I became an orthopaedic surgeon because...

Growing up as a son of an orthopaedic surgeon, I had an unique opportunity to see first hand how my father cured and improved the lives of his patients. Because of this, I trained to be an orthopaedic surgeon as well. Since I joined his practice in 1986, I have been able to follow in his footsteps and use my skills to benefit patients. Medicine is not only a science, but the art of taking care of people in need.

What is the most rewarding part of being an orthopaedic surgeon?

The most important part in taking care of patients today is to empower them to assist in their own healthcare. Performing surgeries to treat an injury or a disease is just the beginning of making patients whole. It is also important to educate patients to lead healthier lives. This is an integral part of my daily routine in practicing medicine. Physicians today must do their utmost to help everyone understand that being empowered about their health will make life easier and safer.