it out in 15 days itself. My ankle still looks swollen. What procedure should I follow to treat it now. I have bought a green thera band for strengthening excersises, but I am totally clueless on how to proceed with it. Does anybody have any idea pertaining to this?

  236. Michelle wiltz

    Hi! I twisted my ankle down the stairs about 3 weeks ago and while I can walk fine on it now and don’t feel pain, I DO feel Some pain and discomfort when I do a circular motion of my foot. Also I often do sit on my feet and noticed that I can’t tuck my leg under me with the affected foot because stretching the foot back makes it feel uncomfortable and slightly hurts. Should I seek medical attention? I have been icing and trying to be inactive but I’m worried since its been some time now.

  237. Shelly woods

    I sprained my ankle the Saturday before Memorial swelled up black and blue. Here I am 4th of July and I am having a pulsing pain in my ankle…which wakes me up at night. I did an X-ray last week…and he said it is probably some blood clotting that just needs to absorb. But I hear where so many people die from blood clots from a simple ankle sprain. Should I be worried…or is this just the healing process?

  238. Kai Pravya

    I think I have sprained my ankle during a hike by stepping on it wrong–but it hurts more when I elevate and rest it. I don’t see any swelling, but it hurts when I walk as well. What’s going on-?

  239. Dhanasekaran

    i sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago..tomorrow its the 4th week..i can walk normally for few hours after that i feeling a small pain in my knee..i am not having SWELL in my ankle..i am walking with out bending my left leg to avoid giving stress to my left leg and using a crip-band … its more than 3 weeks i am having a projection like near my ankle bone ..dont know whether its the tored muscle or can u clear my doubts…i am an athlete i.e., long runner …dont know when i will recover???? even i was replaced in the upcoming athletic meets…..i cant control my legs like i wanted to run now bcoz i would go mad with out run….please give me some tips???

  240. Shawn Bray

    Hello, I sprained my ankle Sunday. I was playing basketball but at the time of the sprain I was just walking. The ball bounced away and I went to get it. I stepped down off a curb and my ankle went. I immediately went down but i walked with a limp. Do the rice treatment and stayed off it to till Thursday. I used an ankle brace to go to work Thursdays and Friday. When I came home Friday their was intense pain. I was walking with a limp but it hurt like crazy Saturday morning. I immediately started Rice again. I could limp again on sunday but i noticed my whole foot is swollen. Before it was just my ankle not my foot looks like a blown up latex glove. Their is some brusing on my outer ankle. A big dark spot. Also I noticed it doesn’t hurt when I elevate my foot but when I bring my foot down i have this sensation as if something is moving down back into my foot and it hurts. It’s now monday and my foot is still huge. I can walk with a limp but it’s very painful. I use an ace bandage to wrap it up because I feel my brace was too tight and my ankle wasn’t ready for it. Also the most pain is in the front shin and the right side of my shin. So I figured nothing was broken because I could limp around but after it week it doesn’t seem to be getting better but worse. Did i push myself to early in going back to work and appplying the tight brace? I mostly sit at work it’s a really easy security job. I also stopped icing my foot as much as i was and stopped taking advil before I went to work Thursday night because I felt better. Figured the swelling was part of the healing process then like i said my whole foot blew up

  241. Genie

    I fractured my ankle about 25 days ago. At the emergency center the put a cast. 4 days later I saw an orthopedist who took it off and gave me a boot. I stayed home for about 3 weeks from the day I injured my leg, but wasn’t keeping RICE religiously. I was home alone most of the day and had to take care of muself and my dogs so I was moving around wearing the boot. The swelling went significantly down by the end of 3Rd week. Im back to work for two as, my ankle swells up a lot at the end of the day, when I take the boot off. I have sharp pain throughout the day and my whole leg feels like it’s pulling weight (I drive about 3 hours back and forth without wearing the boot, but I’m not using the injured leg- it’s my left one). I can take a feew steps though without wearing the boot. Should I be worried or it is too soon?

  242. Alexandria Alvarado

    I sprained my ankle in October. It is now July and I have returned to cross country fully as I was last year. I don’t think my ankle healed right and makes a pop noise when I move it. It doesn’t hurt unless I hold one position like sitting criss cross and then moving back to standing.

  243. Abdur

    I sprained my right ankle 6 days ago on a trampoline. It was at a indoor jumping arena, which is a fabulous place to go with the family or friends however, not necessarily the safest. My sprain occurred on landing right towards the end of our session.

    Now I must admit it was due to some excitement as you find yourself working up a real sweat. I am 40 and an active individual however, the injury may have occurred due over confidence, although apparently trampoline injuries are very prevalent.

    I had an immediate ball like swelling on my right outer ankle. Within 5 -10 minutes I was up and walking as normal however, after falling the “rice” procedure my swelling is still very much present. I do periodically walk on it without crutches until gravity takes over and the burning sensation and swelling kicks in, then I have to lie down and rest it.

    I also went to the hospital two days after and they took some xrays confirming I had damaged some ligaments. I have been following the mobolisation exercises on the advice leaflet given to me by the hospital.

    I was not given any pain killers by the hospital as I avoid relying on pharmaceutical drugs. I intend to be walking witout crutches by the end of next week and believe as common as ankle injuries may be and in order to promote a speedy recovery, it is important to adopt a positive attitude early on.

  244. Sydney

    I sprained my ankle 2 months ago . I got an ankle brace, and later did physical therapy. All was going good and It no longer hurts but when I hop or jump on it it pops. Is this okay and no

  245. Tris

    I have extremely flat feet pes planus and will often sprain my ankle and toe joints every now and then just by walking. It usually just goes away and it happens frequently, I’m just used to it now.
    But this past week it happened again, but the pain isn’t going away like usual, I had to take my orthotic out because I didn’t want it to get wet at work. To touch my inside ankle bone hurts and toe joint sprain and top of my foot has a little bump (sensitive to pressure) but that has been there for about a year, (my foot Dr. didn’t say anything about it). I got new orthotics. Should I go to a Dr about my ankle/foot or treat at home?

  246. Sue McKeever

    After going through chemo and radiation, I now have lymphedema in my left leg. I started working out at the gym in April. At the end of May, my feet started to hurt after doing a fast walk on the treadmill. My left ankle started to hurt and swell up in the leg with lymphedema. It has been 6 weeks and my ankle still feels sore here and there and is swollen at the end of the day after walking on it but now my right ankle hurts from shifting all of my weight to that foot. What do I do. I have been using the R.I.C.E. method this whole time and I am getting very frustrated with not being able to go back to normal activities.

