There are different types of “burning”. Some people described burning with the sensation of healing incisions from surgery, sometimes it is that itch you can’t reach to scratch. NEVER put anything down the cast to scratch it. Try a hair dryer on a cool setting. The only kind of “burning” that is concerning is from a nerve injury. If you have burning which is more like tingling (like when your foot falls asleep) that is new and getting worse, especially if there is new numbness in the toes, you should have the cast removed and the ankle examined.


  1. Karabo

    My ankle feels numb it gets better when I change the way it was positioned maybe lower it off straight dont elevant it is it normal

  2. Thabile

    I had an ankle surgery 8 days ago and they putted plate and screws, this evening I’m feeling a burning on this ankle. Should I be worried? Could it be an infection? And I have a cast at the back of the foot and leg wrapped with bandage

  3. Poppy

    I’ve broken my ankle and they have put a water proof cast on, wet or not it burns at the top of my ankle. What do I do? Very painful…

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