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Like a machine, the moving parts of our bodies work together seamlessly, but our lives can quickly change when one or more of these parts fail to work properly. One in four Americans suffers from an impairment that impacts their ability to move. This can be devastating to people’s lives — impacting work, physical health and one’s family and social life.

The good news is that patients across the spectrum of orthopaedic care — from the trauma patient in need of life-saving surgery or the retiree in need of a new hip to enjoy a pain-free tennis game, to the child needing corrective care for a congenital deformity or a patient diagnosed with bone cancer — all have options to help them lead happier, healthier and more productive lives. As orthopaedic surgeons, we understand bone and joint health problems are among the most prevalent and debilitating health challenges that Americans face.  We dedicate our lives to helping people regain their mobility, reduce their pain, and reclaim their freedom to do what they love at every stage of life. Through our work, we strive to provide our patients with high-quality care that keeps them and our country “A Nation in Motion.”

Value of Orthopaedics

What can it do for you?

Beyond the cost of treatment, what is the true value of orthopaedic care? Patients and their families should weigh all factors when determining which course of treatment is best. Read our series of studies on the economic and societal value various types of orthopaedic care provide in terms of productivity and quality of life.


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