  247. Khang

    So I sprained my right ankle 4 days ago, I went to the ER to take and X-ray and they told me it was a grade 2-3 sprain. I’m not able to walk on it yet, but I can defnelteilty stand, but most of my weight will be on my left leg supporting the whole body. Swelling definitely got better, but bruises are still there. I can rotate my ankle without much pain. I can stand and walk with my crutches, but I hate depending on them. My doctor say I should be up and running in 4 weeks, but I want to at least walk on my first week. In my situation how am I doing? And when do you think I’ll be able to walk?

  248. Khang

    Hi! I have sprained my ankle while playing volleyball. I went up for a spike and when I was falling down my Right foot landed on someone else’s and my whole body weight crashed down on right foot causing my ankle to roll/pop. During the time it was hurting so much I couldn’t stand or walk, so I rushed myself to the ER. My doctor told me I didn’t have any fracture and it was just a sprained. The swelling was huge and there wasn’t any bruise till the 2-3 day. He gave me crutches and he wrapped it up with a bandage. Today I still can’t walk, but I can stand (having most of my weight on my left leg). I am able to rotate my sprained ankle without any pain (I can walk with the support of my crutches). Most of the swelling have gone down. The fact that I still can’t walk makes me sad. In my situation how am I doing? Will I be able to walk soon?

  249. Tai Lynn Konen

    I have intense pain all around my ankle when I apply pressure to my foot. Nothing traumatic happened. I was just walking and all of the sudden I couldn’t walk anymore.
    There is no swelling at all but when I try to rotate it or apply any pressure it’s agonizing. Been like this for 2 days now. Sometimes I can walk without any pain but mostly I cannot walk at all. My ankle feels really tight and even sends pain up the outside of my calf to my knee.

    I went to the ER and had x-rays done. Dr. didn’t see any visible damage so she sent me home with a wrapped up foot and an ice pack telling me that there is nothing wrong with me. Well something is seriously wrong if I can’t walk on my foot!!

    Any advice or suggestions?? Totally weird that I wouldn’t have any swelling though. Would have fibromyalgia make a difference here?

  250. Zoe

    Signs are that the doctor is not able to answer these anymore, but I’m worried so I might as well cast my stress into the ether. Three weeks ago my ankle turned in some gravel – a frequent occurence for me, usually causing nothing more serious than a bit of stiffness. However, I was wearing impractical shoes and as I fell I heard/felt a sharp popping sensation on the outside of the ankle which almost caused me to black out or vomit from the pain. I had to hop home and was unable to put any weight on the foot for fully eight days (there was significant swelling and bruising) during which I RICEd the heck out of it, and finally gave in and went to the hospital. X-days showed no fracture and I was told to stay off it and take over-the-counter painkillers (I wasn’t even told if or what kind of sprain I had, or how long it might take to heal, but this is typical of the NHS).

    Three weeks have passed (I wasn’t offered physio, but have been doing some exercises gleaned from the internet at home) and although the swelling has decreased and I can put some weight on the ankle now, if I attempt a normal walking gait or even just move the foot wrong, the outside ‘pops’ again, causing a throbbing pain that usually takes about fifteen minutes to subside. In order to walk I have to affect a gait whereby I rise up onto the toes of the injured foot as I shift my weight to prevent the leg extending fully. I’m not sure if I should be powering through the ‘pops’ (or even if I can) and trying to walk as normally as possible, or if this uneven gait is OK and will gradually normalise. My concern is that the ligament won’t heal correctly if I continue to use my leg in this strange way, but that I risk re-injury if I force the injured area to keep ‘popping’.

    Any advice?


    It has been 5 weeks since a severe twisted ankle, bruising and swelling developed early from my calf to my toes, my issue is the bruising and pain has subsided but, swelling has not. how long could it last? lt’s like memory foam around my ankle (gross) pushing on the skin leaves indentations and I HATE the way it looks. please advise, afraid it could be permanent?

  252. Danial

    5 weeks and still swollen, with no signs of letting up. Stepped into a gopher hole playing Frisbee with Kids and down I went… severe pain bruising has subsided, but swelling is crazy, feels like memory foam. (yuck!) I should have seen a doctor, but it’s been so long. any advise?

  253. Allee

    Hi. I suffered a lateral ankle sprain on my right ankle. A few hours after I injured it I couldn’t barely walk. My friend let me use her air cast boot and I’ve been walking on it.. It’s been 2 weeks since the injury and it still hurts sometimes to walk but it definitely hurts to move it around. I’ve also noticed some discoloration (light purple/yellowish).. Please help!!

    • Lupe Brown

      Have you gotten any better? If you haven’t you need to stay in bed rest for a couple of weeks keeping your foot elevated and have ice on top of it. Also their is this medical marijuana cream that you can buy to put on your foot and it helps to feel less pain and less swollen. Hope you feel better already tho it’s been a month since you posted this.

  254. vijay

    I hurt my ankle 3 weeks back while playing badminton and back to normal activities now, i could walk, run and play as normal. but the problem is, i got big bulge kind of swelling above the ankle with no pain. Its hard and tight. I use ankle brace and iced but still no improvement. Please advice.

  255. Katie

    5 days ago I took a fall down the stairs and had immediate pain in my ankle so bad that I was sure it was broken. The ER doctor did X-rays and said it was just sprained. He gave me an air cast and crutches. I still can’t put any weight on it. Is this normal? I thought for sure the swelling would be better and I’d be able to walk (maybe with some pain, albeit) by now. Am I just being impatient? Thanks.

  256. Susan

    Hi I sprained both my ankles falling into a ditch with my dogs ,I had no choice but to walk on them home ,my left was worse then the right but I did do rie on them ,I was able to walk with pain and forced myself through it but rested ,soaked and elivated as much as I could ,we went on a holiday with grand kids and I rented a electric scooter to get around everything went good then as my left foot got better my right started giving me more trouble to this day it’s been about 5 weeks ,they seem to get good and then worsen and I can not seem to do stairs well ,one at a time ,I’m doing exercises for ankle strength ,,is ther somthing else I should be doing ,I do try to stay off them as much as I can but I am overweight and I do need to lose weight and not moving is not helping ,,thanks Susan

  257. Jacob

    So a little more than a year ago I was working construction with my father and about a 1000 pounds of dry wall fell on my leg, it didn’t break (was in strong boots) but it bruised really bad for a long time and so I went to the doctors and they wanted me to go on crutches and I refused to use them or take any medicine and after a couple weeks of every painful step it healed and I was back to normal. That was more than a year ago maybe two years even and my ankle that had the injury started swelling and has been swollen for weeks and I have no clue what I have done to it just seems random and an overnight thing. It’s not really bad it’s doesn’t hurt that bad and I can still run and all that but it’s just enough to annoy you or bother you and there’s a notice difference in size. The doctors said I wouldn’t have any problems and they said nothing was badly broken so I have no clue what’s going on. Hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you

  258. Chase

    I need help ankle I spranged my ankle months ago still can’t put pressure on it I can’t squat down with pressure on it it hurts right where my foot and ankle connect in the middle of my ankle

  259. Tabithia

    I fell at the beach on mothers day (may 8), had an xray. All they said was it was not broken. I couldn’t put any pressure at all on the ankle. It swelled 4 times the normal size, and stayed that way till july. I fell a couple more times from using the crutches. Its been 16 weeks and i still cant put much weight on it and still swells everyday. I don’t have insurance to go to the Ortho, what should I do?

