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  • Susan Sandock

    Mishawaka, Indiana

    I have had arthritis in several areas of my body for at least 15 years and I’ve always been a very fit and athletically active individual. In 2011 I discovered ballroom dancing and found something that truly spoke to my … Continue reading

  • Olinda Marcano

    Bronx, New York

    At the time of my surgery, I was a new college student. I had previously ran track and cross country while in high school. I got to a point where my knee pain was so bad, I could no longer … Continue reading

  • Craig Obren

    Mishawaka, Indiana

    Hello, I just wanted to share my story on how my left hip replacement changed my life. I am a Union Local #20 Sheet Metal Worker with 20 years experience. I’ve worked on many big stadiums, high rises, commercial, and … Continue reading

  • Preventing back injuries during the holiday/winter months

    Orthopaedic surgeon and AAOS spokesperson Dr. Alan S. Hilibrand shares safety tips to help prevent back pain during the winter months. Listen.  

  • Carter

    Amherst, New Hampshire

    Two weeks after school had started in fall 2015, Carter started to complain of a strange knee pain, and he developed a slight limp. After a whirlwind of subsequent doctor visits — and an X-ray, MRI and then biopsy — his family … Continue reading

  • Sheila Adkinson

    South Bend, Indiana, Indiana

    I experienced several years of limited mobility of a weakening hip joint. At first my activity was lessened and I wasn’t able to exercise with full range of motion. Getting in and out of a vehicle became highly problematic and … Continue reading

  • Brian Burke

    Milton, Massachusetts

    Brian Burke, a rising senior at Curry College, has been playing baseball for as long as he can remember. He loves his sport and hopes to have a shot at the pros after graduation. It’s a far cry from where … Continue reading

  • Victoria

    Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

    Victoria fell in love with running six years earlier during a summer track program. She had hoped to participate the following summer, but began experiencing problems with her knees. “It started when I was in second grade,” recalls Victoria. She’d … Continue reading

  • Ashley Meyer

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Carol Foster

    Plymouth, Indiana

    I worked an office job for 33 yrs and did not lead an active lifestyle as far as hiking, running, biking, or other regular exercise programs. After retirement I did the normal household and yard work. Then at the age … Continue reading

  • Getting an athlete through an injury—top five tips

    Most athletes will suffer an injury at some point in their sports career, but almost all obstacles can be overcome. We have all known someone going through a tough injury and trying to get back to their sport—could have been … Continue reading

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