  260. Denise

    I turned my ankle over years ago. Once I start getting out to walk it starts swelling again with some pain over the ankle area. What could this be?

  261. Maros

    Very good and helpful article. It’s very frustrating when the healing takes time. It feels great to learn what’s normal and that there’s no reason to panic. Thank you for that.

  262. Shy'ma

    Hello doctor Page. I injured my anle during taekwondo training about 2 weeks ago. I stopped the training ad it hurt to jog and jump but i could walk just fine in fact i didnt feel pain until the next day and noticed the alswelling about a day later. Now after two weeks of home remedy the swelling is gone and i went back to training yesterday and now it hurts again. What should i do i dont want to stop my training. Thank you doc

  263. Michele

    I landed on the side of my foot falling off a stair a few weeks ago. I followed RICE and it has improved. The bruising and swelling have improved and I can walk on it, but the top of my foot at the base of my ankle and below the 4th and 5th toe joints are still tender to touch. I am fairly certain I sprained it. My problem is that it hurts at night while sleeping. The pain is enough to to wake me. Is this normal during recovery? Is it as simple as having my foot in a certain position while I sleep?

  264. Zac

    I sprained my ankle just a couple of days ago , been icing it and elevating but the pain just keeps getting worst going torwards my knee. Is this normal ?

  265. Francie

    I broke my ankle (tibia) in February. Spent about 8 weeks in a boot and another 8 weeks weeding myself out of an air cast. Now I still have a lot of pain with movement of my foot. Some positions it still is “bone pain”, others positions it feels like a sprain. Help!!

  266. jenna

    I sprained my ankle in volleyball and they said it was a grade 3 but i feel like its a grade 2. I had a boot for a week an a 1/2 and i started walking on it. I can move it every direction but can’t jump on it. When i jump it pops and feels like it get dislocated and has pain for 30 secs. I want to know if this is a bad thing and what i can do about it. Maybe its too sooner but i am a starter anf my team wants to make it to the national tournament

  267. Viktor


    Many responses here, very useful, I still have questions though.

    I was walking down the stairs, stumbled and heard a rather loud pop, it hurt some immediately, but not much. I had to walk/bike home, which hurt a little, but not like when I got home, the pain was pretty big, I then got to elevate the foot with a cold damp cloth on it, it helped.

    It doesn’t throp, but is swelled on the middle top and right side (it’s the right foot), and I can barely limb around with the help of a crutch, I could walk fairly well on it hours after the incident, without crutches. Putting much pressure on it now is pretty painful.

    The pop worries me, but as you replies on some questions, if I were able to walk on it just after, that is a good sign. Hopefully!

    Looking forward to your reply

    Kind regards

  268. Randolfo Hernandez

    I’m diabetic and one night I had a big cramp on my left foot and since then I have a permanent pain Ok my left foot and I can’t move my ankle back and my big toe also I cannot move it back only forward.
    What advise di You have for me?

  269. Olivia

    I sprained my ankle last night at my volleyball game by landing on a ball. I have sprained my other ankle before but this one is different. It’s not bruising at all, the only part that’s swollen is around the side bone and around the ankle and a little on the opposite side. I’m concerned as to why it is not bruising considering that I can not walk on it when I try? I know that an eversion ankle sprained is uncommon and usually is accompanied by a fracture but in in side of my ankle is very tender, but is it normal to be tender or did I possibly spraine both sides? Thank you, any information will be appriciated!!

  270. Chemica Griffin

    Hi, I sprained my ankle last Friday. The two days after my mother told me to walk on it but when i did my foot began to bruise. Is that a good thing? Also my foot is becoming more swollen and its becoming more painful. Not only that but whenever I put pressure on I feel as if i’m going to fall and like my ankle goes from under me. Also, I know this has nothing to do with my ankle but whenever I use my crutches my shoulders hurt really bad and i’m not putting all m weight on them. Is there any tips you can give me for that?

  271. anna-lynne williams

    i fell and sprained my ankle about 3 years ago. since then i have had sudden flareups on three different occasions. between flareups i’ll feel almost normal, able to hike mountains and work out at the gym. then suddenly the pain will return and it feels almost like it did after the initial sprain. difficult to stand for extended lengths of time, like in the shower, tenderness when sleeping, and when i go on a walk i reach a point at which it starts to hurt much more. i have not been able to run ever since the injury, but get frustrated when even walking starts to bother me. i have had an x-ray (showed nothing serious) and fascia massage. i am just frustrated that this comes back suddenly without a cause i can trace. is this normal for a sprain that initially healed up almost 2 1/2 years ago?

  272. Chhuki

    I sprained my ankle 3 weeks back. I consulted the doctor on the very next day as i was unable to put weight on it and walk. It was ligament injury. After a week of R.I.C.E therapy, I was advised to put fiber plaster cast in the ankle. Now its my 4th week and there is still hearth throbing pain in the ankle and near areas. I am suppose to get the plaster removed in this week.
    Is the pain after 3 weeks normal. How long will it take for the pain to completely go. Also will I ever be able to wear heels in future now.?
    Please advice!!!

  273. Natalie

    Hello.. I hurt my ankle playing hockey 8 weeks ago.. Went to the docs and had am xray and they stated ligament damage.. 8 weeks on I am having servere pain turning my foot inwards.. I doesn’t even turn a cm in and the pain restricts me from moving it further.. It hurts to cross my ankles, relax without resting it on something.. Sleeping it’s uncomfortable etc what would you suggest.. Thank you in advance

  274. Sarah


    I hurt my ankle 10 days ago.. I rice for 2 days and it felt much better.. I went to work walking with a light limp….but 2 days later the pain increased again.. like the first day.. and since then it hasn’t improved.. I can walk putting weight on the side of my foot.. and I limp… I’m just worried it is gonna get worse.

  275. Leslee

    I sprained my ankle in May by falling down two steps holding a case of soda! My Ankle twisted inward and immediately swelled up. The next day I went to an Urgent care. They took Xrays and told me to buy a compression brace from CVS. Exactly 1 week after I went back because it was not improving. They referred me to physical therapy 3-4 times a week for over a month which I did and continued all the at home exercises. It is now October. My Ankle is still swollen, makes a cracking and popping sound and I limp when I first wake up or go down stairs. I went to an orthaepedic office today where she showed me the difference between my ankles. She pulled the normal one which didn’t move and pulled the sprained ankle which separated quite a bit. Next I go for an MRI and she mentioned surgery. Any info on what to expect would be appreciated!

  276. Nicol

    I rolled my ankle two weeks ago. It swelled and bruised terribly, but I have been able to walk on it just fine. It is a little stiff when I get out of bed in the morning, but works itself out pretty quickly. Here is my concern … I cannot sleep on that side. When I put pressure on it by sleeping on my side, the pain (eventually) wakes me up; and I have to turn over. It is not severe pain; it is a dull pain that is just enough to wake me up. Is this a matter of concern? Or, is it simply part of the healing process?

  277. Rayhan

    Hello – I had OS trigonum excision surgery on July 29th , 2016. I am about 9 weeks post surgery currently. After the first 5 or 6 weeks the ankle was feeling much better so I ended up playing basketball on it too excessivly. Then I had to travel for work so I was on it for 5 straight days (standing not running). Ever since my Traveling, the inflammation has increased and does not seem to go away. I wake up in the morning and the ankle is not so swelled(although I do feel some burning int he ankle) and the swelling definitely gets worse by the time I get home. I don’t have excruciating pain or anything but just worried I might have done something to it.

  278. Meghan

    I sprained my ankle 7 weeks ago. MRI revealed two ligament tears one of which tore some of the bone lining off. However I only wore a boot for the first week and a brace for the second week before doctors told me to take them off. Seven weeks into this I am still experiencing swelling (mostly in the evenings) and discomfort. I can walk on the ankle with no discomfort there. Is this normal? Or something I should seek guidance for?

  279. Johnathon

    I rolled my ankle 5 days ago, and the swelling does not decrease. I went to my doctor on the day that I rolled it and he sent me to get an x-ray. The x-ray report came back saying that I may or may not have a 3 mm fracture. My ankle doesn’t hurt at all when I walk or even more vigorous exercises. Do you think I actually have a fracture and when should swelling stop?

  280. Everest

    I badly sprained my ankle on the outside about two months ago in volleyball when I landed on someone’s foot as they went under the net. I couldn’t walk and I was in a boot and on crutches for about three to four weeks. I’m playing again now and I have it taped but it doesn’t hurt where I sprained it, it hurts on the top, inside by the bone, and on the side of my heel. Have I injured it again?

  281. sut

    Just returned from holiday and had been walking daily for almost 15 days, found out that my left ankle swollen but with no pain or bruise. What was actually wrong ?

  282. Ali

    Hi, so while playing soccer about 4 weeks ago, the ball hit my ankle and immediately I heard a pop and my ankle hurt… A lot… Anyways, I went home and treated it with ice and elevation and everything else that you are supposed to do. It was pretty swollen. In the first couple days, it was a little stiff/sore to walk on but that motion wasn’t too bad. I couldn’t really move my ankle from side to side. Now, 4 weeks later, it’s still swollen and hurts in different positions… Is it just a simple sprain that needs time or should I go get it checked out?

  283. Angie

    The other day I slipped on my stairs and my right ankle bent all the way in, now I hear a popping sound whenever I stretch it out, what does it mean? I am already getting surgery on my left ankle for instability.

  284. Nabeela Siddiqui

    I had a sprain and the swelling was gradually decreasing but when I started activities my leg got swollen and other than that I had a 2 degree ankle sprain so when should I start zumba and aerobics as i am an obese so please help me out.

  285. Logan Cartwright

    Hi so I was playing dodgeball in my class earlier and we did all the stretches and everything but that’s not really relevant. When I fell I landed on the inside side of my left ankle and when I landed the force caused it to violently rotate counter clockwise I heard like 6 snaps in a row and afterwards my foot started to twitch uncontrollably I got it to stop twitching and also have it resting on my desk right nowwith and icepack on could you please give me any more advice thank you

  286. jordan

    i sprained my ankle about 4 months ago in august. it’s been bothering me a lot lately. when it cracks it hurts to put pressure on it for a few minuets. i get sharp, irritating pain from my calf down to my achilles and i got s sharp pain from my heal, to my toes. afterwards i could barely feel my toes moving for a minute or two? what’s going on?

  287. Sarah Mills

    I have a question my husband plays soccer and he had a ankle injury and they said it was just badly bruised internerally … he still plays but hes so tough to where nothing stops him from playing .. but now all of a sudden he hasn’t played in one week and last night he started to feel sick and looked down to his ankle Bc it became painful and saw that it was really red tender warm and a huge lump … do u know what could be happening

  288. Sierra

    I sprained my ankle about two/three months ago during soccer season I didn’t have brusing just a little bit of swelling for a day or two but now I still have pain around my ankle mostly on the lower part and sometimes I will just be sitting there and it will ache. should I be worried?

  289. Christina Reichardt

    Hello I have sprained my ankle for the 4th time and it has been 5 week’s since i sprained it. I went back to walking 3 to 4 miles per day and it start’s to hurt after 2 miles so i stopped to rest for a bit before finishing my walk. But as soon as im home and laying down it starts throbbing and i have been putting heat and ice on it.
    Is there anything else i can do to where it doesn’t start to hurt again or get reinjured?

  290. Melissa

    Hello, I sprained my ankle skiing 2 years ago. I had x-rays done and there was no fracture, however, the pain on my ankle (inside and outside) does not stop, it will momentarily go away for days at a time but I literally have to be a couch potato, if there is any kind of activity, even light activity or if I wear heels (even if its for an hour and mostly sitting down) it hurts horribly the next day. Also, I have a red bruise on the inside of my foot adjacent to the ankle. Does this mean I will need surgery? or are there other treatments offered (injections, etc) ?

  291. Renee K Essig

    I sprained my ankle 5 weeks ago. I had a loud pop when i fell. I immediately put ice on it, elevated it and rested. Now it doesn’t hurt when i walk, it is a tight feeling. And i feel like i need to stretch out out. I can put all of my weight on it without issue and can do a very light jog. But there is slight pain that shoots through my heel when i jog. By the end of the day it is swollen. What should be my next step? Keep in mind this is the 8th time i have sprainef my ankle since i was 16, playing volleyball…I’m now 38.

  292. Stephanie

    I rolled my ankle 5 days ago. I heard 2 pops when it happened. I was able to walk on it after with some pain. Swelling started about 30 minutes after I rolled it. It’s still swollen, I’m able to walk on it, and now it starts throbbing at random times for at least 20 minutes at a time. Should I go see a dr? When I was 16 I rolled my ankle and heard 3 pops and I had torn 3 of my ligaments but wasn’t able to walk at all afterwards.

  293. Kavya Venugopalan

    Hi I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago and I have a cast on my ankle and the physician had provided me with a cast shoe. Is it ok if I start walking?

  294. Kiah Brooks


    i fell about a week ago now and sprained my ankle…while it is slowly getting better I’m worried that maybe it wasn’t just a sprain or i might actually be doing more damage bc i didn’t get it checked when it first happened…

    however since it has been a week and a day already should i go to a specialist still?


  295. Anastasia

    Hey, I was playing basketball and I sprained my ankle by landing on someone’s foot. My ankle went outwards and it swelled up pretty big. I talked to the trainer and he told me it was just a sprain (I could walk on it but it hurt a lot afterwards) Anyway, it’s been about three weeks since the injury, my ankle still has a little swelling/bruising, and it pops when I move it certain ways… Should I be worried?

  296. Chelsea

    I fell and hurt my ankle, the same ankle I have torn ligaments, bone and broken/fractured. I have elevated it and rested as best I can had pain relief and swelling and pain are constant. I don’t want it to be broken or fractured, what can I do?

  297. Aduain Captor

    I sprained my ankle on PE three weeks ago and I couldn’t put much to any weight on my ankle for two weeks. I sprained it when I landed from a small jump and I went to the doctor, but they told me I didn’t break anything since my bones are pretty flexible. The problem is, I severely damaged an anterior ligament and torn the posterior talo-fibular ligament. I’ve been putting ice on it since day one and kept my foot elevated, but it still seems to swell even after three weeks. My foot is still kinda stiff, but a lot more flexible than it was at first. I am aware that swelling is not uncommon for a third grade sprain even after a month or two, I just want some reassurance. What do you think how long will the healing approximately take?

  298. Lilly

    I turned my ankle semi badly a week and a half ago. I did the RICE method a lot and put myself in a boot for 3 days. Never saw a doctor because I was able to put some weight on it and had movement back and forth (just not rotation). The swelling went on for about 7 days. I was able to walk normally without pain or limping after 7 days and could fully rotate my ankle. Yesterday was my first day trying to run again. I ran about 3.5 miles and walked 1. I also played Volleyball later in the evening, which was not anticipated but my daughter begged me…nothing really bothered me much through any of this activity, but I’m sure I probably over did it a bit. I had bad cramps at the injury site twice overnight. It felt like a charley horse! Is this normal? I’m assuming this was a result of doing too much, too soon.

  299. Dasan

    Hi playing around with my niece and nephew I sprained my ankle two week ago…i walk on it since the 2nd night it til hurt but I can walk on it but now the pain is running up my leg to my knee and it hurts to walk up leg and knww gives out on me

  300. Carol Sharma

    Hi, I twisted my ankle on a burr from a pine tree while walking my dog a couple of weeks ago, and i was fine that whole day, but when I woke up in the middle of the night, i could barely even put weight on my ankle. It’s been like that since. Very swollen, the ankle and the foot, and extremely painful, not just when I put weight on it, but even when I just flex it or touch it. I just wanted to know if you think that I should visit my doctor, or if there’s nothing they can really do for this injury. I don’t want to waste their time.

  301. Carol Sharma

    I hurt my ankle almost 3 weeks ago, and it’s still very swollen, as well as my foot. It looks like a huge sausage! Plus, it’s so painful, especially on the inside of my ankle. And walking or putting weight on it is just horrendous! Do you think i need to see a doctor, or is it normal for it to take this long to heal? Thank you,

  302. Madhu

    Yesterday I was playing in a basketball game and I fell and it really really hurt so we went straight to the hospital. They told me it was a sprain and put a tencer bandage around it and sent me home. It’s been a full night of not being able to sleep, hoping on one foot to the bathroom and putting ice on my ankle. My ankle is still really hurting and I can’t walk on it, is something wrong?

  303. Sarah

    I don’t know if my ankle I sprained but when I do any activity such as hurdles after that my ankle start to swell and hurts to much to walk on this has been happening for more than 6 months

  304. Jessica B

    I sprained my ankle a week ago. I was unable to bear weight at all! Went to doctor and x-rays were normal. I was told to use crutches one day. I had to wear a boot the two days I worked because the swelling and pain would get so bad. A week later and the ankle in a soft brace feels like it is catching and is becoming super sore to be on again. Is this normal?

  305. Tracie Shockley Southern

    My 10 year old sprained his ankle 7 days ago. He still can’t put any pressure on it or walk on it at all. He has had 2 X-rays, it isn’t broke. They didn’t put him in anything or give him crutches. He has been having to crawl to where he wants to go. He is still up at night crying with the pain. We are alternating Tylenol and ibuprofen every 3 hours, wrap, ice and elevation. He has also run a fever off and on through this.

  306. Hannah

    I am a professional dancer and sustained an ankle injury which I assumed was just a sprain about six weeks ago now. After a about a week of rest I could walk on it again fine so I started to dance on it again (which perhaps may have been too soon!) but there wasn’t too much pain and I am in the middle of a contract so couldn’t stay off for too long. Anyway now after six weeks I am dancing with only minimal soreness and minimal swelling after shows… I still have pain sometimes for example when i walk over uneven surfaces, when i walk in flip-flops or when i have tried to begin light jogging on the treadmill. I would be so grateful if someone could tell me whether this is just part of the healing process and that it will get better in time as i am beginning to worry it is taking too long to be completely better. I am guessing however that the process has just been slower because I have been overly active on it too soon. My contract finishes in four weeks so I will be able to do much less for a while, fingers crossed this will do the trick in letting it heal completely?

  307. Jenny

    I’m 16 yrs old and it’s been 1week already since i sprained my left ankle i can walk now but i can still feel some pain I’ve been trying to exercisey it everyday and make sure to not put a lot if pressure in that side although I’m still bothered i haven’t consulted a doctor about my ankle.

  308. Chloe

    I sprained my ankle 5 days ago, I was out walking my dogs and stopped for a break and as I stood still my ankle just gave out beneath me and bent outwards I instantly felt alot of pain and alot of clicking and I couldn’t walk on it, I had to try and walk 1 mile back to the car and immediately used the R.I.C.E method when I got home, but I’m still getting pain in it now is this normal as I still have quite a lot of swelling just behind and in front of the ankle joint on the outside of my foot? Any advice is appreciated.

  309. JJ

    I was going to ask a question but I can see Dr. Alexandra Page is no longer answering any….

  310. Anonymous CAMS

    Last month my legs fell asleep because of the way I was sitting. When I got up I face planted and I think I twisted my ankle. Back to now, it’s still hurts is you press down on it or touch it. What do I do? Thank you!

    • Sadie

      If you think something is seriously wrong go to the doctors or a walk in clinic.

  311. Emily Main

    So in August of 16 I sprained my ankle, then from September to December 16 I had PT. I thought all was well except I have been noticing that my left foot (the one I sprained) keeps “falling asleep”. The numbness goes all the way up to my knee. It lasts for about 10 minutes. Is that something I should worry about?

  312. Louise

    Two nights ago I was walking and fell I scraped my left knee and hurt my right ankle there’s little to no swelling but my foot/ankle hurts in 3 different spots and the only way I can walk on it is if I walk on my heel

  313. Kathy

    2 months ago i missed a step and tweaked my ankle. My ankle only hurt for less than 5 minutes then i was able to walk again with no pain, i never had amy swelling. For the last 2 weeks my ankle has been hurting so bad to the point of limping and not wanting to walk, still no swelling. What can be wrong with it?

  314. Ronald Law

    So a couple years ago back in 2011 to be exact I work security and while trying to put a fire out, the kitchen was dark and apparently the floor was wet, I then twisted my ankle and ever since the bone on the inside has been bugging me like a bruise but there’s no discoloration and after walking for long periods it hurts more, also it feels flimsy as if I jump and land on it it just doesn’t feel as strong as my other ankle any advice or ideas?

  315. Myles Yarrell

    i fractured my ankle and after 3 weeks there is still not as much definition around my ankle compared to the other one and also can’t put any weight on it.
    is this normal?

  316. Elizabethl L Waterhouse

    Dr, Yesterday I twisted my ankle and heard a pop. I have swelling near the ankle and a small bruise. I feel an occasional twinge, but really no pain at all and I can walk on it fine. I have heard that a pop means a severe strain or a fracture. I would think if it’s either, I would be in a lot of pain but I’m not. Is it possible to be fractured with no pain? Thank you.

  317. Sadie

    I sprained my ankle over a week ago. It’s still swollen and it hurts a lot to walk.
    It’s not bruised, I think. What should I do? I need some advice quickly.

  318. Laura

    My ankle swollen and almost bruised. I ice once a day..,when I can. I’m a mom, so I can’t really sit as much as I need to. I just finished a half marathon last weekend and am very upset because I want to start running again and can’t because of the pain. Any ideas?

  319. brittni

    I sprained my ankle over 2 months ago and did not go to a doctor. I was in wedges and rolled it really bad but it did not swell or bruise. I have a pocket of fluid that will not go away and ice does not help. I finally went to see a regular doctor and had and xray and it did not show any fractures or breaks. He ordered a boot for me to wear for 2 weeks, I have pain in and all around my ankle, have to take a lot of ibuprofen because of pain and it shoots through my foot and up my leg at times. My question is, should I see an orthopedic doctor? I’m worried I will need surgery to fix it. What do you think?

  320. Mike

    I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago. Most of the swelling has gone except in the ankle. When I press on the top of my toes I feel pain. Normal?

  321. Brent

    I play men’s softball, and twice it has happened where i get ankle/foot pain two days after, not directly after or the next day. And it is weird, today it is the left foot, two weeks ago it was the right foot. I sprained both my ankles at diff times when i was in high school. I think what i need to do is heat n ice directly after my games. But i wonder why the pain comes two days after?

  322. Dragoness

    I sprained my ankle back in September. Had an x-ray to make sure it wasn’t broken. I play roller derby and for a couple months I used a brace since it hurt too much to skate without one. I can now skate without a brace when contact is not involved, but the pain is pretty bad when contact is involved still. My main question though is about the pain that has recently started feeling like it is extending up my leg at times. I have seen 2 doctors and both seemed irritated that I was seeing them for something so pointless (this was before the pain starting to feel like it is spreading). And the pain is bad enough to wake me up from sleep at times. I am wondering if I should look for a 3rd doctor to look at it, or maybe look into physical therapy? Is this normal?

  323. Hadji Amit

    i was playing badminton last night and landed inversely. I got a minor tear in my tibia, major tear in talofibular ligament, and a minor tear in calcaneofibular ligament. It felt really painful but manageable. Its not my first time though so im used to the pain. Its been 28hrs now and i think im 70% recovered. I just kept it moving and flexing even though the slight pain. Ive got classes tomorrow and I think im at my 90% by then. Keep it moving guys and let the swelling, its there to help the ligaments heal.

  324. Alfredo

    I sprained my ankle playing football about to months ago. I felt a loud pop ,but didnt think much of it.ot was not the first time this has happened . I sprained my ankle before Swelling lasted a couple of days. The pain has not subside ,in fact it has gotten worst, to the point where i limp when i wake up , try to run (with ankle brace) and even when im sitting down. But it does not when i perform weight lifting. Should i be worried?

  325. Mico

    So… I am scheduled for an MRI of my RT ankle after I fell into my pond about 8 weeks ago. Two sets of xrays taken on day of injury and 4 weeks after do not show any breaks or fractures, however my ankle hurts when I walk and down along the outer portion of my foot hurts (5th metatarsal). The swelling is near my lateral ankle and wraps around the ankle to form a bracelet of swelling. I wake up most mornings with it aching and driving also results in nagging aching. Ideas or thoughts plz and ty.

  326. Charlie

    Great article… My 15 year old daughter rolled her ankle on the soccer field about 10 days ago. The swelling and bruising were both moderate. What worries me is she still has tenderness above her ankle bone up to 5 inches up her fibula. She also has some tenderness where the fibula and tibia meet above her ankle. She can “carefully” walk on it and even balance on it for 10 seconds. It’s just that pain on her Fibula that worries me. I assume the face she can balance on it without pain should put my mind at ease about a small break in her Fibula? Help! 🙂

  327. Debbie

    Hello I severly sprained my ankle 9 weeks ago but the swelling isn’t going down having physio but she is baffled why the swelling isn’t going down it’s getting worse and spreading I’m icing it aswell

  328. James

    I sprained my ankle about 10 days ago. Couldn’t walk on it for 2 days and it was very swollen. Went to the hospital for x-rays, but they were negative. Like I said its been almost 2 weeks since it happened but my foot, right below my toes, is still very swollen. I also cannot flex my foot upwards toward my shin without feeling pain. Should I just give it more time to heal or go back to see a doc?

  329. Caryn

    I stepped on a ball (I work as a teacher), feel down, and twisted my foot inward. It immediately hurt on the outside of my foot near the bony part and the front where the foot attaches to the shin. I iced it for the rest of the day and saw a doctor two days later. I was diagnosed with a mild sprain and given a brace wrap. Now two weeks later the pain is getting worse. I’m concerned since I’m on my feet all day rarely sitting that I may have not given the injury sufficient time to heal? Or should I’ve had a boot? Why would the injury feel worse? I’m wanting to get back to normal physical activities. Thank you

  330. Olivia Kubiak

    I an 11 years old and my ankle has been hurting for a month now. My parents don’t listen when I tell them it really hurts. It hurts so much now I almost have to drag my foot when I walk.

  331. Madi

    I sprained my ankle a couple weeks ago because I tripped off a curb. My mom took me to the orthopedic office and they gave me an air boot, i had a horribly large red and purple bruise that went halfway up my shin and my foot was a faint purple and had severe swelling, I went back when i was suppose to, and they gave me stabilizer but it still hurts really bad and its been 2 1/2 weeks since i got the stabilizer, what do i do? Is it more than a sprain?

  332. Megan

    My ankle isnt swelling, but it does hurt to put any weight on it or walk. And there is no bruising. Could it still be a sprain?

  333. Berbru

    I sprained my ankle and my knee playing soccer 5 weeks ago. I had an X-ray showing no fracture or bone damage.
    I feel like my knee fully recovered. However my ankle gradually recovered during the first three weeks but it still slightly swollen and slightly painful. How many days / weeks should I wait before seeing a doctor if there is no improvement?

  334. M. Ashley

    On July 4, 2016 I stepped in a hole outside. It put my foot at an odd position, not a freaky position, just a kind of odd one. At first I couldn’t get up on it, it took me a while to get to a point where I could limp inside. It is now 11/4/17 and it still hurts. it hurts in the joint, on my shin, and on the top of my foot. I’ve had x-rays but nothing was found. It hurts more if I do a lot of uphill walking. if i lift my toes upwards I feel it get worse in the top of my foot and the shin. It’s my right leg. It pops a lot. The other day I also came to a discovery. I found myself having to shake water off my feet and when I shook my right foot it was popping a lot, but not my left foot. It also gets worse if I do too much walking or when it rains or gets really cold. I’ve tried some therapy such as ice and writing the alphabet with my foot. Those don’t seem to help. I’ve also tried wearing a brace and a compression sock. Should I go and get an MRI?

    • juan rodriguez

      Hi M. Ashley

      how has the top of your foot been?

      i sprained my ankle on 12-25-17 i have not been walking at all ever since i have been resting icing elevating and using epsom salt with warm water in a container

      i also noticed that the top side of my foot got swollen and bruised top of pinky its bothersome when i slip on a shoe. its improving since i have been bed written

      i wanted to get an update since we seem to have the same issue

      please advise

      juan rodriguez

  335. Joslin Zakharia

    I have a twisted ankle and can barely walk what should I do

  336. Octavio Ramos-Zavala

    I severely sprained my ankle at the beginning of the month on 11/01/2017 and I took my meds and had the Ankle bracelet until early this week, then I took it off. To my luck, this morning 11/30/2017 I sprained my ankle AGAIN, the pain is less than the first time but I heard it crack. Should I worry ? I put the bandage on again, got back on the pain killers, I am doing RICE and have the ankle bracelet on right now. The first time the internal bleeding started to show right away, but this time I don’t see it as swollen and no bleeding yet. It hurts a lot but it is bearable. I am afraid that 3rd time is a charm and I might break it completely. Any recommendations?

  337. Victoria Thomas

    Its been about 4 months since I sprained my left ankle on the trampoline and now when I twist my ankle around I feel a pop and I can hear it too! Am I just double jointed because I can feel it on both ankles or did I tear something or move something out of alingment?

  338. Amanda

    Hello, my daughter rolled her ankle a week ago and It seemed minor, she could walk on it the next day. The only pain now is when she points her toes. It still swells and we are doing rice but wondering if you can you recommend exercises she can do while healing?

  339. Maurice

    I roll my ankle swallow bad is been 4 days and swallow is goin and I can put my foot in floor
    I have a past injure there doctor got X-ray he want me to see orthopedic say there is a fragment present posterior to the navicular bone may suggest a fracture that’s X-ray say
    But I don’t have swallow and no much bruises and feels is getting better even I haven’t try to walk on But I need opinions is this a fracture anckle or just sprained good. Wht should I do I have a past injured there I think he may heeled like that injure was 25 years ago

  340. juan rodriguez

    Hi Doctor,

    i suffered an ankle sprain about 4 weeks ago. i have been restinf elevating and not walking since

    i have flat feet i rolled it my right ankle when i misstepped 3 steps. in the beginning ankle was swollen and so was the top outside part of the top of my foot is this normal?

    swelling has gone done. there is still swelling somewhat next to my ankle and bottom part of the top of my foot right above the pinky and toe next to pinky

    coloration is not red nor blue juat a dark skin color

    pain is felt at the bottom of my ankle as well as top part of foot

    kindly advise

    juan rodriguez male 32

  341. Maya

    I sprained my ankle aboult 2 weeks ago and I was on crutches for about a week, but my ankle is still the size of softball, has severe bruising, and nasty pain. Should I go back to the doctor??? Is this normal or do I need further treatment??

  342. juan rodriguez

    hi doctor

    im male 32 200 pounds i have flat feet

    i sprained my right ankle outside part it has been 4 weeks its still swollen not as swollen as 4 weeks ago but swollen

    i can now stand up i am using a medium grade ankle adjustable brace

    when i try to walk i feel like my tendon under neath ankle and tendon above ankle are going to give up its a minimal feeling

    is it normal for swelling to still remain

    please help

    juan rodriguez

  343. Sean Murphy

    I sprained my foot 5 days ago and today I have just noticed numbness in parts of my foot should I be concerned

  344. Rebecca Andersen

    I think I may have sprained my foot some time ago. It is still swollen nearly two years later. The swelling is slowly, very slowly going down. Should I be concerned?

  345. Shamla Naik

    I sprained my left ankle while stopping the rolling tennis ball. Heard pop sound. Immediately I went to Dr. He did X-ray and put my foot in the removable cast. After 5 days he put it in the cast and advised to keep it for 15 days. But within a week I started feeling my vein is getting hurt n I was unable to bear the pain. Dr removed the cast n advised to use compression ankle bannd. it’s still 10% swollen. And I am walking only with the help of Walker. So far I am on complete bed rest. I have been putting my leg in warm water for 20 mins twice followed by nice pack for 20 mins. I am still not able to walk without help. Is my treatment going in the correct direction. Please help.

  346. Lipsi

    I sprained my ankle two days ago and the swelling has gotten a little better and i can walk. But i cant feel nothing behind my ankle or the front. Is that bad?

  347. T

    I sprain my ankle 3 months ago. I’ve had x-rays and an MRI. I was recently told to just keep it in a boot and take high dosages of D and Calcium but I’m reading that I need to exercise it. What should I be doing? It hurts daily and I”m gaining weight by trying to stay off of it. I don’t know what to do.

  348. Ahmed assaedi

    My ankle bones aren’t even popping out

  349. shaelyn

    my ankle is sprained and I cant walk on it still and its been 3 days also its warm when you touch around it is it good that its warm and the swelling is not going down does could that mean there is a possible fracture coming from that information that I just gave you

  350. shaelyn

    why cant I walk on my sprained ankle its only been 3 days but my doctor said that I should be able to walk on it by now what should I do

  351. Chloe Morrison

    I had a severe ankle sprain about 6 years ago, I remember as soon as it happened it swelled instantly and couldn’t put any weight what so ever on it. My uncle carried me back and I had ice on it for over an hour. I felt pretty good and thought maybe I could put a little bit of weight to get me something. As I put my left foot down first then slowly putting my right down.. I collapsed as soon as my toes touched the ground. The doctors said I tore my ligaments after I went to hospital and took x-rays and they also said there might be a fracture and call if we find anything but I guess there wasn’t as they never called.

    Over the years I’ve easily sprained it and few times pretty bad but not as bad as the incident six years ago. Lately I’ve been feeling moderate to severe pain in my ankle even just sitting or laying down and I haven’t even had an injury or done anything to cause one. I’ve been to many doctors and took many scans, when I went to an orthopaedic surgeon I finally thought I was going somewhere and he told me to see a physiotherapist for at least 2 months before we decided to take action for a surgery. So I agreed and I went but not for two months sadly, I went for two sessions, the first session well he said that my bio mechanics are terrible and I have duck feet but not as bad and he said that the incident six years ago may have triggered this and the way you have been walking may have caused pain and that my feet are really narrow and my arches are long and high, so he gave me these souls to put in my shoes and see how they go for two weeks and then come back. So therefore I did but I wondered why only the right foot though, why would pain just randomly appear even when I’m sitting or laying, yes I also get pain sometimes while active, usually within five mins of running, sometimes more, sometimes less, but it makes it hard for me to enjoy running now. I went back two weeks after and he asked how much pain have I experienced the past two weeks and I replied little and he said great! And asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad was the pain and I said 3-5 and replied awesome you have improved this is working, continue with the souls and should improve and if it gets worse come back. Sadly as I left I thought I didn’t do much past two weeks, no running at all part from few meters one day but that’s nothing. And ever since it’s been up and down but lately the pain is occurring more often and I just want it to stop and go away I’m only 16 years old, if anyone has any ideas what could be wrong I’d love to hear any possible solutions. :))

  352. Shey

    I sprained my ankle about two weeks ago in soccer and now I don’t feel any pain when I walk, jog, run, or sprint. Sometimes if I twist my ankle in a certain way, I feel some pain but it goes away after 5 minutes. My athletic trainer cleared and I was back in playing soccer a week ago and even when I do not even feel pain, I still have swelling occurring. The swelling of my ankle is better when I rest it but it is still swollen. I don’t know what to do. Should i continue to play and will the swelling go away and how long will it take to go away.

  353. Sabrina Purdy

    I hurt mine 2 over 2 weeks ago playing tennis, it bent the wrong way & it did not hurt at all, even when I bicycled etc…until today for no reason, it is black & blue & I am having troubles walking on it, strange part is if I don’t keep it straight it feels like it will snap? I’ve twisted it in the past, sprained it, toe the ligament when I was 12 etc….(46 now)any ideas, hate hospitals & waiting room w/3 kids, expensive & draining…

  354. Liz halsalll

    Hi doctor, I sprained my ankle about 6 days ago and was told I tore some ligaments in my foot and had a small tear on my ankle. I believe it is a degree 2 sprain as I had some bleeding which caused some bruising on my bottom foot. I was given an airwalk cast and told I would be able to walk normally on the foot right away. I have been elevating it at night but I still have some pain in my foot when I walk. Is this normal? I also have stiffness in my last 3 toes on my right foot which I was curious about.

  355. Lauren Edwards

    Hi, I sprained my ankle 7 weeks ago, I fell down a step on the bus. I went to the walk in centre and they did an x ray and said it wasn’t broken but I had badly sprained it and snapped my ligament. Now still after 7 weeks it is still really swollen. I fly to Mexico on Saturday. Is there anything I can do to try and ease the swelling or could the x ray have missed a break or is this normal. I’ve never done anything like this before. Some people are saying it’s normal because it’s just me using my foot more gradual and then some people say that’s not normal.

  356. Juana Contreras

    After I sprained my ankle I began to feel a slight tug everytime I took a step and more often when I went up a flight of stairs.. it’s as if one of my nerves if off .. why is this and is it normal?

  357. Ryan

    I sprained my ankle 7 days ago and there is still swelling and pain around and slightly above the ankle. There is also bruising around my heel and it leads up to all my toes except my big toe. The bruising by my toes is only slightly discolored though. I have been keeping it elevated and have been wearing a brace. It hurts to stand for too long but I can walk around for hours with relatively little problem. Is this normal?

  358. Linda Dover

    I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago, did a lot of activity with a boot on week after because it was all planned.. Last week i tried to elevate it and rest it more. Walk on it fine but swells later in day. The only thing I am worried about is that after taping it one day, I noticed I have a dent in side of my leg about 3 inches from knee. How can I get rid of that dent? Thank you.

  359. Cris

    I sprained my ankle 8 months ago. I feel I’m not back to normal. My heel hurts and sometimes I can’t even walk from the pain. I noticed part of my heel is numb.

  360. sandy

    my daughter sprain ankle 4 weeks ago playing lax, stay off it for 2 weeks, ankle has been swell whole time, it doesn’t hurt, be putting ice on and off, her ankle is still swell, know it looks like her whole foot is to. still playing lax a couple games a week. what should she do to help get the swell down. or how long does it take

  361. Nancy

    10 months ago I sprained my ankle. I went to emergency where the wrapped it after taking X-ray. Told me it was a sprain. Then went to Orthopedic with X-ray after weeks of swelling and tingling. Told me normal sprain and exercises. I have done them, have never had pain, total range of motion. Done exercises and strengthen exercises. Most days with normal day it swells and tingling. What to do?

  362. robert

    I sprained my ankle pretty good about 6 weeks ago playing basketball, completely went over another person foot at full speed and felt a pop, this pop really scared me. The pain was high and over the front of my ankle. The bruising started normal at first around the ankle bones and down the foot due to the swelling a few weeks late thr bruising moved up my leg on the bone. The bruising was very sensitive. As the weeks went on my swelling has gone down and the bruising has gone but there is some lingering swelling, hard knot like swelling just above the joint and on the lower leg bone over the front of the ankle. That tendon?legimiant that is the like the main one on the top inside of the ankle is painful still not in normal position but it sore. I can walk and move decently but have recently started doing heel and toe walks, toe pointing and calf raises, plus writing alphabets with my toes and there is some stiffness and pain like inside the center of my joint. My achilles has pain when I do toe pointing and calf raising also almost sharp pain in the center like it’s getting pinched. I guess, do i need to have this checked due to the knot above the ankle joint and stiffness/pain in the center of my joint, achilles pain. I have never taken this long to recover from a sprain before. When I wake up in the morning I can barely walk but once I move around awhile it’s fine but this is now 6 weeks later.

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